Jibrel Jinirel

motorcyle user here. in this thread we'll be discussing Jibrel Network Token. please note that if you do not hold JNT, you are not allowed to post in this thread.

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Please make an exception for a non-jiblet to ask questions. Will there be a single entity responsible for holding real assets and issuin crydrs or can any reputable/trustworthy institution provide proof of reserves and become a 'crydr gateway' so to say?

Looks like its ready to blow soon desu

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how can we be certain that the sources that audit assets are trustable?

Bags getting heavy, pajeet?

Isn't it done by PwC? Pretty well respected organisation.

Also if this announcement doesn't come tomorrow/monday it's just going to be embarrassing. Not worried about Jibrel long term (and obv. its real, look at the SEED website) but if they can't stick to deadlines they should just keep their mouths shut.

>annoucement confirmed by team for sunday/monday
>Price still tanking

Investor no more trust their words

hey motorcyle user did you get the stack you hoped for?

Market is shit. Don’t expect a pump.


the funds for the stack are on the way but i still need about 4 days for them to arrive and then get that shit converted into eth as quickly as possible. i've only ever used gemini so i need to find something quicker as gemini is slow as fuck. if any user has used cex i'd appreciate a /rundown/

this dip has given me a lot more faith that i'll at least get in at something reasonable. with btc shitting the bed i don't think jibrel is gonna go parabolic anytime soon. as long as i can get 10-15K JNT for roughly $8K or less i'll be happy.

Look at the nice dip we made for you user, dont fuck this up

Use a bitcoin atm if you have one nearby, bank transfer is slow

Do a wire transfer it comes in same day if you do it before 12 Monday-Friday

depends on your bank right? my bank has been slow as fuck on wire transfers in the past

are there any bitcoin atm's that accept debit card? don't really wanna be walking around with 10K in cash

4k jiblet here. what announcement are you guys talking about? The media/press announcement to confirm their SEED partnership?


Not the ones around me buddy but maybe where you live. Doubt it though, I would guess its a cash only thing. Just dont take all that money into the hood or something and research if you need to register with ID at that amount (>500 EUR you have to register over here on my side of the pond)

Well desu I’m not really expecting much from it, noone said that it would deal with details such as amount of funding granted or anything like that.

thanks for the tips user. how many jibs you holding?

>people with 100k jibs asking if they'll make it.
2 bil cap market doesn't seem unrealistic, eventually. especially when they announced it as a tether replacement. post summer BTC bull run and it looks like an ez target.

im scared here with my 8k

tfw 4k

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No way anyone with less than 525K JNT will make it. Only the top 30 holders will make it.

D E L U S I O N A L.
This coin is going to be a minimum of $5

There is going to be no announcement and it will dump ass as it well should. You are being tricked.