Why did privatization of rail succeed in Japan but not Britain?

Why did privatization of rail succeed in Japan but not Britain?

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Because Britain is controlled by kikes and they ripped off the people and half arsed it. Japs care about making functional infrastructure. Kikes care about money.

The UK employs lots of niggers in transportation

Lot of reasons, mainly cultural. Japanese have a mono-coluture society that promotes personal responsibility, while Brits have fallen for the "black people can be British too" meme and as a result their society is crumbling as no one wants to take responsibility. This leads to not caring if your public transport stinks of piss, which increases maintenance costs, which drives down profit margin, oh wait you can't have profit because profits are evil, better nationalize it and charge a 300% premium, etc etc etc...

Another separate reason is that Japanese value their employer, seeing it as more of a symbiotic relationship rather than sitting back and just leeching off the system. So they take pride both from customers who keep it clean, and from employees who make sure the system runs on time.

tl;dr, Multiculturalism is a disease that rots societies from within.

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Britain doesn't have a private railway system. It has a couple of government-linked private train companies that operate on a profit basis.

This except it's not just multiculturalism, Brits are less honorable than Japs by birth, a pure British society just means pure Eternal Angloism

why is japan so comfy?

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It did succeed in Britain, but only in London.

And they are shit

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Nationalism, Confucianism, and people actually caring for his fellow countryman.

when it comes to people japanese have ethics, brits are wankers

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Japanese are good wagecucks.

name a benefit of mulitcultiralism that isn't "muh exotic restaurants"

female head of state

Not too fantastic, not too terrible. I can't say I appreciate a cabal of business interests bound together and secured by state links, incapable of failure due to subsidies, shackled by unionism, unable to build new tracks at will and having to go through the most regulated industry in the entire country to make any remote changes.

Japan's private corporations are essentially socialistic entities with zaibatsu style social obligations to both governmental partners and employees.

British private corporations are the greedy cost-cutting cash grabbers that we're most used to.

This OP. Same shit happens in Australia. Privatise anything and it goes even shitter and more expensive that the already shit government run stuff. The whole country is run by fucking cunts who want to rip you off any chance you can get. Fuck these cunts

Interracial relationships

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There's a benefit to bringing skilled people from other countries. For example, it's good for universities to bring foreign experts in fields that only a few people in the world understand.

In Japan the group comes for the individual. You can see this at pic related. Also the education standards for the train operator are extreme high. One mistake and you are fired.

>skilled people
>other countries
Pick one

Door swings both ways. Not saying it doesn't mean terrible hours for some people, but domestic Japanese companies also are much more likely to show loyalty to an employee and their immediate family. America used to be like that after WWII, but it dropped off when we discovered the joys of globalism and found you could just import third world labor en mass.

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Can't speak for Australia, but I've found generally that whenever a government finally backs down and allows a private company to operate something that has traditionally been state run, that the state still has a massive vested interest in the company and will even lay on additional regulations that weren't there before, eliminating any possibility of competition. Any dip into the red will, of course, be backed up by the state. It's all usually just a clever disguise for a tax increase.

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Excuse me, now with picture

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The only benefit of Japan is the fact that it’s still a monoculture. White areas/countries are usually nice places to live too. Japanese are NOT more honorable than Whites in my opinion (having worked in a Japanese company for 1.5 years), they are just more hardwired to follow rules. But privatization or no, a White monocultural country would have a great train system too.

Beautiful bait that applies to all cultures, truly a work of art.

Excuse me sir, you must be unaware that Britain's national past-time is queuing.

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How come Asians can make infrastructure projects rapidly and cheaply while white people need $1 billion USD and 7 years of planning just to make a highway on ramp?

japans respect their companies as much as their state

>not too terrible
You obviously don't use southern rail. Fucking piece of shit

Chinese don't care about regulations, they'll throw bodies at the project until its done.
Japanese take pride in everything they do. Everything.
Koreans are living in the shadow of nuclear Armageddon and don't have time for bullshit.
America has bare minimum 3 separate levels of government regulation and red tape you have to cut through.

But the simplest answer is: Mono-cultures. It's useful when your entire country is united around a common ideal.

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>needing queue barriers
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not that asians are devoid of it anyway

I use Great Western; not had too many issues. Sometimes the carriages are a bit noisy.

If you are using barriers to make people queue up properly then it is meaningless. You can make cows queue with barriers.

no regulation

when you don't have to worry about bulldozing peoples homes and workplace health and safety is non existant it's pretty easy to get things done

Brits are fucking greedy cunts who don't give a shit about eachother. Anglo individualism is the cancer of the West.


What a crock of bullshit.

It has nothing to do with culture and muh "ethno collectivism". Japan's railways only appears to be privatised on the surface but make no mistake - they are heavily subsidised by the Japanese Government, just like most zombie conglomerates in Japan which have been kept alive by subsidies and easy money thanks to near zero interest rates..

Also the myth that Japanese trains always arrive on time is complete bullshit aswell. Perhaps in the past it was true but now due to overpopulation in the cities every fucking train is always a few minutes late. And don't get me started when people commit suicide in front of trains, which almost a weekly occurrence. Fuck. It makes me mad when Westerners pretend they are experts about Japan and its culture, when they really don't have a fucking clue.

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It's simple economics really, population density in jap metro areas makes privatisation more viable

Infrastructure is purely political

that's why we're kicking them out of the EU, but letting them say that it's them who want out

>It's simple economics really, population density in jap metro areas makes privatisation more viable

Wrong. They are government subsidised, just like every natural monopoly that is privatised.

This user explains it better than me

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The privatized rail network in Japan requires few subsidies. The three biggest companies, JR East, JR Central and JR-West (which account for 60% of the passenger market) receive no state subsidy.[22]

The problem with privatisation for trains is that there is no competition at the consumer level. The competition is at the franchise level.

For example, if I want to go from Bristol to London, I only have one choice. So I am not really the customer. The customer is the government, and franchise deals are made to benefit the government.

>Westerners pretend they are experts about Japan and its culture, when they really don't have a fucking clue.

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You can literally see that after the barriers the queue continues in an orderly fashion for several hundred metres.

>Japanese multi-conglomerate
>jap higher up, care about Japan
>wester version
>how much can we screw people while using least amount of money.

Japanese corps care about their nation, more about your nation too vs western ones

yeah gonna need a citation for that which isn't written by a western reporter


That has nothing to do with what I said but thanks anyway.

You mean where it isn't private?

worked well for the amerimutts

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japan has no niggers and spics

>skilled people from other countries

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Also i must mention, Japanese companies engage in creative accounting a LOT. Just look at pic related of "Central Japan Railway Company (TYO: 9022)". What kind of capital intensive company runs on a fucking 30% operating margin??! This is way better than Apple and Google for fucks sake and they are freaking TECH companies. These rail companies are obviously under reporting depreciation on their trains and infrastructure on their balance sheet.

Also the fact most of the shareholders are Banks is extremely telling i.e. they get piss easy credit at low interest rates and long durations

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I'm a Train Driver. Thanks for paying my wages.

I don't much about this but from what I gather, the UK government decided to subsidize the building of motorways and to boost the motor industry, leaving many railways to go out of use because of a lack of demand.

I don't imagine there is enough money in it now for serious improvements - every rail journey I go in I regularly see old, disused railways lines where Birch trees now grow

I live in japan, rabbai, and most Japanese success is due to ethno nationalism

Because in Japan it was actually privatized.


Privatize everything desu.

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how would someone with a lot of money become a citizen of japan? do they let you buy your way in if you're nice and white?

Imagine being this deluded
Japanese caring about their fellow countryman? Are you insane or do you live in some kinda animeland?

Japanese people hate each other and the only reason they got this far is the weakness which allows them to exploit each other.

collectivism and hints of nationalism, japan wants whats best for their country and they want to announce to the world how great they are. western countries like england are incredibly INCREDIBLY individualistic where conformity is seen as a bad thing so they much rather show off how great they on an individual level such as having a nice lawn, nice car, shoes and so on

minimal jewish population

not exactly
from what ive heard they sometimes ask overly private questions so if youre someone with a criminal history i dont think youll get in

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Kek implying the brit general population were not worthless prole scum before multiculturalism

>Kek implying the brit general population were not worthless prole scum before multiculturalism

This. Ever since Henry VIII. A nation of baldricks and blackadders. The bitter divorced wife of international affairs

honor based society

Lol this is mostly wrong

Try taking the train in a place like Washington DC, then Tokyo. Night and day.

basically cos shit wasnt being maintained. maximize profits and spend as little on renewals or maintenance led to a shit tonne of rail defects that ultimately caused derailments. thats why the gov took over and network rail is a thing now making sure shit stays working is the number one priority

it's really simple. the teanigs always end up putting some lord wankstain of wankington at the helm who then proceeds to make a complete fuckup of it.

I guess the japanese culture of perfectionism, following the rules and systems comes from the feudal era.

Back in the day, one fuck up and a samurai would chop your head off.

All the dummies got killed off.

oh you mean like cutting down an entire village because someone forgot to bow?
Japan stopped doing that when they found out that samurais don't know how to farm or fish.