What is Veeky Forums doing on Saturday night?

>btc tanking
>linkies safely locked away
>enjoying a nice brew and the company of a sweet woman

feels good brahs.

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staring at gdax cuz it helps me cope with depression (i have no friends)

also ive been in fiat since last sunday so no pincc wojack here no sir

Buy Link before 3/14 my friend. Trust me.

crying in my bed

>seeking validation from biz

>so good i have to check biz

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Her arms are crossed. That means she’s nervous. Are you the awkward type, user?

>swinging some shitcoin for ez eth gains, sell order inching closer and closer
>dragon ball on another tab

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Fuck off Norman

She’s my ex. We dated for a year but we’re still good friends and hang/bang a lot. I’m a little intoxicated and ranting about how Americans can’t save money so she’s a little disinterested

cant keep my eyes open about to go to sleep

i wish i could describe to you in words how much of a fucking faggot you are

Watching Frasier

Wagecucking and slacking off

Yet I’ve felt the inside of a vagina and you most likely haven’t, how bout that

Buy Link and you’ll both make it.

Shilling XRP.

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Dump that shit coin for Link my friend


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>the woman has a better beer taste than op

Since its sunday in the lamd of kangaroos
>sat at home playing overwatch because bored and no friends
>drank rum
>went to bed
Bruh, doesnt feel good

Are you so illiterate that you cant?

>cider is beer

Try again

>it's another link shill thread episode
Begone ya' creatura!

Maybe it’s the alcohol but im feeling generous. I have insider info on Link. Buy before 3/14 and hold through the end of the month

"Insider info" kek you dont even have to larp about chainlink being a good investment because of your "secret knowledge"

Klaus Schwab (founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum), mentions SmartContracts.com by name in his new book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

If you dont own chainlink by now you dont deserve money

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>go out to a club with a friend and his girlfriend
>she brings a friend with her
>they go off to dance
>awkward silence
>not sure what to do
>pull out your phone and tapping away, browsing biz, sneak a picture of your beer and post it
>h-haha g-guys im in the company of a g-girl right now

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>A linkie with a gf

Bullshit. That's your caretaker.


You are correct sir, nonetheless I do ;)

I was worried about posting this picture, I knew some of you faggots would short circuit.

Sigh why am I so gullible.
Ok OP sell us your magic beans.
What info do you have

Anytime I get called out by a nerd with his science and facts and shit I just call him out on being a virgin and he shuts the fuck up everytime

In all honestly, I can’t tell. What I can say is to expect double digits ($xx) before the month is out, and probably $100-200 by 2019 depending on how btc is holding up.

The best info I can give is PLEASE don’t fall for the FUD. Tuck your Link away and come back the last week of March.

Lol mate we get a million wannabe assblasters every day. If youre not larping post a timestamp and come back in a month

watching anime and my short

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Kicking it with a roasty in my car I bought in LTC. lit.

>short circuit
You're the faggot posting pictures of some other dude's girl's arm and then selling LINK dreams

>In all honesty, I can't tell.
KEK. nigger we actually get 100 guys just like you every fucking day and that's a conservative estimate.
end yourself.

dump it