This shitcoin will literally NEVER reach 10k USD again

this shitcoin will literally NEVER reach 10k USD again

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oh yeah, well I'm betting the vast majority of my wealth that it WILL =^)

Do STFU w/ these lame repetitive threads.


Denial. Anger, then Acceptance.

isn't biz always wrong?


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See you @ 14k sometime this month

Didn't you guys say that 1 month ago?

Ya pump it to 14k so mr mt Gox can dump some more

Please tether out and buy back in 14k for me buddy
>this month

definitely not well received on non-censored platforms

but core cucks gonna cuck.

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BCH will.

it doesnt matter shit about BTC. BTC failed absolutely. a 50pct crash in 30 days made BTC just as bad as jew wall street and warren buffet. thanks for the innovation BTC, but you are a used up jew bag of shit

BCH will hit $100

When your sub human nigger IQ doesn't understand they can only dump for so long


proof of bitcoin justice warrior doesn't mean shit in the real world and in terms of building actual value.

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bch literally is going to eat every other crypto's lunch.

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im not touching this again. sold everything 2 days ago. the party is over for me.

kek were you just a BTC holder?
Or alts as well. Seems like the party is over..

It constantly fluctuates between 150-250. Billion market cap. It's all a one big vehicle for crypto based hedge funds to make money from these fluctuations. I don't think the average person holding BTC is touching their shit.