Has Veeky Forums ever fallen for a scam?

Has Veeky Forums ever fallen for a scam?

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yeah, crypto

Trx aIrdrop. .9 eth

No, because scams are obvious

Got Bitgrailed
I am Mediterranean as well so I trusted the guy


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retards deserve it



>gave private key away to a phishing website 1 month into crypto

>link incoming

>I am Mediterranean as well so I trusted the guy
Lies. Meds know enough to not trust each other.

I fell for the woman scam before I realized how much better being gay is

Had a friend lose a bunch to the sheepmarketplace exitscam too. They were literally calling their customers sheep

One time I chased a dollar bill I thought was blowing in the wind, but it was attached to fishing line and a trickster was reeling it in.

>sold family home
>took grandparents savings (both sets)
>liquidated fathers company of 50 years, terminated 23 employees
>liquidated mom and dad's 401k
>dumped it all into BTC at 19.2k
>still hodling

yeah XVG and VEN

Got me beat

the biggest scam & the only scam i fell for are women

That guy who pretended to post a 0x smart contact "error" and the first person who tried to scam the OP got reverse scammed for tens of thousands

went all in on bcc thinking it stood for bitcoin cash


Veeky Forums is a scam by default

No, that's actually the oldest scam in the book, create fake 'i lost everything' posts and hope for donations. It's incredible how many people fall for it.

>Still hodling on eating a bullet too

u wot mate

Hardcore larp. Reaching

Na I lift so om physically intimidating so kikes know not to get greasy with me

if true BTC 100k eazy

Ya, one time someone told me they loved me and I believed them.

I got scammed once when I was like 11 playing runescape. Im 25 now and have not gotten scammed since.

Classic. The man was a hero and inspiration. These days it's all "I'll send you two ETH back" on twitter, not a well thought out work of art like that one.


What a great lesson that was.
He even gave me some of my stuff back because i wouldnt stop following him and begging for it back for hours

I can't believe how easy that is
Gonna do it now I guess

Telcoin. I only threw like $200 at it. But it was the first time I just bought something off biz because you guys told me to do it.
The instructions were to sell it off at end of February when this thing was supposed have hit 5-10cents lmao

Yeah, I got a uni degree.

More recently, I bought a bunch of link.

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You’re gonna make it user


Oh shit. You’re Hunter?

i never got scammed on RS (maybe diablo, idk) but i watched quite a few others get scammed. my friend that got me into the game was a successful reverse scammer so i started out quite aware.

I did learn how to scalp/resell from RS, made bank back when GP was actually worth something (2001?). Fucking love crypto for exactly that. problem is i'm too good at scalping so i forget to hold. cashed out 400 LTC literally hours before 100-400 moon because I didn't want to hold while sleeping. Did the same thing with eth (same stack of cash) a week later.

It wasn't really a scam, but I used to put on ghostly robes then go into F2P worlds and sell shade robes for a huge markup.

>>liquidated fathers company of 50 years, terminated 23 employees

That sentence doesn't make any sense
You sell a company, not 'liquidate' it, unless you're a hitman

No, when turning an asset into cash, it is acceptable to say that the asset is liquidated

I was damn fucking close to falling for Confido

Only reason I didn't buy in was because I was overseas at the time, was pissed I couldn't jump in on what I thought was going to be surefire profits

Absolutely rocked me. Realised that I'm potentially existing at such a magnified amplitude of stupidity that I never believed it was possible to achieve without being diagnosed as disabled.

Nocoiner here: no, I have never fallen for the crypto scam

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Yeah. When I was brand new to crypto I downloaded some mining apps onto my phone. Thinking I was hotshit mining ETH and BTC, watching my balances rise, already planning what I'd do with the money. Only to find out they were total scams that were never going to pay out. Was a good thing though, kept me cautious and helped me spot shills.

And jonathanflowers

I find it hard to believe
You can't sell property nor a business quickly.
There would be no way you could sell both those things at once to buy Bitcoin as one single entry point.

how anyone ever falls for those ether "games" is beyond me. They're posted for a few days then disappear, do people think the next pajeet scam will be the real one?

Fell for wash trading scam on EtherDelta. Now have about 100million ABS tokens.


Fell for the PandaCoin pump and dump scam back in 2014 orchestrated by wolong. Fuck that guy. Kept me far way from crypto until 2017 when I realized some asshole should not keep me away from such a great opportunity.

When I was like 10 I fell for a scam on Maplestory. I knew it was a scam but I was bored and thought I could scam the scammer and I'd be smart enough not to do the 'stupid part' or whatever but I didn't realize I had messed up until it was too late.

please tell me you were level 93. ;)

>yo gimmie your black armor ill trim it for you
oldest trick in the book
lost like 5k gold

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I sold all of my rs bank around the summer/late 2011 after some heavy staking in the duel arena about 11b which was at the time around $10k usd
i actually had the option to sell my rs gold for bitcoins at the time which if i had hold on to even partially for some time would have made me a millionaire, but alas i had to spend the money on stupid shit instead.

Downloaded a compromised Bitcoin Cash Electrum wallet and lost about 0.2 BCH.
Could be worse.

How does this happen? Like from electrum's site?

I was hoping to move my paper wallet to an online wallet eventually since I made it offline without an account, and don't wanna get scammed but I'm a normie that's had some sort of electrum wallet inatalled on my desktop that I havent used and now I'm worried....

fake site in google results or a copycat github.
as far as I know the one from electrum's site, and the one from Bitcoin Cash's official website are the safe ones.
The real electrum is legit. Someone took advantage of the fork confusion in the beginning I guess.

or I read something that had to do with "poisoned peers" in one of the fake clients. Just make double and triple check you're getting a legitimate copy of the electrum wallet.

Give me USD I’ll give you magic internet coins in return!
No wonder crypto is full of scammers, everyone that bought post 2015 is being scammed.

just get a ledger or trezor if you want to be super safe


enjoy paying for your aids treatment

I actually do have a hardware wallet now but it won't let you import private keys, so I'd have to go thru something like electrum. Electrum can handle bcash and bitcoin gold right? And if not, it won't "vanish" after unloading the btc paper wallet right, since it's on different blockchains is how it works?

Nvm just stopped being lazy and looked it up

Why is every plebbit thread a fucking larp?

backpage "hooker".
feels bad and i felt retarded

Sorry to hear though user. I looked into it and it looks like someone lost over 45 btc (plus bcash) , so yeah, could have been worse...

How did that work, you gave her the money and she just left?


was my first time. i called in and some girl answered the phone, didn't sound like the same one that came.
her picture was different (black girl came, advertised white)

but i was horny and not thinking so i just let her in. I don't remember the conversation but it was something about paying for her time, then when i gave her the money she's like.... "so what do you want to do?"
talked for a second, i suggested a massage, (i had no idea what to expect), so got into lingerie and had some shitty crap that's not supposed to be used for massages and smells like shit.

anyway she went ahead, i went for the kill and she's like "oh no i don't do that". i wanted to strangle her but i just told her to leave. $200

This but in my defense i was high all the time

Also ive never got scammed in my entire life. Ive always been the one scamming so its hard to scam a scammer.

Is this still profitable? I might try it if you can earn more than $1000 a day


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All it takes is one idiot to make it profitable.

Nice. I'm going to set up a bulletproof domain, copy paste the existing scam sites and change the sending address. wish me luck will make thread when i made profit.

Whats that?

We are losing hair going +-30 % each day and going nowhere when we can pretend we are Steve Jobs and scam rich retards.
Fuck this life.

>falling for this obvious larp

Why do people belive in the send me coin ill send you more back?
That is the most basic shit

>oh no I don't do that
>he paid BEFORE the sex

a MLM scam

dafuq are you on about, setup a paper ETH wallet and post it underneath a verified twitter user when they tweet something

/nubiz/ fell for the BTCP scam

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