I will NEVER sell at $8700 you dumb whale gook

>I will NEVER sell at $8700 you dumb whale gook

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Repeat after me.





Bump for awareness.

Your bitcoin will be worth 100k one day do not sell!!!

So will yours user...

have fun getting dumped on

Can't get dumped on if you never sell.

Have fun selling at $400

I will not sell until at least 2030, when Bitcoin will likely be traded in the millions.

fine, you will at 3k though

I bought at $700, so even at $3k im not worried.

It's impossible for it to drop below 3500 you're a brainlet if you don't know why.

>he didnt sell at 19k

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Just stop selling and it’ll stop going down retards. Got in at $1300, almost sold when it crashed from 5000 to 2900, then sold when it crashed from 7500 to 5600 only to rebuy at a loss, then sold half at $17,000. Would be stupid to sell now when it retraced back to a previous level, it’s only up from here.

I did actually sell 50% at 19k. Rebought it all between 6-7k.


6-7k inbound this week.

That's the miners profitability minimum right? Goes lower and everything comes to a grinding halt. Whales would be poor overnight.

Trying to figure out where I wanna go in at

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No. stop listening to fucking memes.

Bitcoin wasnt over 6k until like 4 months ago.

Of course it can go under 6k lol.

If it does miners stop mining and the network falls apart. Do you think miners would allow this? Their billions of dollars worth of hardware and R&D.

>only 50%
there is such thing as holding what you mine. Actually that would be the best time to mine btc

Looks like there's a couple non-brainlets in here.

I never said 6k I said 3.5k. That 3.5k is only going to go up over this year as the cost of mining goes up.