NEETdom and heroin

could i still be productive while doing heroin?
like making music, investing, gambling etc.

i read opiates/benzos = fuck your reward system but dont retard you

amphetamines = neurotoxic therefore fuck your brain therefore retard you

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im too depressed to kms


Former benzo user here for about 6 years. Had them prescribed to me and they royally fucked my brain up. Was destroying my memory, focus, etc. and the hell I went thru coming off them was a unique type of awful. I came off them at 28 years old and just now at 33 am I starting to feel normal again.

Thanks just bought 100k heroins

so its true in the long term it doesnt fuck you up?

I've been taking taking 2 grams of phenibut every other day and it works magic on my anxiety. I've held off for a week with very mild withdrawal effects so I think I'm good but I'm playing with fire. I know 2 people who got fucked by benzos hard. One of them is doing great and the other is almost in the clear.

The two of them went through absolute HELL so take heed.

you read his response and you took that as a positive affirmation that you should get into heroin? Have you considered killing yourself instead?

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forreal user, don't get into opiates. Improve your life (exercise, be productive) and you will feel better. Don't wallow in self pity, you're capable of great things

Yes, and you will get more done since you're having a good time doing it. In that sense they act like amphetamines but there's no shitty crash.

kicked Benzes once and heroin at the same time once. Worst fucking thing of my life only was doing high doses of Benzes for like 2-3 months tho. Heroin is a bitch desu I get clean for like a year sometimes but if something happens in life its always first reaction to think of heroin. It doesn't retard your brain like Benzes or uppers though. Trust me though its a hole you dont want to go in. Just get some pain pills or something once in a while but make sure you NEVER go up to OXY or Heroin. Its a slippery ass slope and no amount of strong will can get you out of it really except in rare cases.

Also to answer your question no. At first you may be more productive but after a couple months you will be pawning all your shit and spending every minute of the day trying to not be sick and hanging out with low life scum of the earth that you pretend to be friends with so you can use them if your ever sick and need to score

BUT it feels so good imagine warm honey being poured on you from head to toe, rolling around on the floor with the cutest puppies while getting your dick sucked by a 10/10 stacey all at the same time

other way around retard, u already fucked up so u should prob not do drugs to get ahead

honestly stick to chocolate cake and coffee desu

tell me more sir

If you ask about doing heroin you are already retarded

lil peep came to me in a dream and told me btc is gonna moon tomorrow

>amphetamines = neurotoxic therefore fuck your brain therefore retard you

It's not that simple. Amphetamines are neurotoxic when they use up glutathione and SOD reserves (antioxidants). Which is why reasonable doses aren't neurotoxic. I mean they aren't neurotoxic AT ALL, not that the toxicity is small.
It's the same story with alcohol btw, although it's much easier to deplete your body's reserves of antioxidants with it. People with 'strong head' either have big reserves or able to produce antioxidants (especially glutathione) faster than people with 'weak heads'.

For amphetamines, meth is worse than amphetamine, ie. it's much harder to deplete antioxidants with amphetamine.

All in all, I would recommend amphetamine to you. Heroin is going to destroy all motivation you have left.

You get super itchy and you non stop itch but it feels so fucking good to scratch yourself when you have no tolerance you will scratch yourself until you bleed if your not careful cause you feel no pain. The euphoria is like nothing you can imagine if you haven't done it. When you nod off thats how you know your good and high and you will have these amazing Vivid day dreams that feel the most real colorful dreams you have had in your life you may end up speaking nonsense out loud with your eyes closed transported into pure bliss. You still know everything thats going on around you though when you can snap our of your dream world but you don't want too because its just too amazing

how long does it last

nice gonna buy some heroin now

shut up nerd

The long answer is yes. The short answer is no.

You CAN be perfectly productive on heroin. In fact, you can be more productive. Many heroin users go unsuspected for life because they treat their addiction like a self medication, etc, and don't just get 'fucked up'.

In other words, because you happen to be a faggot and posted a picture of a faggot who also didn't know how to dose properly, i'm gonna wager if you try heroin or are on heroin now, you'll be dead within 7 years.

I've met heroin addicts in their 60's who started when they were 17. That said, they were almost fucking militant with their addiction, and did not just do shit for fun or to make shitty fucking fl studio beats.

but my body has muscle memory of that shit now so I cant even use it once or twice before I get dope sick, When I first started I used for like 2 months every other day and then a couple weeks every day before I even got baby withdrawals. Now the sickness gets progressively worse each time.Playing with fire. Especially needles. .I thought I would never do that but when your in the throws of it.. playing with fire man stay away.

Not sure if bait but seriously think twice about it user. Opiate dependency is not a meme and it hurts

I've been clean of every drug you can think of my whole life.

It's cool to be clean kids stay in school

just joking

tried all kind of drugs but wouldnt touch it cause i know myself

that sounds awful. the honey would be very sticky, i hate dogs and im gay

>I've been clean of every drug you can think of my whole life.

You know that includes alcohol right? Did you really never drink anything?
Alcohol is objectively the most damaging psychoactive substance that's actually used by humans.
I eliminated alcohol completely from my life but use amphetamines regularly, all effects have been positive

so better do some coke than alcohol on a night out?
i always get super hangover coming off

yeah I had to go on a spiritual pilgrimage to get my self the fuck out. I still have the urge sometimes though rarely and If I give in I do it once only because I know how bad it gets fast and what the sickness feels like. You can not possibly imagine heroin withdrawals. The closest thing I can relate it too is the worst flu you have ever had time 50x but you can not sleep an hour. Also mental depression and anxiety like a mofo and you want to chop your fucking legs off cause you literally cant control them from kicking. If the wind blows on you its fucking painful Throwing up and shitting at the same time burning pissing every 5 minutes. Its a fucking nightmare and it'll take like 1-3 months to get a normal nights sleep.

not the fucking sticky part just the melty warm ness of it like your body is melting damn you have no imagination. Probably because you fucking hate dogs. Who the fuck hates dogs.

>could I still be productive while only caring about getting my next fix

If your end game is sucking dicks or stealing to get the next dosis, sure.
Otherwise nope.

i stopped smoking after 10 years and that was bad couldnt imagine heroin withdrawals respect for that im sure youll make it

Cocaine is actually cardiotoxic in itself, but it's still healthier than alcohol overall.

>i always get super hangover coming off

I don't think you're getting pure cocaine.
I bet the hangover is from caffeine overdose which is probably ~25% of what you think is cocaine
Caffeine is the most common adulterant in powdered stimulants

thanks man, yeah I think so to. Ive been smoking this fucking vape thing instead of cigs for 6 months next is to stop that shit all together.

garbage thread

appreciate the perspective. stay away from that shit user.

I'm pretty sure weed has retarded me quite a bit so I'm gonna assume that heroin can retard you

>you're capable of great things
He really isn't. Let these subhumans kill themselves off. It's for the best. These idiots don't need to be coddled. That's what got them to this point in the first place.

The thing about heroin and opiods are that you never know when your body becomes phsically addicted. You can go weeks or months without being addicted and you think you can quit when ever you want. That your body and mind is somehow different than others. Then all of the sudden it gets you.

I am now on the hunt for some heroin.

I promise you op there is no one in the world that is shooting heroin and is happy.

This is the biggest pile of horsehshit on the internet. What the fuck are you from reddit? Muh 60 year old heroin addict is doing just fine. Newsflash dipshit, there are no 60 year old heroin addicts. It’s like with vegans, most of them lie about having eaten meat.

Nah you're wrong brainlet
t. Doctor
What do you do again? Jerk off to video games?

Nigga you need to find the cause of your anxiety and attack that, not use phenibut to deal with it. I’ve heard some wild w/d stories even from that.

LOLOLOLOL the guy saying it’s cool to be a heroin addict for 40 years is a doctor?!?!? Holy fuck no wonder the medical profession is such a joke these days. You faggots can’t heal shit and rates of chronic disease keep going up in the West as you over medicate and over medicate some more. You are the absolute pinnacle of sophistry. Kill yourself now to save some of your patients lives.

Who said it's cool? I certainly didn't, retard. Nice reading comprehension genius

I've wanted to try out heroin for years now. 31 yo, healthy lifestyle, just drink alcohol once a month or so. Weed hasn't been an option for a couple years since it just gives me nausea and paranoia and I've had a psychotic episode in my youth (before having tried weed once) so I don't want to risk it anymore. Sadly this also rules out psychedelics, coke is incredibly hard to find in my country and I wouldn't trust myself to find proper stuff as in not laced with meth anyways. Same goes for amphetamine and extacy. Unfortunately heroin is also few and far between as junkies mostly shoot buprenorphine and I heard it almost inevitably causes nausea for the first couple of times and that's really not what I'm after.

Oh and fuck bentzos for real, they're the literal devil.

>In fact, you can be more productive.

In this context “cool” = “ok” or even “more productive,” to use your phrase.

Be honest loser, how addicted to heroin are you? Can you go 24 hours without a fix? I mean my god, who knew we’d have to explain to muhhhhh doctor that being a heroin addict for 10’s or 20’s of years would make you less prodcutive and destroy your health.

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Since when does "cool" equal "more productive"? Are you on fucking crack?

How can you be more prodcutive on heroin you fucking idiot?

Depends what job you have

Such wisdom. I hope that junkie life is treating you well.

I wouldnt suggest you start doing heroin or benzos. Ive never done heroin but Ive been prescribed xanax for the last decade cuz I need it for medical problems and Ive also got no memory whatsoever. Im supposedly gonna to be on it for life but eh, idk, Ive been prescribed everything at some point, and 6mg a day xanax sometimes with insomnia meds to boot. I really need something for my ADD to get anything done but my heart has problems already so I rather not. I do take some of my old percocets for pain on occasion, but never ever more than 3 days in a row. Usually once a week tops in fact. I smoke legal tree everyday tho.

Fuck drugs unless you really need them, in that case I prefer to do it legally. My advise is to just get your life sorted mate.

I've never so much as smoked weed

ok so at what job could heroin increase ones productivity eh?

Just don't do it because it is expensive. When you make it do whatever the fuck you want.

I've been taking benzos recreational for a couple years now

I don't want to recommend it because lots of people become addicted and it could easily ruin your life, but for me, I'm able to take it once per week, or once every two weeks, or on special occasions

The desire to take it more frequently is definitely there, but if you're sensible you can enjoy them and not get addicted

and if you actually do have anxeity, even if mild, the feeling is even better

How do painkillers make you feel

I've never actually asked anyone, like, what does the pleasure actually feel like?

No. You'll spend all your gains on dope. Dope is the reason I didn't invest into btc in 2012. I had the money but wanted dope more. I was addicted for five years. Do not fuck with heroin.

You all soundike 14 year old girls. Grow up handle your shit

Very productive at getting money for heroin and not productive at anything else

theoretically heroin could be an option if you are enough and 2.only snort and smoke it and 3. never be on short supply and overdose on fentanyl because you need your high. but realistically speaking: you will spend all your money on your addiction and then you're fucked in ways you even can't imagine.
even mega-rich guys like heath ledger and philip seymor hoffman couldnt control it. better would be to smoke weed non-stop. but this will fuck you up also, only slower and not so much.