Please for the love of God don't liquidate me at

Please for the love of God don't liquidate me at
9130.5 x50. For the love of god please don't do it.

I'll pray to Allah every day five times, if you don't liquidate me I swear!

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elaborate pleb

>not going short
>bear market

I hope you get liquidated OP you faggot

You went long on this fakeout?
Hourly macd suggests we are going to under 8k, sorry.

Is user dead?

im sorry, but i hope you get liquidated
this past week has fucked me up beyond belief, i need to see this misery shared with others or i wont be able to cope.

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Why don't you fags escape positions that go wrong the instant they go wrong?

I am still alive.
It was 95% down a few minutes ago. Now it's only 70%.

Please for the love of Allah, Jesus, Budda, please don't liquidate me.

your ta means nothing, the market moves on a coin toss at all times.

Wait.. you're telling there's people who haven't been short since 11.5k? LMAO

See ya at 8k mate

Because that long red candle line comes out of no where!

>im sorry, but i hope you get liquidated

>this past week has fucked me up beyond belief, i need to see this misery shared with others or i wont be able to cope.
I was gonna share my wealth if It was a successful x50 by doing a quads thread.

>margin traders

>He thought he was gonna make it

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>Hourly macd suggests we are going to under 8k, sorry.
>See ya at 8k mate
Those things are always fake, r-rite?

RIP in piece :(

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I lost 50 bucks.

It's all gone friend..
Hope you didn't gamble much..

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Goodbye user

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If anyone wants to lose all their money like OP sign up with this link for 10% off fees
Seriously DONT DO THIS. But if you're going to you might as well get the discount. You WILL lose money and I'm just being honest unlike all the other people that shill their links telling you you're gonna make it big, you won't. Honesty is the best policy and I hope you respect that.

Refreshing. A MEX shill that isn't telling people to go full retard with high leverage. I can respect it user.

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Dude, we're going back down to 6 most likely.

>referral link bonus not mentioned

Oh and also, use limit orders with the post only box checked. You won't have ANY fees at all if you do this. Most shills won't tell you this because if you do this they make 0 in commissions. It honestly pisses me off seeing people shilling their link and telling people to use market orders only so they gain money at your expense.

Yeah you will loose money, the majority of the population isn't smart enough to understand how to make money within a reasonable amount of time.

I guess there was some truth to this ?

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My bonus is only on the tiny amount of fees you pay if you make market orders. I explained that here so anons will end up not paying any fees at all and I won't make anything. I'm basically giving away 10% off. That 10% would've saved me around $200 if I had signed up through an user on here because I've traded over $2,000,000 worth of contracts lel

Yep. People think they're going to make it big, they're not. You will be too tempted by high leverage and lose it all. That's why I'm upfront and honest about it.

Just treat it like a gambling and a practice area for your TA skills.
Dont deposit all of your coins, play with a small amount.
If you lose it, it doesnt matter because its only a small fraction of your coins.
If you win though, dont deposit more, thinking you are TA god or something, thats common mistake. Play with what you got and try to make it into something substantial.
Dont use x50,x100 ever.
Dont use x25 either.
Start with x3, then check x5 when you get used to the interface. x10 is only when you are damn sure about the thing. Dont even think about anything higher than that, you gonna get burned.
And dont forget the stop losses.
My link if anyone liked my advice:

Can you x100 for like 5 mins and then take your profit out?

I kinda have a knack for fucking buying ALWAYS right before a BTC dumping. I see BTC dumping a bit and think "oh, now I buy" because I don't FOMO into green candles. However, the red candles just get longer and longer and then I have to wait and sit it out again forever.

If you pay me I buy and drive down the market.

Keeping a 100X open for 5 minutes is hard lel. I've done it successfully once. I once lost all my money and put $150 on a 100X order and went to bed. Woke up to ~$1200 in the morning and then lost it all trying to 100x again.

When you x100, your liquidation price (when you lose everything) is only 50 bucks higher than your mark price, for example if you short at 9000, and bitcoin rises to 9050, you lose everything.
Technically you could, but the risk is way too high, as you can see. If it spikes in a wrong direction for a second you lose all your money.


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That’s like my fees in trade kek

Some people aren't rich and are NEET's.
50 bucks is like all our money.

One of my autistic hobbies is making limit orders at the exact same price and just earning fees with 100x. With $100 you can make about $2 doing this successfully.

why the fuck are you using high leverage like an absolute retard? The fact you're panicking shows you have no clue what you're doing. Lose your money and maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

nigger i hope you are shorting.

eat shit goatfucker


Arthur has to eat too.

Same I got liquidated 2 days ago so I want company with my misery


I just don't get it, why is this shit dumping another 10% WITHIN FUCKING 2 HOURS?

And here I thought you was in some serious shit.

Gox 2.0