Post crap youve bought with crypto gains

ok ill start, picked up an Apple Watch 3 and an HK USP Compact...also a pair of boots

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Way to go. Spending your gains on a bunch of useless crap. You’ll never make it

Hmmm, does that one come with the threaded barrel?

merrel boots, absolutely love them. so goddamn comfortable

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lmfao fucking dumbass.. all this shit was like 1000 bucks total. i think i will be ok...

The mods hate these threads. The fucks have banned me twice now for "off topic discussion"

I also got banned for pic related. So fuck the mods and janitors and go kys you fucks.

Anyways, I buy shit all the time. Most recently I paid for a session of laser tattoo removal.

Glock 19, Ruger 10-22 takedown, extra mags and about $1k in ammo

no, i got a compact, certain variants of the USP tactical come with the threaded barrel. i dont have plans of suppressing the HK, if I change my mind I can get a different barrel... also I have a surefire socom for my AR

I bought more cyrpto. One more 5X and ive made it.

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A 2004 SV650 motorcycle and a clutch for my project car. That's about it.

Bought a new Tesla Model S in cash. Paid off $60K in debts. Still have 6 figures left over, most of which I'll be putting into traditional investments until this shit stops being volatile in the downward direction...

How'd you cash out so much without getti g taxed to death

>You're living my goals. Congrats user!

>Apple watch 3
Has cellular function so actually useable as a standalone device
Protection in murica
Sensible choice of footwear

All seems like good use of capital

Bought a 1911, truck, and homegym

Paid off the last of my student loans. bought my dad a new car, and left the rest in eth/neo.

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H&K = Heckler and Koch... i picked up a USP, i prefer them over the Walther PPK series... although Walther does make very nice weapons as well

paid my mortgage for a year

you are a good person. i wish you the best of luck in the future.

love posts like this because even though i've only made $10k so far i have zero debts

-Cocaine from deep web
-Benzos from deep web
-VPN subsrciption renewal
-New laptop

if anyone was having doubts about picking up an apple watch... i have to say.. this thing is fucking awesome. i spend less time on my phone, it works great for phone call surprisingly. I can read and reply to texts. i love this thing. I really didnt expect it to be so useful. I ordered off amazon just in case I wanted to send it back.

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nice gun...ive got a VP40 (amongst dozens of other guns) and love HK

time for muh crypto item purchases
>pic related
Ibanez PGM i just got a few weeks ago after i sold TRX at ATH (kek)

other things ive acquired with profits
>golden limited edition ps4 (my first profit purchase, after ETH broke out)
>2 antique swords
>a bunch of gold and silver
>re investments into my stock portfolio
>a cello
>beretta .25 bobcat (i love this cutie)

i could go on kek

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mirin hard. Also mirin the H&K. Wish I lived in the US.

>movie guns

Having the price of btc strapped to my wrist 24/7 would lead to almost immediate suicide

I might cop this. I hate having to pull my iphone out, notification on the wrist seems like it could be useful.

They're butt ugly tho tbf

Soy intensifies

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And 0 assets

28 acres of ag land in nor cal and a truck that doesn't need a road under it. was going to built my own house but le dip happened. for now i'm just waiting.

lol that is just one of the faces i set up, you can scroll left and right and make custom screens. i also ordered a couple of different wrist bands for different occasions (leather for date nights, velcro nylon for going to the gym or biking)

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i love it. and its so lightweight i forgot that i am wearing it until it dings and vibrates from a text message.

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not sure what ur getting at? I've owned a number of HKs, besides SIG, they are some of the best firing handguns out there.

lots of prostitutes. nice 18-20yo only jeez some were 11/10

What's the crypto ticker called?

i donno i like them... i wear boots a lot so I wanted something with the Vibram sole

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crypto pro, go to the watch app on ur iphone and search for "crypto" there are actually like a dozen free ones. this was the first one listed

i have those boots. top choice m8.

guns I will see hundreds of times in movies and tv but almost never in real life.
although you see a lot of the full size usps

ohhh right... yeah its a common design to make replicas of for movies/tv
its also a common LEO carry, lots of used carries on gunbroker that are basically brand new

i'd buy one under certain circumstances.
there was one point where a 2 year used tesla was going for over msrp. Not sure if that happens anymore.
The funny thing is that in cities, where electric cars would actually be efficient, everyone is in an apartment where they can't install more than a couple of chargers (if even that) and the electricity costs at least 30% more.

seriously what is your point? what guns do you see in real life? cheapass glocks? cop guns? how often do you see handguns "in real life"?

>firing ranges

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>Pic related is the only thing I've ever gotten from crypto

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>apple watch.
Lol, overpriced crap. Why not just use a smartphone anyway?

>HK USP compact.
Maybe spend your money on moving out of whatever nigger/recheck hellhole you live in so you don't need to carry a gun.

Nice Im a poorfag so only have a basic RG and an 80s korean made Vester. I want a ESP Suffer and a JA-90 or Tele if I ever have money.

your midsole is shit my nigger

I can't, I reinvested everything. Stocks and bonds.
>post crap youve bought
You admit it's crap

it was expensive, i agree. but I really enjoy using it and I hadnt bought a watch in years so I was long overdue
..i live in a safe neighborhood, i just collect firearms because as a burger we have been conditioned to obsess over firearms

dont be ashamed of your guns...our european and down under friends will never understand some of our liberties

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1911 looks good man.


Colt XSE model...shoots like a dream

fun time i used it to explode an army ant hill...thats right, millions of tiny angry souls now inhabit it

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Without a doubt one of the best firing guns ever made. I was about to finally pull the trigger on buying one but decided to finally drop the money on a nice DD M4V11 instead.


yea it was so good i even used money i worked for to buy it!

not one regret, its also my sidearm when i go hunting, so it gets some good use

heres a neat 25 i bought with crypto moneh...thats just a generic pic, but its exact same gun - Beretta Bobcat .25 nickle plated

shoots really well for a mouse gun, and the barrel comes up with a button on side of it...very convenient for quick loading

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1.) An NA Mazda Miata to tinker with
2.) Two week trip to Italy with wife, from airfare and lodging to dinners and souvenirs
3.) Dyson vacuum, cordless stick
4.) All of last year's Xmas presents for family and wife

Not bad considering I started with $600, just wish I'd gotten in sooner. Sigh

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as a dude that's never even held a gun before but has always had a curiosity

I fuckin love little "mouse" guns like this, I love how tiny it is in your hand and how discreet it is to hold on you

That desert eagle lookin gun looks pretty good too. Looks like shooting it would fuck up my wrist tho lol

small guns are a ton of fun...i have a few small caliber pocket pistols and .25 is muh fave

the big gun actually has barely any recoil because of how heavy the frame is (full metal frames forever). its solid af, and leave .45 sized grapefruit holes in things.

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>apple watch and handgun

jesus fucking christ burgers, you meme yourself

Paid rent once from perfect gainz
Sold eos to bitcoin and bought back same amount, cashed out surplus bitcoin and paid rent
Shouldnt have sold bitcoin ever