My fellow leafs, are these guys exit scamming or what? i'm glad i got my funds the fuck out of here

my fellow leafs, are these guys exit scamming or what? i'm glad i got my funds the fuck out of here.

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Withdrawal frozen for 3 weeks. It's a fucking joke lmao
Also check
> ll account fundings are considered to be purchases of QuadrigaCX Bucks. These are units that are used for the purposes of purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. QuadrigaCX Bucks are NOT Canadian Dollars. Any notation of $, CAD, or USD refers to an equivalent unit in QuadrigaCX Bucks, which exist for the sole purpose of buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
> QuadrigaCX is not a bank, and therefore is not protected by CDIC. Fundings, whether they be in a national currency or digital cryptocurrency are not protected by any government insurance policy.
We're fucked mate

holy fuck boys why would you even use that greasy looking site? I took one look and said no.

I failed the equifax verification on that site, fuck em.

Bruh they did it that way in order to avoid the law raping them.

If they're insolvent that'd be fucked though

You guys fudding them is just going to make the problem worse.

You'll start a bank run and then they'll be super fucked

Think with brain. They're the only Canadian exchange.

You literally have no other option. They don't have a pool of infinite money to cash out

Especially when people sell 1mm of Bitcoin they made on other exchanges and quadriga takes no trading fees

And then people complain on Reddit like muh money muh business

Bitch you're lucky there's even a way to cash out. Wake the hell up

i'm sorry to hear user, i assume your transaction is past the point where you can cancel? this is a literal ticking time bomb

options are limited in this cucked country

I used them in 2017 for a period of roughly 2 months, cashing out once per week - had no problems whatsoever. Heard tell they had switched payment solutions - i.e. the middleware soluton, Billerfy, I assume? I saw rumblings somewhere else earlier today about delayed payments. Sorry if you get screwed.

One of the two founders was a known scammer, so even though he's supposedly been gone for a while now, it doesn't inspire trust.

There's a lot of people complaining about delayed payments over at reddit. It might be because they have issues with their payment processor and banks, as they say, or it might be because they don't have enough funds on hand, which shouldn't happen since it's supposed to be a transaction between a buyer and a seller, but if they dipped in the money, thinking they would always have a buffer to pay people the people in line with the money from the next buyer/sellers, and that buffer dried out because of the crash, well...

Who knows. All the exchanges in Canada are shady and horrible.

>They're the only Canadian exchange.
>You literally have no other option.
No, there are a few. All terrible, but there are a few.

>quadriga takes no trading fees
Sure, but they take a percentage on all deposits and withdrawals and really only act (or are supposed to act) as an escrow.

the fud is not justified in your opinion? seems like there are red flags across the board. i understand the situation with canadian banks but why are they the only exchange affected at this level? why is their communication with their customer base almost non existent?

What are the least terrible alternatives?

got my withdraw yesterday, 5 figures, took over a month but apparently they lost their larger payment processor and banks are cucking their accounts
seems fine to me, i'll probably use gemini and the td borderless US account wire transfer in the future though, heard it only takes a day

I last withdrew BTC from there a week ago and didn't have any problems. I haven't withdrawn CAD from there in months though and I have about $7k CAD in there right now. I'm waiting for the price of BTC to go back down on Quad since the price is quite high there right now.

Are there problems with withdrawing CAD? Is that why the price is so high there right now?

I'm exploring them now. I've went with CoinSquare and I'm waiting for a deposit to clear there (it takes either 5 or 7 days before you can trade, their documentation is inconsistent) and to be honest, I feel like I might have made a terrible mistake to try to trade there, but it was the one that seemed to be the least worst of the bunch.

There's ezBTC (Vancouver), CanadianBitcoins (Ottawa) and I guess the one that user keeps shilling here, although since they're a bunch of teens I would have a really hard time trusting it (, in Montreal).

yea, ive never had a problem with my crypto withdraws. CAD withdraws EFT and wires taking a long time. if you really need the CAD they say their cash withdraw isn't delayed at all

>least terrible
So for the least terrible alternative, or the most established one, I would say CoinSquare.

How the fuck am I supposed to cash out now?

Are there any alternatives?

how do i read

More or less. Some alternatives are mentioned in the thread. To be honest, at the moment I simply hope that when I cash out in a few years, crypto will be more established and there will be trustworthy place to do so. Then again, that might be unrealistic.

I can cash you out on localbitcoins fast. But I'm not cheap. Heh

It's insolvent, senpai
Get ready to be scammed

i believe they are. disappointing because they had been fairly reliable in the past

You are very unlikely to get scammed on LBC if you stick to reputable traders. I have a Pro Trader badge for one. You have to exercise common sense though. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Established traders usually don't offer very good cashout rates. There are a number of strategies I use to sniff out the scammers