The Worst Is Over

>sideways until the bull run
>plenty of time to trade and accumulate
>safe dips and easy gains

Share your /comfy/ feels in here, bullish only.
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what the fuck is a safe dip you ridiculous faggot

>until the bull run
There will be no bull run. The bubble has popped, in case you did not notice. You don't just start going up again after a year of a market where you could 1000x your wealth by throwing darts. An opportunity 2017 will likely NEVER happen again in human history

Finally someone with some sense

they know as soon as you relax your butthole. you gone get raped.

>We just need to cool off for the next rally.

We are not even close to being done. You think crypt died in 2017? We haven't even reached .1% of potential adoption. Give it another 10 years and just hold on tight.

>He sold at 6k

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>You think crypt died in 2017?
I know it died in 2017, it followed a classical bubble pattern.
>potential adoption
No one will adopt this shit outside of speculating on its future value until the market realizes the future value is in fact zero at which point it will crash violently and idiots will be parted with their money.

I dumped on Dec. 18, the day CME futures opened, and never looked back. Futures are absolutely bearish for BTC since the whole thing is a scam.

U gonna loose all your money.
Nobody will respect you for "being smart and trading crypto" anymore

>and never looked back
kek. then why the hell are you still lurking on biz bitchboiiiiiiii

To try to talk poor Veeky Forumsraelis who think that they will get rich on cryptocurrency after the bubble has popped out of their delusion so they do not commit suicide after not "making it".

Rebought at 8700 yesterday so far I feel pretty proud wat about u fami?

OP is a fucking stupid nigger

You do know you can make money on BTC falling, right? If you’re so sure that crypto is done, place all your saved fiat on a BTC short. Do it and post screencaps.

>i sold the bottom

wait, this is wrong
This guy is a fucking stupid nigger: OP's alright

>it followed a classical bubble pattern
It always does, check the chart during the first goxxening

>You do know you can make money on BTC falling, right?

>open short
>activate green dildo
>continue the dump
Many such cases.

The key difference here is that everyone knows about cryptocurrency now. Everyone who might've adopted has done so, the rest will never adopt or can see that it is a scam.

I sold the top, kek

I'd say it'll go sideways or bleed down to 4k bottom.

>i sold the top and i'm out of the game now
>i can't stop fudding on biz

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Grats on making 2k

If you don't want to listen it's your choice, don't blame me when you never make it because you continue to put money into this scam after the bubble popped. Maybe come back in 4-5 years for a new round of deluded people.

The only people freaking out are the coin youngins. I have yet to see an old coiner make a thread where they are shitting themselves because these waves are nothing new just the scale of everything

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Permabulls will soon get slaughtered.

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Firstly its not a scam, you need to look up the defenition. Also all you're doing is speculating and your opinion cannot be trusted since you're just very biased.

>i sold at 6k
top wew, lad

Hello lads I think if we ditch shitcoin for ethereum we can all make it.
Otherwise the Mt Gox Liquidator Whale is going to fuck us all year.
Also I think EOS will be the next coin to make us all rich.
I hope you all buy and hold ETH and EOS because unlike shitcoin which is only used for shady transactions these two coins actually do things that Norman could invest in heavily and make us all rich.

Check the price of BTC on Dec. 18, the day CME futures opened. I sold at 18k.


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ETH and EOS are even more worthless than BTC. ETH is even more overvalued than BTC and its main use is allowing people to launch scam tokens, since the scaling "solutions" will never actually come. Meanwhile EOS is an outright scam.

>i can look at graphs of the past and choose where to lie about where i sold
6k seller confirmed. the absolute state

Eth is a fucking ponzi scheme.

>i can look at graphs of the past and choose where to lie about where i sold
No, I sold on Dec. 18 because BTC futures opened then, and the logical conclusion is that futures will serve to deflate a vastly over-valued piece of shit like BTC. I was right and HODLers were BTFO.

We're all very happy you made 2k bro.

Whatever helps you sleep at night as you hold your ~100x overvalued asset praying for "institutions" to enter.

if you actually sold high then you wouldn't be this autistic about fudding btc. try again, sweetie

>worst is over
>drops under $8800

Yeah you dumped at the very top. Your mom is calling you, your tendies are ready fgt

If Bitcoin doesn't move up or down significantly in the next week, I swear to god I will market sell everything. Fuck this shit, it's too boring to justify all the hours I sink on Veeky Forums and reading whitepapers.


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So they kick down BTC for a while. There's only 1000 other coins they have to target/regulate/FUD/create futures markets for then.

Ethereum is the reason that crypto exploded in 2017. It caused intelligent real world investors and really smart technologists to move into the crypto space.
There are many solid ERC20s, but like anything, there are some dogs in there too.
If you are referring to the ETH pyramids, yes that is the classic interpretation of a ponzi scheme, but people love to gamble, and crypto is wild west capitalism. There will be failures
along the way.
I think what EOS is doing with Dapps will take us to the next level, but this is just my opinion.

Alts are even more overvalued than BTC, discounting scams like EOS TRON VEN etc.

Ven is a good example of how you can make money in this market:
>buy at $1 since it's a supply chain coin, know supply chain + blockchain is a scam but who cares, people will buy it
>rebrand announced
>put up sell wall on the night of the rebrand, ALWAYS sell the news
>down ~40%

Ok dude. Go eat your tendies now. They are getting cold.

Could you please explain to me how EOS is a scam.
I am heavily invested in it, but I am prepared to cut my losses if you have some information that I'm not privy to.
I divested all my NANO after I Iost faith in the integrity of those around the project. If EOS is run by scammers, I would very much like to know.
Although I don't hold VEN or TRON, I think you are mistaking """marketing""" for """scamming""".
The project that succeeds is not always the one with the very best tech. Edison became rich, and Tesla died broke and alone.
VEN seems quite well run to me, and with a solid core product in development.
TRON seems less substantial, but their hype machine is excellent, and sometimes this is all you need to succeed in business.
Hyping is good business. Scamming is bad business.

I'm picking up more monero and ada.
Might dip into neo