I'm done

Set a final limit buy at $6k for BTC

set BTC sell orders on binance for some of my alts when they finally move

80% of my portfolio is BTC right now. Alts won't move until BTC hits at least 12k again, so I have an alert on my phone for that. When that happens I'll be back

If I don't get any alerts on my phone I'll just consider the 8k I put into this shit gone. I can't do this shit anymore. Too stressful and I'm wasting too much time. I'd also rather lose it all than be the idiot that sells low. Down 20% into my initial investment now.

I can't do any work, or any school work, or anything because I'm constantly watching price and shit. Even when my investment was up 3x I was too obsessed. Blog post over.

A lot of you guys are alright and I really did learn a lot. hopefully I'll see you guys soon.

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The fact that you're so stressed shows you put in more than you're willing to lose. I never stress and I can always sleep, because I don't wage more than I'm willing to lose.

I had a time where I couldn't sleep anymore because I was madly in profit and was fearing a crash (which came) so I cashed out a big sum and left a little in with which Im now daytrading with.

you're not wrong, it was a big amount but I can make 5x it in a year so I'm not too concerned. its just enough to sting, even more so when I had so many opportunities to cash out my initial investment and let it ride. That's why I said I learned a lot though. I'll be fine though, wasn't my life savings or something stupid.

Bitcoin might drop more but it will certainly be back to 12k+ levels by summer. Just be a hodler and don't even look at the price. See it as a long term investment and spend your time doing things you love.

You can never earn more time like you can money so spend it wisely.

Agreed. Last line was the biggest realization. I'm addicted as fuck to browsing biz and trading alts, the run in December was like a drug to me, I could go to sleep and wake up $2000 richer. I need to carry on with my life. I'm sure this shit will be back eventually but I need to make something out of myself so I'm not just a brain fried NEET even if I make it

Gonna follow your lead. Peace

I've put in more than I'm willing to invest.
But I learned not to care because I believe crypto so I just don't stress anymore. Have patience and DO NOT SELL your coins no matter how down you are. I will wait as long as it takes because the bull run always returns. This shit has been around for almost 10 years now. Eventually you'll make it. Be it 6 months or 2 years. You'll make it.

Get better, learn and you will make money even in bear market.

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this is a meme. Shorters all get burned unless they can move the market. I swear this board is full of bitmex shills


You go both short and long. It's all about market timing, when to buy the dip and when to sell it.

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>I'll see you guys soon.
Like tomorrow.

the market can also go sideways and then you get fucked on fees on both trades. I know how this shit works shill. Bitmex shills and Gordon Gekko larpers are worse than the pajeets this fall/winter.

Last post. I'm out.

Agreed. I joined the cryptocurrency market a bit later than I should have, but I have learned by watching my grandfather just sit at his computer and fuck with penny stocks that you can make thousands with patience, so I know that shit will either bounce back or I'll get smarter with my investments. In the meantime, I'll be doing my own thing and trying to forget about the weight of my investments.

You can be a bitter cunt, or you could try to become a better trader. But that won't happen because you are a loser, a weakling who quits after getting his first setback. Sell your bags and go back to your wagecuckery, we don't need your kind in here.

I need to write my masters.thesis but i fucking cant cuz biz and shitcoins seems to get me high

Maybe im addicted to gambling and this forum is like ana nonymous support group

>Set a final limit buy at $6k for BTC

don't catch a falling knife idiot

If I owned BTC rather than BCH I'd be stressed too :^)

This is why I come on here when I feel like giving up. If we can’t adapt to survive and prosper what the fuck else can we do.


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Quit stressing faggot, just hodl and wait. This is a panic sell from the weak.