I just bought a litecoin at 177

am I going to be rich? Help me

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>buying not just a shitcoin but a copypasta version of a shitcoin

I got bad news user...

Tell me how to make money off this shit. I got about 14k


I think for the next couple years your best bet is to go with protocols and maybe some privacy coins. Eth neo zec xmr. Omg and nano aren't bad either. I'm not even holding some of these because I'm waiting on a better entry so I'm not just shilling my bags. Also always hold 10 to 25% in btc for safety.

Nice. I'm pretty nervous because this is inheritance money that I'm supposed to use for college.

Fuck college, I want to get rich.

I signed up for coinbase.com.

checked those dubs! fuck college. it's an education bubble, ride the coin bubble instead

don't just buy random shit hoping to get rich asking other random people on biz what to buy. please do your own research before buying and remember not to keep your coins on exchanges. if you don't own the private key- you don't own the coins. Lastly, don't put in more than you can afford to lose.

>buying a coin that the creator abandoned


I'm partly just trying to be funny, but I also really have 14k to invest, and I bought a litecoin to just kind of jump in the water.

I have a pretty mathematical mind, I have good feelings about this so far

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Yeah I'm not putting too much hope into litecoin. I think I need to buy some bitcoin senpai

>mathematical mind
good luck bro

If you're smart you'll do both. We're not that smart tho are we.

Yeah, I'm a philosophy major and am going to start writing my first book soon.

I think If I make the right moves with this money I have, I could make a living off of investments. All without telling my parents.

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congrats OP

youve got yourself a potential 10x bagger

just hold for a year or two

Brah....... you gonna fail at life

What u gonna do with that degree? Teach philosophy. This gotta be a larp, nobody can be this dumb

Shoulda went to tech school to be an electrician or something, you could have made way more. Another dumbfag who fell for the burger idea of school is better

Sorry user, I'm just a little bit more intelligent than some outlet installer.

Good luck to you, simple minded pleb

This simple minded idiotfag makes close to 6 figures doing an idiot job.... o ya, 0 debt. I owned 2 homes at 30. Come at me poorfag.

This guy doesn’t gotta go to school for what he’s going for, he can self teach him self by reading, some good acid trips, and conversations with others “smarts” instead of dropping money for an absolutely useless degree.

>acid trips

Enjoy burning in hell

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Philosophy major without some good trips..... hahah..... not only are gonna have a useless degree, your gonna be even more useless without a few good trips to loose your ego and see things from a different philosophical prospective. What a Fucking guy

You make too many assumptions.

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>my eoy prediction for LTC is 10 thousand dollars

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If it goes down all through next week then I'm buy more. I'm already addicted to this shit.

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Why would LTC go up to 10k? Real talk nao, there are better cryptos for transferring cash and there are also cryptos which serve their function as storages of value better (bitcoin maybe? ETH? just put your favourite coin here) and are generally better investments for low capital shitheads (99.9% of Veeky Forums), because they haven't mooned yet or are really undervalued

I'll buy some bitcoin soon.

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I like the way you think user. Tethered @ 11.5k on that last run to 11.7k

Thinking about going all Nano or a mix of Nano/NEO when we "bottom" out.

Yes. Ltc 10k EOY

It's not one or the other, you can do both.

Spend the time and effort to LEARN
>trading fundamentals and TA on babypips and youtube
>fidelity has some good summaries of technical indicators and terms
>learn to track NEWS and RUMORS
>trade on news, indicators, technicals
>keep at least 1/4-1/3 of your crypto in HODL, swing trade the rest
If you cant/won't do this, just HODL everything or you'll prob lose your money.

3k end of summer, how does that sound?

sounds like a plan my man

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>couldn't handle a remotely challenging major like physics, finance, math, compsci, or chemistry
>is a failure philosophy student writing a book about nothing that nobody will read
>thinks he can't trade crypto and succeed elsewhere in life

Your parents are right to suspect that you're a loser

Sounds like you just have a stick up your ass, and feel the need to say negative things about strangers to feel better about yourself. I'm sorry that you live such a miserable existence.

God I love liberal arts majors with buyers remorse

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Don't regret it at all. It feels good to be able to understand things that you could never understand in a hundred lifetimes.

I hope your book doesn't have to do with philosophy.

But there's two things you'll never understand: how it feels to have this much money and how it feels to laugh this hard at arts majors like you.

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Why do you fucking people not research the job market before picking your majors?

I mean seriously, what are you going to do with a philosophy degree besides writing fucking books nobody will read? Or spending even more money and time obtaining a PhD so you can teach it.

It is every company's motive out there to hire resources (employees) to generate them more money. A comp sci student can help a tech company by writing software, a engineering student can work for an agriculture company, etc.

How will you generate a company more revenue your philosophy degree exactly? Or more importantly do something that generates you a significant amount of money that doesn't involve teaching or writing books.

oh man another pretentious non STEM college freshmen. I hope you fail as hard as possible soon so that way you at least lose your shite attitude

>Buys litecoin
Sorry you are beyond help

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Nice entry. If it drops 50% in the next 2 months ya fucked. If it goes up 200% your good

You sound autistic.

I find it completely ironic that the people trying to cause problems with me over nothing are calling me pretentious. You guys seriously must lead miserable lives to attack me for my choice of study like this. Fuck off.

lol you sound like such a massive goddamn faggot

That's a negative thing to say

someone had to say it.

Hodlin 700 chikuns currently. I will go down with this ship.

I think just wanting an education to better yourself is acceptable as well. Education shouldn't just be a means to an end, it can be an end to itself. Studying philosophy in a serious way could teach you more effective methods of thinking analytically, which could help you succeed in a wide variety of fields. The CEO of Slack, for example, has a philosophy degree.

If you are going to go that route, you better have another way of making money planned out.