>post rare sminems
>discuss sminem

Will sminem cage the bear in this market?

Will sminem ever find out he's a crypto meme and post his wallet addresses here with timestamp and get rich?

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If he ever posts a wallet address with timestamp, I will gib 5% of my portfolio. And I don't even know why

Only normies speak of Sminem as much as they can.

Let the legend live. We don’t need a thread every 30 min

Sminem says that XRP is a cryptocurrency.

Yes alot of anons would donate quite a bit. We need to be weary of sminem imposters as it's a lucrative opportunity, someone tried yesterday. It would go a long way for him in Russia

Nice try Bogdabot

leave, normie

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In for donating .5 ETH If the man makes an appearance

fuck off

Where the FUCK are you guys finding these rare sminems? I've scoured the web and every few days I see new ones I've never thought were obtainable

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And he will return the favor by giving you .0005% of his portfolio. Then you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Fuck off, I have rarer Sminems than both of you cunts.

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sminem is love

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You need to pay attention to the sminem breads.

Here, have a chad sminem

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Fuck off with this beta bitch faggot

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Typical b8, there is no room for your hate here. Sminem forgives, but tread carefully

fuck you, you're the beta

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Does Sminem have a girlfriend yet?

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hello all does anyone have picture of long arm version of this sminem thank you

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can we discuss sminem fashion?

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Cool. Sminem. Boy.

That's the pinnacle of t shirt design, you may not like it, but that's what peak performance looks like

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I have all the pics from his vk and other russian social media profile. It's the other ones that I'm interested in

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He is the personified bull (market)

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What's his actual name? Has anyone got in contact to tell him? I saw a thread a while back where someone tried to contact his aunt or something

S "The man with a plan to crash the market" minem

Anyone else notice his freakish anatomy? Once he grows into it you can tell he’s gonna be a tall mofo Russian chad.

What does it say

Holy shit update, sminem is a BOSS, that's his gf posting and she's 27. Sminem is 21, my man is a fckin G!

Roman Zuev

Sminem is never going to be a Veeky Forums meme. Please stop trying to force it.

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Here is his Odnoklassniki page, which i think is 200% legit
Here is also what seems to be his VK page? This one was made in 2011, but hard to tell if this one is true.

What is his medical condition called?

Chadism. Just watch him become a star hockey player and slay 10/10 Russian roasties.
Also I wish he had an ETH address and we could make him Russian rich.

unlike Anons Sminem has a happy life

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Why this tread with underage child pops again and again? So many lurkers on child private photos.

They grow up so fast

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With hands like that, he must have a 10 incher. Not that I ever thought otherwise.

WTF is this thing?! He's some sort of otherworldy being that doesn't quite look like a normal human. Why are there so many pictures of "him"?

nice, this is a good thread. a break from that link shit

Sminem gave up. He tethered. We're all fucked. youtube.com/watch?v=hDoVA8oikPU

dear mr sminem lord, i have been hodling like a good boy for a long time now.my hands grow weaker every day. when can we expect a blessing? just a small 2x will do mr sminem lord.
i pray to you every day, i just hope you hear me.
sincerely, JUSTED.

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fuckin lost it

Seriously guys se have to contact him, i would be glad to give him like 10-20$ in crypto, it's not much because im a poorfag but of theres enough of us we fan still make him (kinda) rusky rich. Than he would become anche eaven better allye in the fight against the Boggs.
Seriously we need to do it


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Yes. It's an escort you can buy for BTC.
Nobody can buy her anymore though because she's forever booked by Sminem.

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>Sminem is 21
>gf is 27

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Being Russian

this is fake, btw

Why is he trapped in the body of a retarded russian?

Danila cyberbullying /ourguy/
He underestimates smin's power

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I made contact with SMINEM. Accidentally linked Veeky Forums.com. TOP KEK

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Have some rare sminem.

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You stole that from my thread faggot.

That site is a scam, she confirmed that's not her

I found it on Google. Not my fault that your thread is still on google. Get decentralized, bitch.

how old is he? i think chad sminem is the newest i've come across

ChainLink $1000 EOY confirmed.

check them digits btw

Track down this faggot Danila and send him a pizza he can’t afford