Just went short 9125

8500 coming boys :) im short 10x margin lets fucking goo

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Enjoy your J U S T

nice, I'm also shorting since 8900 yesterday, just HODL.

BTC 9100

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honest question - is tether still pumping the price of BTC everytime it falls?

Are there shorts where you can't lose more than a specific amount of money? Like, "oh I feel like shorting something but don't want to lose more than 1000$ if shit goes down for me".

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read your own question again.

Dont short!!! Its gonna pump you fool!

You set a stop at the price where you want to give up. Also you always have a liquidation price because exchanges always take care that you don't lose more than you can pay.

kek, no, no it is not .

But I wouldn't recommend setting stops in crypto at all. Just watch the price/set an alert on blockfolio and exit when you want.

This, the volume is pathetic and there is no new money pumping in. Crypto is dead for the foreseeable future


Pump it

Okay, thanks. I just remembered reading this story about a guy who made a relatively safe bet on Swiss Franks and when it rose in value he lost 280.000 Euros and had to declare bankruptcy. So I asked myself it shorts never have a bottom but now I know.


this lol

>long at 9050

Good luck, OP.

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Ok but in a short you are required to have a stop-loss. Just look into margin trading on BitMEX to get a better understanding.

Yes that's the liquidation price.
It's possible that the price surges 20% in one candle and you can't close at the liquidation price, but that's very unlikely and if it happens I think the exchange is fucked.

Yeah, now that I read the full article again he actually had a stop limit but only after 45 minutes his Broker managed to sell.

Pathetic, try 25x like a REAL man (hint: me)

also shorting since 9040 :D feels GREAT man :D. I will close it at 7450 just to be on the safe side and open a small long and bigger once down from 7400 to 6100 ;D

Were do you guys short? I'd like to try that shit too.

on kraken, i only short with x5 leverage but if you put in 1 btc you can short 5 btc which is like 350$ per % it goes down. I dont like leverage if it is more then 5 :). You can simultaniously short BTC ETH BCH and XMR if btc starts dying and then you long when it goes up again. DONT use more then x5 leverge and dont listen to the retards who tell you othersiwe trust me, play it safe and rebuy btc with your gains :)

same, everyone told me to close for a loss. hedl my short and it is paying off now.

horrible idea, the swings are huge in this market and the MMs are doing lots of stop runs to weed people out. 10x is the best in this market.