I'll be here until I finish my coffee. You can ask food and nutrition questions in addition to pharma...

I'll be here until I finish my coffee. You can ask food and nutrition questions in addition to pharma, blockchain related or not.

What language should I learn to help my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I went with Japanese since no Westerners speak it but I have my doubts about it being a good call.

Hello, about four months ago I stopped taking Zoloft/Sertraline after eight months and ever since I've been experiencing what I believe to be depersonalization. I don't know if this is because of the depression or the Zoloft. Yesterday I started taking Celexa/Citalopram. Do you think this could help with my depersonalization problem? Thank you.

Depends what you want to do really. 90% of the industry speak English. Do you have a target industry or market?

Take Ritalin and Gabapentin and learn about spirituality.

I'm not a psychiatrist, but I don't think you would be experiencing depersonalization from withdraw at this point so my guess is depression. Did you discuss it with your psych?

Will you write me some prescriptions for controlled substances plz

My dream job is to be a writer/speaker on ethics in the pharmaceutical industry but more short term I want to be a sales rep for some big multinational and speaking their language will probably impress a few higher ups.

Japanese or German. Only do that if it's fun for you, it's not going to be THAT useful.

can you put weed on the blockchain?

Why are antifungals like amphoterecin so expensive and difficult to source? Most docs don't like to prescribe them, and research suppliers charge astronomical prices for tiny amounts. I'm trying to treat a fungal infection in my sinuses, the plan is to make a nasal wash with amph b.

Is there talk in the industry of block chain? Do leaders and big companies seem to be on board about the prospects of smart contracts? What about you personallly?

That's relieving, and yes the psychology intern that gives me my therapy thinks I'm still depressed. Also when I was taking Zoloft I tried Risperidone several times and each time the side effects were too much for me, and a while after I stopped the former I tried Effexor but it didn't seem worth it so I stopped after five days. Also I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Retard alert

Any cryptos you think will have a big impact on the pharma industry? For eg, would supply chain tokens, like Vechain, help the industry in any way?

PharmaPhag, when do you predict the swiss rocket begins to launch?

I like learning languages anyway so that isn't a problem.
What do you think of Factom in relation to your field? Do you think an immutable ledger specifically for industry is required for data integrity or will it just use one not specifically tailored for the industry?

Amphoterecin B is a pretty dangerous drug. There are safer anti fungals out there. Why are you self treating a fungal infection and how do you know you actually have a fungal infection in the sinus?

Says the guy full of black FDA dick.

Go immerse yourself in a meaningless 21st-century quest to the bottom of science.

Yes, and I'm on board with it 100%. Ambrosus is going to be a big fucking deal if they can do what they say.

What the fuck are you thinking man?

I ha a major bout of some kind of flu about 3 months ago, was over it in 2 weeks back packed weed simultaneously. Been smoking for 7 years daily, had heavy withdrawals of anxiety and body aches etc. Have been waking up 5 hours after going to sleep every night since now though. 3 months in and no anxiety but still waking up and I have lacklustre energy. Is it the weed withdrawal or more likely the flu? What can I do?

Ambrosus will revolutionize chemical production and supply chain logistics if they can do what they say. Also save a fuckload of lives by effectively ending counterfeiting.

VeChain is cool and I own some but no one is going to let the chinks anywhere near quality control.

Depends on the market. Slow climb up until June, ignition around the end of the year, full boosters early 2019.

Are they just talking about it, or do high level execs seem serious about using cryptos like Ambrosus relatively soon?

Withdrawal. It will pass. Do some intense exercise and get your dopamine pathways lit up. Go to the doctors and get a cmp/cbc done just to be safe.

Roche or Novartis in Switzerland?

I think we will see serious adoption in 2019.

How much are companies investing in biologics vs small molecule drugs now?


By this logic and your holdings, wouldn't it make more sense to stay parked elsewhere for the time being?

Two things. Amb or sky, which one moons first?
Second, if im losing fat, what supplements optimize fat lose?
Thanks bro.

For what target?

>Second, if im losing fat, what supplements optimize fat lose?
If you are hardcore clen cocaine and DNT.
If you aren't hardcore just stick to coffee.

I mean, which company can you recommend :)
I think I will go with Novartis.
But Roche in Basel is huge AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Ahh just remembered, your thoughts on an all meat diet? Trying it now after being shilled by Dr. Baker. First few weeks were a bit tricky but now seems smooth sailing

No, you never know when shit is going to take off. Pack you bags low and wait.

I have had a chronic sinus infection for over a year and a half, and have taken six courses of antibacterials on top of all kinds of allergy meds and saline rinses. They don't help. Doc disagrees with me, but there is evidence that people with recurrent bacterial sinus infections usuallu have a fungal infection in the sinus. I cultured some of the unusually thick mucus that I make and it grew a nice fuzzy mold on homemade antibacterial agar. Am in a rural area and have exhausted my two options for docs, both of whom don't want to prescribe antifungals. So here I am. I know,amph is dangerous, but absoprtion through the sinuses is apparently low and I'd be dosing low anyway because of delivery method. There are even pharmacies that make solutions for this exact purpose, buy I ain't got a scrip so they won't sell it to me. Where to get it? What antifungals might be easier or safer?

a few drops of tea tree oil in a neti pot might help.

No idea but those are the top two investments for 2018 IMO.

Supplements aren't going to effect fat loss, that's a myth. Focus on preserving increasing lean mass. Keep your protein intake at 20-30% and use either 10g BCAA OR 5G leucine after strength training. Dont use bcaa or leucine if you have mental health problems, depression, etc.

>Ahh just remembered, your thoughts on an all meat diet? Trying it now after being shilled by Dr. Baker. First few weeks were a bit tricky but now seems smooth sailing
Basically just eating big game like Buffalo, along with beef, occasional organ meats.

>all meat diet?
Any "all anything" or "No X" diet is stupid and just trying to give control freaks something to focus on. Unless you have a specific reason why bother?

I know what you meant. And you know I can't say.

Ill go 50-50 in them.

Do you have any other hidden gem?
Are you on Swissbro TG? you should join: EuclidsWindow

Do you think crypto can negatively disrupt the industry? For eg, would the impact of cryptos like Ambrosus mostly be in reducing costs (partly by cutting jobs), could it help/hurt revenue in any way? I'm guessing if it could help end counterfeiting, it might drive more revenue to legit pharma companies. Or is it more of a non-financial impact, like improving the customer experience, simplifying supply chain logistics, etc

Yeah true buddy:)

This is literally the most retarded things I've ever heard, and I have a LOT of experience with dietetics. Don't follow retard diets. Google Harvard school of public health nutrition department and Walter Willet. Follow his advice.

I want to reiterate how absolutely fucking retarded the idea of a all meat diet is. It's literally counter to all evidence and all of our understand if human dietetics and physiology. Only an UTTER retard would do something like that.

So I have pretty bad eczema. I use Triamcinolone 0.1% (0.05% doesn't do shit). However, every winter my eczema gets worse. I've tried all the holistic approaches, if only to say I did, to no avail.

I keep seeing commercials for the new eczema lotion (I forget the name). What I'd like to know is if the new lotion is more effective. The "no steroids" thing doesn't really bother me; I don't really care what's in it, as long as it is more effective at getting rid of this shit.

>sky is a top investment
And I'm out

I'm so glad your here

Let me stroke my cock and ask you what is the current block chains that wll give me a lambo and a QT 3.14 or at least take me out of Wage Cuckery

I thought there was a block chain called AMD or ADM or "Some Shit"

Thank you

Considering how much of a buzzword data-integrity is in industry you should just bring up the topic of data integrity and feign ignorance about blockchain solutions and ask around where you work or study.

How not to die is a wonderful book.

When you say they won't let chinks touch Pharma, is that hyperbole? Why do you really believe that? Look at VeChain's COO and CTO. Their credentials are astounding

Oh man, I run a tea tree oil/oregano oil saline solution up there every few days. Helps the congestion but no dice for the infection(s).

All of the above. Ambrosus will save a metric fuckton of money and save lives. I don't think jobs would be lost, other than some shitty chink jobs.

Look up Chinese contract law and quality control and compare it to Lean Six Sigma.

Get a vitamin D test done. Keep your vitamin D in the 40-50ng/mL range. Your test will come back normal if you're above 20ng/mL but you need to be at 40-50. Every 1000iu of cholecalciferol you take will increase serum levels by 10 ng/mL. Make sure you take it as an oil based softgel with food.

Unironically snorting ketamine cures sinus infections. Worked for me. You can but it in a saline nose spray too. Seems to also be an anti-depressant, just don't plan on moving while you're doing it

Is there any credence to the sweeping no gluten craze? do 10% of people really have gluten insensitivity?

Chinks are where the quality problems originate. Trust me we don't give a flying fuck about who their CTO is or whatever, that means literally nothing.

Never even considered vitamin D. I work second shift, so I don't get a lot of sunlight. I used to drink a lot of milk, though, that might explain why it seems so much worse this year than previous years since I haven't been drinking as much.

Hi , are you familiar with Ambrosus?
What is you opinion on the project and in your experience is it feasible what they are trying to achieve? They seem solid to me in fact I' m invested in AMB but an opinion of someone working in the field would be great

What kind of coffee pharma phag?

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Non celiac gluten sensitivity is a real thing but isn't as prevelant as book sellers and bloggers would have you believe.

sorry I'm a brainlet I just read the rest of your answers.

Coconut oil and get some sun occasionally, if it's too cold then tanning bed.

Are they looking into more general use case cryptos, like smart contract platforms? For eg, using smart contracts in their legal dept. Or are they just focused on more obvious pharma-specific use cases like Ambrosus?

Milk doesn't contain a meaningful amount of vitamin D. Levels will drop in winter so it makes sense that it gets worse. If your a shift worker, you're low. Take what I'm telling you seriously and get tested, even if you just order an online test kit.

When your eczema is cured, I want you to pay this forward by helping someone else.

is modafinil a meme?

Read through my posts. Ambrosus is the future.

I read your first post and thought you were a bit crazy, but I've had sinus issues for over a year now, and I've tried just about every allergy med and sinus spray you can think of, some days it drives me insane, it's all I can think of, it makes me angry and irritable, nothing would be more satisfying than having someone jam something deep up my nostrils that would FORCE them open and suck absolutely everything out, everything, every single hair too

ok im becoming crazy, but it's always there, every second of every day, im aware of my nasal passage being fucked up

Alright niggers I'm out.

will i get cancer if i smoked 3 cigarettes?
i never smoked btw, it was just 3 and i'm not going to do it again, shit is gay

Don't play with your brain chemistry to help you study.

milk contains a shit ton of vit D it's just vit D isn't bio available in the GI system moron

I had that my whole life and thought it was normal. Snorting ketamine for recreational purposes cured it for me. Just my personal experience.

I am hearing a large Swiss pharma is working with Ambrosus, if so AMB is gonna moon any day soon

answer mah question niggers

Oh, somebody who knows. I'm sorry man, it's the fucking worst, I get in the same state as you almost daily. Funny you should share your cathartic fantasy; Look up invasive allergic aspergillosis. Sometimes they treat this by sending a vacuum up your nose to suck out everything. Fungal nodules, polyps, all the mucus and blood. At the very least you'll find some hope inspiring videos. I'd recommend you pursue a doc who knows how to diagnose and treat these kinds of problems. I know of one in Los Angeles but I live on the other side of the country and am poor. What have your docs done/said about your problem?

People say blockchain is the future but really the most exciting field right now is FUCKING SHILLING

thx mr PharmaPhag sir

Unironically signing up for dream so I can test this out. Thanks for the lead, at the very least I'll have a weird time.

Hello, i am going to be quitting vaping next week (I have been using a juul for 1 year at 5mg nic level).

I know it has been wrecking my endocrine system, I have used and quit in the past, but I always feel super depressed and demotivated when i stop (this lasts for weeks to months).

As I'm in school right now, is there anything you can recommend I take to minimize the serotonin reconfiguration in my brain? Thanks pharmaphag.

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What are the longterm pros/cons of drinking 1 cup of coffee every morning?

>3 cigarettes

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Hey, try tea tree oil... Every night rinse your face off with warm water, and dab on the oil with a q-tip... you don't need a lot. Never wash your face with soap or use any abrasive surface like a cloth. Pat dry with a towel.

Give it 2 weeks. It might look worse at after the first day or two bu you will notice it getting better over time.

Do not touch your face when possible... The healing will cause patches of dry skin. Let your face heal. Do not pick the scabs, flick off the dry skin if you want to.

This saved me after years of frustration and embarassement.

RIP user. Was good knowing you.