How to deal with coworkers who act like assholes but get away with it cause they're a "miniority"

Work in an office and out of all my jobs this is the only one that has office politics to this extent, it's disgusting.

1. Black gay coworker cusses at me. I do not cuss back. End result: Coworker gets a slap on the wrist by supervisor. Get told to try to get along with him by supervisor.

2. Supervisor brings me up in conversation about malfunctioning devices with a 40's-50's year old short fat ugly female employee, I'm not actually there but nearby. I come over at one point to talk since I had experienced it and supervisor asked my say a couple times when she nearby. Female coworker tells me to leave in a serious/bitchy tone and look. Supervisor looks at me funny/smiling like she found it awkward but says nothing. End result: No disciplinary action for female coworker as my supervisor isn't her boss.

I mean wtf!? I stay calm in these situations and even got congratulated by HR for it yet the people doing these things seem to face no consequences from HR or management. What do I do at this point? I'm sick of being treated like this at work knowing full well that if I stepped out of line like this my consequences would likely be more severe.

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I too hate miniorities

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paint yourself black and see what they do

Any actual advice?

I'm the white minority in my workplace and I hear edgy banter back and forth all the time but it's all between the foreighners. All in all they are pretty based. The worst drama and backstabing in the workplace comes from women hands down.

Stop giving a shit.

>even got congratulated by HR

Don't take it to HR. They are not there to protect you, they are there to protect the company.

It seems your coworkers suspect you of being conservative. If they find proof of it, they will do everything they can to get you fired.

Just smile and excuse yourself from any aggravating situation. Be nice to everyone, including the assholes. If push comes to shove, other normies will back you up.

Do not have any 1 on 1 meeting with a female coworker. That's a potential false sexual allegation in the works. Always request another female employee to be present or have HR on speakerfone during the meeting.

Remember, these people are not your friends, you probably have a nice life outside of office. Don't look for validation from any of these people, just be damn good at your job and nice to everyone.

In such a situation where you have done nothing wrong and they want to get rid of you. They are less powerful than you think.

So you're saying I should just let them push me around, even though if I tried the same behavior they did to me except towards them they'd be crying to HR?

That was for a different issue not listed above. Will not say what it was for considering the severity and more. From what happened it seems HR did nothing and proved they aren't going to help. As such I wont bother with them at this particular location or probably any other job.

BUT, try to not give a fuck and If that doesn't work look for a different job. Assholes are going to be assholes and the stress is not worth it.

I'm saying stop giving a shit. Go in, do you job, collect your paycheck. If they are creating a work environment that's making it difficult to do your job, bring it up to H.R. Start documenting EVERYTHING. If H.R. doesn't do anything about it, hire a jew lawyer and sue for workplace harassment.

It's rather easy OP. Devise a villainous plan where you can trap your enemies so that all the blame is put on them. Make sure that the fucked up is so great that management would fire them on the spot and they will have to carry this burden everywhere with them so they won't be able to find any job except that of being a cheap street hooker.

HR Business Partner here. Take it to HR. We can formalise a response to the employees managers. You don't have to be a one-eyed female ginger Pajeet to be protected by your place of work

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Management is not your mommy and HR is not your friend. You're a grown up and should have learned to fend for yourself. If someone cusses you at work, you need to tell him that it is not OK. Tell him "stop" and that he is behaving extremely unprofessionally.

This guy gets it...the HR will never protect you....and about thr 1 on 1 meeting I actually have a coworker being investigated right now because of some lying bitch...she said he closed the door on her and forced her to out with him omftgt

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>40's-50's year old short fat ugly female employee
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When (Words spoken)
Execute (Not caring)
When (Actions taken)
Execute (Reasonable response)

That simple, unless your passed up for an oppurtunity because of this or lose money,,,, if your physically assaulted... otherwise grow up and deal. The world is a bitch, shes been a bitch to 100000 other faggots and aint changing for you.