Should I?

Is fucking an asian high class escort a good investment?

I've never fucked an asian girl and I feel like I'm missing something in my life.
What should I expect?
Do they smell weird?

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I'm guessing they smell like the sweat and bodily fluids of previous clients.

They'll use perfume and wash before being intimate with you. So that part is fine. However, their pussy can bleed a bit...if your cock is a bigger than average. Still, blood and vaginal juice is amazing.

Reminder that randomly throwing the word investment on your shitpost doesn't make it biz related

Reminder that not everyone browsing Veeky Forums is in it for investments.

Why not, but dont expect her to look just like that, photo is touched up af, have fun OP

bleeding during sex can also be STD related

Thanks lord neckbeard

Go to another board then pajeet

only low status men have sex with asians. They also smell

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why are rich white men marrying asian women then

honestly waste of money. I fucked a few pretty big name escorts. It was awesome, loved it. But look at what I could have done with the money and how easy free sex is like honestly the charm wears off. It's like drinking, I love it when I do it but it really isn't worth it.

That's a man

>High class escort

If you want to experience true Yellowfever, then you have to catch it organically. You cannot hold out a wedge of cash and expect the same quality gooker as one you caught in the wild. For a n00b, you have to increase your odds by finding a high supply, with low demand. That means lots of yellow poon, and scarce baka gaijin. Japan is pretty good quality, if you're a total n00b start in Philippines though. Do not TEFL, you need to be out partying and meeting chicks. Even an average white eye can clean up, as long as you DYOR.

7 inches and I want the less blood as possible around because:
Well, how to manage your money is Veeky Forums related.
I see your point, just don't be an ass, bro. It's still Veeky Forums and right now it's a no working time and date now.

Just go back to /b/ fucking hell

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Porn > escorts

t. fucked 2 and it sucks

>it really isn't worth it
is there anything that really is worth it?

Mate, fuck off to /adv/ or /b/, really.

riding a jet ski

MDMA is worth it

vacations are probably better and cost the same

I would probably get better investment advice in all honestly.

What's with all the prostitute threads lately?

>paying for sex
>good investment
I mean I don't really care if you fuck whores and shit but stop sugarcoating like it's some kind of security. Also, fuck off back to

spring is around the corner and love is in the air.

Very tight. If you don't do a lot of foreplay it can be hard to get in. Though I imagine literal prostitutes don't have this problem.

What the hell? Thats how you get an std buddy. Also this thread don't belong