Prepare for bully

Prepare for bully

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Poor Marty. Getting bullied.

Vice are the lowest faggots.

ahahahahah get rekt

That's a big article

Trumps been joking about becoming a dictator the past two weeks. I unironically wish it happens.

w/e he's still going to be rich as fuck if he's holding any good cryptos

so he got 7 years in jail unjustly. God bless America.

desu he's not great
his administration gives national parks to oil gays, and promotes a government that only benefits the rich

He had a high paying job. He chose to commit white collar crimes in order to make even more money. Initially he got away with it. Then he chose to appear publicly and paint a target on his back because pharma needed a scapegoat to avoid regulatory backlash. For his hubris the Feds dug up some old shit that he did and crucified him for it.

I don't feel particularly sorry for him. I think that seven years is a bit much, but people with much nobler intentions have gotten far longer sentences for much less.

He is going to be' a nice boipucci

"Looking at 0-6 months with no fine" -Martin Shkreli

That bully title is fucking disgusting.

Shouldn't have fucking cried then

Rekt. Justice well served.

Hes an idiot, he shouldn't have insulted politicians on social media

RIP my niBBa

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Won't be surprised if he's out in less than 2 once money starts being moved around to the right people

The tall poppy got effectively cut down. God bless America, land of the "free".

Big mouthed boy not so tough after getting orally raped

Literally who?

I benefited from it.

What the fuck? Does our allies on 8*chan know about this? This is bigger than fucking gamersgate. We NEED to take a stand brothers. We need to organize a protest so based trump hear our voices, doxx the judge and ruin her life and destroy everyone hurting /ourguy/. Gonna make a post on noncuckchan and stirr anonymous from our slumber. This is a fucking attack on US

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>haha don't drop the soap lolz

t. faggots who don't understand how prison works

he’s obviously far from perfect especially his involvement with the chosen tribe but i just want to see neolibs and neocons suffer


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me thinks that they’re already working on it but who knows teehee :^)

Stop believing everything the Jew tells you

go away please


How did he get only 7? Weren't they previously saying like 30 years or something? Is it the type of prison that Jordan Belfort went to? You know, the type with tennis courts and swimming pools.

>8ch has any active board that gives a fuck about this idiot
>larping as a newfag

someone poasted that he ended up in real prison because of the Hillary thing

What Hillary thing?

Without pretending to support the chosen, he would be taking on an even greater task.

Watch though as he systematically dismantles all of their stores of power
>idiot proxy wars where we fund both sides
>Threatening monopolies with antitrust
>(((big tech)))
>(((judicial activists)))
>University and Dept of Edu. marxists
>speaks out on voter fraud and launches investigations
>kills (((Paris climate accord)))
>appoints goy fed chairman
>fires Cohn after tax deal
>sets import tariffs, reciprocal trade
>rebuilds American manufacture
>ends jews' genocidal immigration program
>stops insourcing labor
>stops outsourcing jobs
>replaces food stamps with food delivery using already subsidized foods like corn
>audits the fed after market crashes
>drains the (((swamp)))

>I think that seven years is a bit much, but people with much nobler intentions have gotten far longer sentences for much less.
>seven more years
So you agree he'll win a second term?

Lol retarded

Justice system in Burgerland is literally retarded. Somehow who the judge dislikes gets harsh punishment, somehow who he likes gets mild one. And Justice for all... Lol

VICE is hot garbage

> promotes a government that only benefits the rich

if only that were true

i wouldnt complain in europe you can shoot up a school campground and kill 70 people and you get 15 years in a luxury apartment

blue board retard

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>reading vice


imagine being this much of a goyim