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Well, looks like that coffee partnership solidified.

Their pet pajeet has basically confirmed master nodes in the telegram too.

What are some upcoming events/partnerships to look out for? Any thoughts?

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25k reporting

7k reporting.

Poorfag with ~2700 AMBs here. Can I expect 10k$ by end of Q2?

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anyone seen the "chad" CEO's reddit profile? fucking hell the man gets into scraps with retarded ledditors every other post, he submitted a video of him burning the modum CEO at a conference. Now this is funny, but it is rather unprofessional wouldn't you agree?

Sauce on video?

>buying altcoins in the shitshow bearmarket of 2018

i shiggy diggy OP

500 amblet checking in, holding long term

yeah i would like to see a little more professionalism from this fucker. still, people do like charismatic assholes so maybe it will benefit the project. considering the calibre of the rest of the team though, i do wonder if he is a weak link.

That's literally what you're supposed to do you faggot

I’m already loving my current position in my other alts, but I’m loving this project and need to jump in soon!

10k here, am I gonna make it to node?

Also I think they'll have some partnerships with olive oil and beef next, pharmaceuticals will be a big one but probably be further down the line

I'm all in on AMB. Most undervalued coin on binance. When they officially announce masternodes this bird will fly high.

AMB team are speaking in San Francisco at Token Fest and Start Summit in St Gallen next week, top innovation events in America and Europe. Likely to announce something juicy at those events.

>Also I think they'll have some partnerships with olive oil and beef next, pharmaceuticals will be a big one but probably be further down the line

What makes you say Olive Oil?

AMB is easily the best pick right now in terms of market cap. Take it from someone who bought Raiblocks at $0.50.

the CEO will speak at the EDCON, and i also heard about some partnership related to beef market , kobe specifically. btw 5k reporting in

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AMB are already working on the olive oil. They reported on that last year

Thanks desu, I've been trying to redpill myself on this for a while and XRB was my most recent insane gainer.

i believe that is a use case example for their tech, rather than "we are actually working on this".

this all sounds spicy

Sold at 4300 sats when BTC was at 9200 and tethered up. Should I buy back in?

>We are literally the new ven/iota/link shit coin, cause fucking pajeets shills.

how many for masternode

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no one knows yet. have to wait until they announce their token economics plan in a month or two

/ourguy/ loves the boipussy

to the moon guys!!!

accurate desu

Where'd you get this chart lad, this is some sage jazz

yes they are working on this. Versetti is literally the nephew of the largest olive oil producer in Sicily

Project seems solid except for a couple red flags that hopefully one of you can put to rest.
1) they're on Twitter giving away amber to people who retweet them. Why would an established company with massive partners need some shills to retweet?
2) The ceo regularly gets in arguments with plebs on reddit, again why would a company with massive partners allow their ceo to act this way?

Yeah his dad works at microsoft too. Dont spout bullshit without a source.

“The producers I talked to were very positive about applying the technology, but none of them are doing it right now,” he said. “There is a lot of talk about applying blockchain, but many are waiting, as it is quite expensive to develop from scratch.”

so not yet as far as i can see.

40k AMB here, hoping it goes up soon...


The sellbook is really thin. If a few big guys wanted to get in this would go parabolic real quick.

just bought back 90k in the last hour. sent the price from 41k sats - 43k sats

Nice. Did you see the fatfinger on kukoin two days ago? Sent the price up to a dollar.

I bought 20k in that to help. You could have probably bought a lower price and the bots would have swarmed in.

ye but im pretty impatient

>mfw all these new AMB bagholders
Looks like all the shilling from TGfags worked

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is that all you've got?

aw the pet pajeet is running to protect his master (PR manager from AMB)
>Icon and WTC will probably be the kings of the following month
kek nice call there Swissfaggot, can't even warn your fanbois about Mt gox dumping?

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are you shit talking yourself? fuck off retard

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don't worry i will see you at end of month or april when you neck yourself for falling for another LARP

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This is pathetic, please stop.

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I mean it worked for Trump right


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