Ok can you stop bawling now, little children?

Ok can you stop bawling now, little children?

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Please god let that line hold.

I don’t even believe in god.

Idiot, that bottom trend line is too steep. If anything you showed we broke right shoulder support and it's game over. 5k in bound

this is eth chart

>5k in bound
this is for eth you fucking retard

Lmao fuck me. 500ish inbound for next support

Speculative bubbles always drop below the trend

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5k inbound

You're smart.

You loyal

you are already fucked

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Fuck you guys I got ahead of myself and didn't check the x axis

this. eth has broken major support. with ico regulations coming in things arent looking good.

I never understood the correlation between the bitcoin drops and the eth drops.

For me this is a bubble and everything +50$ as a reward for hashing your stupid digital contracts can suck my dick.


dumb fuck doesn't know up from left

There are people getting paid 600k to just to model market behavior and you come up with literally TWO FUCKING LINES.

My sides LMAOOO

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x axis is the horizontal line. y axis is the vertical.

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HOLY fucking shit. First TA OP?


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What happens when a coin goes negative? Do you owe money?

believe in yourself

You draw lines like old people fuck OP.

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Diagonal lines that have been tested once from the top are super strong.

Whatthe fucklol do you even know what you're buying?

is this the sequel to lemon party?

>The next few minutes will be critical to Bitcoin's future.

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Fuck yah egg to da moon


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thanks but I'm more of a "total market cap" type of a guy

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This is why you can’t trust shit in this board

We appreciate you

Please don’t have children...

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