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What is the first thing your going to do when price singularity happens? What's the first thing your going to buy?

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time with a CPA to discuss tax strategies

A Yacht

their loss user
i really dont know why you guys even make these posts anymore
we know its going to be big
we hold our link
we are paitent and wait
we know this is a long hold
and we trade with other shitcoins
but the link stays
I have my link just sitting on my ledger
not on binance to be daytraded
We will make it user.
I believed the fud last year with ans
I still kick myself over that
Not this time

so pissed off you guys tricked me into buying this literal scam

Pay off my parents debts

Buy an apartment building.

I'd probably cash out just enough to buy a my parents a house, buy myself a house or enough to travel the world for a couple years. And maybe another half a mil to start a business.
That's assuming it goes to ~100$ at some point.

Most of you will be long gone by the time Chainlink hits $30. I plan on only selling some node profits and not touching my stinky linkies.

Nothing, I won’t be selling shit before $100, I’m just going to hit the road and spend a few years intermittently traveling, and figure out what I want and where I might want to settle down for a while.

I feel total calm, I’m already a multi-millionaire (200k+ LINK), the rest of the world just hasn’t realised yet.

New rues on the new offical chainlink subreddit.

No partnership speculation. I wonder if people have gotten a little too close to comfort for them.

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I think keeping the link threads in a general is a good idea. We know its going to be big eventually but flooding Veeky Forums with hundreds of 1000k eoy threads just hurts the coin.

On a serious note I have 5k in waves, should I sell for link? It would mean I am 100% link but I would have around 20k link.

Ahaha youre one of us now faggot


I've heard from a source close to the Chainlink team, that Sergey intends to suck Rory's cock while juicing his balls live on the stage. They apparently think this will help to get recognition outside of Veeky Forums.

i would sell it for link.

smart contracts is tacking a quadrillion dollar market. waves is not

Some partner probably sperged out after a bullseye guess and accused them of leaking it/tacitly confirming it

i 100% believe this. Rothschild himself probably keeps an eye on this to make sure it stays under wraps

Probably this lol. ‘Sorry but you have no idea how autistic these people actually are’.

Tesla confirmed???

fuck r*ddit

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you are a maniac!

When singularity happens, I'll retire for a month to shitpost and keep making memes just cause I enjoy it.

After that I'll start my own business

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I made this

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If you were trying to explain the idea of smart contracts to normies, how would you put it?

Good thread, OP.

I've actually been wondering the same thing the last few weeks. Such a weird feeling, twiddling your thumbs just wait until singularity happens.

Ive decided i'll go on a big trip around the world when it reaches 5$ ( by this time ill be a millionaire with a little over 200k LINKs ). Probably spend something like 3k usd a month doing so.

This will prevent me from selling too soon, as ill be too busy enjoying life to do it.

You were supposed to sell waves last summer user holy shit

>What's the first thing your going to buy?
my freedom