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3k soon.

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thx just went long x100 leverage

Wrong, panic hasn't kicked in yet

if we hodl long enough it will go back up again, amirite?
p-p-please tell me it will go back up again anons


Bitcoin isn't even part of a real economy. That is talking about stocks, which are part of the real economy.

Bitcoin is going to zero and most of the world wouldn't even give a shit. That's exactly why it will go to zero.

we're in depression

True panic doesn't kick in until 6k again

Gonna be a long, painful wait.

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Still not going to sell, hold or bust. Buy the dip.

You buy the dip in an uptrend, not during the downtrend.

>actually I am here, my nigga

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Not buying yet, it will recover though, it always does.

We've hit the bottom. Bitcoin will never go below $8,800 again.

Have you seen this board? Singing wokacks everyehere and fear in all communities during the big dips.

Dude all the normies got fucked haaard
Friend went in at absolute peak, bought ripple for.two isd.etc, put in 5k and sold when his stash was worth 1.8k
Thats panic
If bitcoin goes back to 2k eur im getting worried cuz itll be like the last six months didnt happen
Then again its going to allow me a looong buying phase


we're at disbelief my dude

we will go lower

sure we are depressed now

but not suicidal depressed

that's when btc will be $2k

>Singing wokacks everyehere
spotted the newfag, 90% of pink wojak posting is ironic. there is hardly any real fear yet

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You really believe it gets that low? Id consider myself lucky to buy for 2k and i think there is alot of fiat waiting to buy

no 6k lowest

I'm constantly optimistic which means I'll constantly be getting gains according to this chart

Lmao @ this meme.

We are in the beginning at the disbelief. Bitcoin has been around for almost 10 years and is absolute shit in relation to the new coins that are out. This is now when the world will begin to take this seriously. We needed a correction at some point. Just like in every market. Smart contracts will change technology into the future.

Anybody who thinks elsewise is a fuckin brainlet and will kill themselves in 5 years because of it.


This board is fucking garbage.
Go ahead and sell faggots.
You will regret it.
Hahaha you faggots think it will get that low.
Thats what everyone is betting on, when the real fomo kicks in we will be seeing 5k daily uptrends.

nonono, double bottoms don't exist in crypto. We still need to bleed a little more to 2k.

no shit there's not much real fear. how the fuck can you even be fearful when if this chart somehow becomes true, or shit, it goes down 90% most faggots who rode eth, neo, vechain, xrb, shitloads of ico, fucking dgb, holy motherfuck there are lots of shitcoins that pumped, they are still up 10x, 20x, or god knows how much from their initial investment?

This and btc is still almost 9 fucking thousand. If you think this is capitulation you are fucking deluded.

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I'm at complacency, I don't even know how to explain.

Real fear kicks in around $8.77 according to my 10 year sentiment analysis

This. You all seem to think BTC or crypto is a stock going through a correction. This is a revolutionary technology with applications across the entire financial space, not to mention logistical and IT solutions. We will go parabolic when adoption hits and the rise from 5K to 20K will look like a fucking molehill.

I recommend everyone to continuously put in fiat, it will pay off. Maybe not in a couple months but Jesus have some patience.

haha yeah...haha right yeah eheh

haha yeah...haha right yeah eheh

*im talking specifically about this community. i assume most of us here put money into crypto back in early 2017 so you'd be able to ride lots and lots of shitcoins. dumbasses who put money december or january got burned so bad tho, yea. i assumed that you were a nocoiner which is why i specifically mentioned early 2017 because most nocoiners i know started talking shit to crypto around that same time. those people would simply be talking down people who invested in late 2017/early 2018 but at the time they started fudding crypto i guarantee those faggots who invested instead are rich as fuck already. id say real fear is "if" we go below 3k, but only because it means this bear market would last very long.

Not even close, we're at anxiety at best.

Dumbfucks, we are at complacency right now.

Brother, may you prosper greatly these next 10 years.

meh. I don't give a fuck either way. I don't live in America so I can find undervalued stocks and trade them with high leverage.

idk seems like we need to bleed a lot more. But we're definitely not at denial anymore as this board has basically given up and no1 shouts at you for calling the crash.

If you zoom out you'll notice we're only at complancency, actually.

>implying everyone in the world won't go into catastrophic debt taking out loans and mortgages to buy BTC at 2k


Looking forward to seeing your name in the obituary in a few years

Okay nevermind, went to check back on this post someone made on BTT
Denial for sure.

No they won't because normies buy the top. Only instutional investors have the brains to buy at such levels and they don't need to take out loans.

ETH is probably gonna overtake BTC at some point. This crash just might be the catalyst for it.

Wrong. The bubble has popped. If you bought after mid-2017 you are a late adopter. Altcoins are also a scam and will reveal themselves as such in the long run.

>Smart contracts will change technology into the future.
Deluded LINK marine spotted.

>Anybody who thinks elsewise is a fuckin brainlet and will kill themselves in 5 years because of it.
I will make money off this scam, don't worry. Just make sure you sell before it all comes crashing down.

I don’t even own Link you dumbfuck

>thinks link is the only one dealing in smart contracts

The fucking state

Fucking normie speaking on the market. Kek

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You're the newfag, newfag. The intensity of pink wojaks has always been a good market indicator.

Aren't these drops in value due to external reasons that don't normally apply to the stock market? Crypto has been taking a constant beating from threats of being banned, proposed regulations, scams, hacks and dodgy exchanges.

Nah this is anxiety about to hit denial

always and forever homes

I think it's still firmly in anxiety.