Pay attention

Look at Coinmarketcap. Cardano is being overtaken by EOS.

$5.50 is the best entry point you could ask for right now. This could easily 10x by July.

Oh, please. I beg of you.

Screenshot this. March 10 2018

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But eos is by larimaer and larimer made bitshares and bitshares fucked me and I left bitshares for monero and mobero treated me well so I'm a long term holder of that now so buzz off but tell me why eos is legit pls

Big if true

I can't wait for this shit. I need 2x in the next 2 weeks.

Vaporware garbage who's communities only argument is that this is the next better eth. We don't want your money skelly blasphemous trash

Dan Larimer fired the scammer Charles Hoskinson, so he has to have something going for him.

(This is actually the Ethereum killer.)

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It’s blasphemous to draw attention to how EOS is legitimately the golden god coin?

Fuck EOS, fuck Larimer and his fanbois, fuck the paid shills.
I won't touch that centralized crap.

Didn't take long

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Dan Larimer is the ultimate scammer Cashed out of 2 projects (Bitshares and Steem). Will cash out from EOS too.

>paid shills

My sides are in orbit.

Imagine if I told you EOS guys on Veeky Forums weren’t paid shills. Imagine if we were the smartest shitposters in the room.

That’s what we are.

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>yeah guys this one is the one for sure. I know its vaporware right now but this is going to be the platform that takes over any day now for sure guys. Ignore all those already successful platforms because oh boy this is the one. Its the eth killer!
You fags are so deluded.

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He built and finalized BitShares and Steem. They’re decentralized corporations whose daily blockchain transactions outnumber Bitcoin and Ethereum’s combined.

I'm accumulating this and ETH user, but I still think Nagasaki Fuckimori could drag the whole market lower before EOS takes off or we get the flippening that we need to shake off shitcoin.
EOS will spark the April run that ETH gave us last year.
10x by July, 100x by EOY

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Of course you aren't paid shills you are just retarded as fuck bagholders

at least they actually have a developer community. ETH community is a bunch of flakes who are still trying to figure out how to spell solidity.

and no I don't hold this shitcoin.

I only have 500, it doesn't seem like I'm going to make it.

They're paid shills or useful idiots. The EOS community is the most toxic one I've ever seen, it's ridiculous, and they're in large part why I hope this project will fail.

Actually, it might be a good thing that this doesn't get too much attention yet. Stupid newfags would certainly forget to register their tokens before they get frozen.

Everyone will jump on the train anyway when DAPPs start coming out

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Everyone will FOMO into EOS when it crashes to $100

>Actually, it might be a good thing that this doesn't get too much attention yet. Stupid newfags would certainly forget to register their tokens before they get frozen.

i got some in binance? do we need to register which bought from exchanges as well? redpill me? if i did not register what happens?

>at least they have a developer community

that is not what redpill means idiot

retards, i try register but eos site says US ip detected not allowing. what to do for burgers ?

This is interesting. I predict a dump from burgers close to the registration date.

you were saying?

exactly I lost patience now to register all these crap, i want to dump this before mainnet and buy back after launch.

My guess is that Binance will convert the tokens automatically. We need to wait for an official confirmation. In that case you won't have to do anything.

Otherwise, here are guides for MEW and Metamask:

Disregard the ICO part, it's already irrelevant. You don't have to register on the site.


thx, I tried it. but eos site blocking usa ip's for clicking get eos option so u cant register for now. not sure if bnb support swap. thinking to dump this shit and move away

Look at even just the logo. It's obvious this is devil shit. I did some research into it and it seems shit. ETH has first mover advantage and will never be taken over by this shit devilcoin

Buy ARK instead


Noah had first mover advantage.

You don't have to go to their site. You can register the tokens with MyEtherWallet once you already have them.

Another guide:

ohh ok..Thanks user, any deadline to register ?

June 1. I actually think all exchanges will do the swap automatically, that's common sense. Just wait for announcements.

>"eth killer"
>runs on ethereum, store in eth wallet

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Yeah, that's how it works until all tokens are frozen and not tradable anymore


Can someone reply.. is it better to participate in the crowdsale or just buy the tokens from Binance? Which method will get me more tokens, or are both of them kind of the same?

I’m neutral on this but I must say you’re a retard for speaking on a concept that you don’t even fully understand.

Just buy from an exchange. Also, I expect a further decline in price while bitcoin is on its period. A crazy bull run will happen a bit later.

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According to my calculations you’re a brainlet.

EOS *is not* vaporware.


Mainnet in June. See you on the moon smart people.

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How did you not make money investing in bitshares?

I only have 2038 EOS will I make it? I’ll promise I’ll buy the dip and aim for 2500

Veeky Forums is finally awake.

EOS will crash Ethereum with no survivors.

You’re welcome.

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This overhyped piece of shit is going to drop as soon as mainnet is realeased. I’ll probably pic some dust then, at

Do you really think people will ever sell EOS for under a dollar? You have a better chance at meeting God.

In case if your rationale is "people are waiting for the mainnet release to dump", I don't see a reason why a short-term speculator would wait that long instead of selling back in January

Most of Veeky Forums didn’t even know about EOS in January. Many of the ones that did are kicking themselves in the ass for not looking into it.

> muh erc20
> muh vapor
> muh too stupid to register tokens without using the eos website

EOS will mercilessly execute Ethereum with 2 shots to the back of the dome piece my niggas. Get down or lay down. EOS is the “Golden God Coin” exclusively for smart boys to retire as young millionaires.

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>EOS will mercilessly execute Ethereum with 2 shots to the back of the dome piece my niggas. Get down or lay down. EOS is the “Golden God Coin” exclusively for smart boys to retire as young millionaires.

ico are banned by sec, who the fuck will use this piece of shit coin for ico's?

EOS will make the 2007 real estate bubble look like child's play

> Implying ICOs are launched by American companies and Wyoming didn’t just put out securities framework rendering not all tokens securities anyway.

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so no one use this shit out side burger land...fuccking only brainlets buy this shit

Astute observation and argument. Just kidding, you’re unmistakably unintelligent.

EOS is the one true redpill coin. This has already been established by the smartest people on Veeky Forums

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whos the fag in the cowboy hat in this video? These niggers want to be taken seriously with this garbage video? Looks like fuckin shit, did a cucked out san fran faggot film student produce this piece of shit video?


god I love you guys I hope we all make it one day