Waiting for tuesday (March 13) and enjoy the show. I know something big is coming...

Waiting for tuesday (March 13) and enjoy the show. I know something big is coming. I wouldn't believe me either but at least I tried to tell you.

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Holy shit DUBS CONFIRM!!! Time to go all in!



Chinese banks? PBoC? I will eat my girlfriend and her girlfriends asses if true

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A ripple employee who was previously with swift said in an interview they are partnering with one bank per week... do the math lads. Its partnered with the saudi central bank... so many financial partners. Its way out in front. Stop buying shitcoins and put some smart money in xrp.

This is /biz ... how can you expect such thing as "smart" money

Upcoming week is probably not "just one bank". Curious if they use the Money20/20 event for it? Do you guys know how else will be there? Google money20/20 asia.

Just trying to help...

wtf does it say?

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Lads its the regulation thats gonna screw eth and bitcoin... and the rest by default. You know it makes sense to go long xrp...


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Money 2020 will leave a lot of people that have been doubting xrp at least secretly buying their very own bag of xrp.
By the end of may current prices will seem so laughable, that haters and supporters alike will wish that they had bought more back beginning of March......

Fuck I feel like I have being played again. Last week you fucks said Coinbase and Ripple, now even something bigger. I did profit from the last one but still...

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People need to forget that coinbase bs.
By the time the addition will come, it won’t matter anymore pricewise

Its gonna be big...

daily shitty xrp shill. fuck off lad, yeah?

Fuck your mother if you want fuck.

Dont miss out... people have their head in the sand about regulations. It will crush most coins... but not xrp. One bank a week. Think of the volume when it moves from xcurrent to xrapid...

Salty no rippler detected

I honestly don’t know if I should get some

Fucking same

kys retard, die poor

Jeez lads... its the only crypto to buy now. Research announced partners and loads in the pipeline. Great team behind it and backed by regulators. Its a no brainer...

Yeah, I agree. But I think we will see BTC lower (XRP with it) before the market starts the recovery mod

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You'll never see XRP below $1.

>I will eat my girlfriend and her girlfriends asses

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Ripple XRP Still Will Be Added to Coinbase March 2018: FINAL WARNING


I dont believe him.. its too good to be true

There will be a new order in crypto soon. A lot of exchanges will be affected by the upcoming regulations. First of all you should look to Argentina the next weeks. But yes to make it short: CB will add XRP soon...But that is not the most important step for the upcoming months.

Nice try you curry drinking street shitter, no one wants to buy your manipulated bankster coin, ripple actually goes up by the end of every quarter holding throughout the quarter is stupid as shit

it will happen sooner or later

I love how all those muh ebbil banks centralized fuckbrains who unironically expected all fiat currencies to crash aby mobbent will be throw their so-called morals overboard to FOMO in while their muh decentralized btc presumably gets shredded by a single chink.

Again: coinbase is not THAT important.
Once only ONE big financial institution switches to xrapid once the xcurrent trials are done, the xrp price will rise similar to may and end of 2017...
Patience is key..




Glad to see Veeky Forums is finally waking up to the potential of XRP. You niBBas gonna make a lot of money if you buy in now.

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yes the prune juice worked its coming alright

shill army detected, hire me if i guess ur IDs?

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Yes, keep buying bitcoin goy. We're all just Pajeets preparing to shit our XRP, goy. XRP is just a vaporware shitcoin, goy. We're not Illuminati bankers, goy.

Veeky Forums shlould be about making money.
And if every fudster throws away all the muh bankster centralized BTC is king bullshit they will realize that the upside potential of xrp over the next 3-12 months is incredible. Easy 10x, especially for those who don’t want to daytrade.
Buy in now, wait few months, profit. Easy as that.

Bought some XRP,let's wait now

Aaaaaaand it went down

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It's a long term hodl. Price will fluctuate before it sees massive gains.

This, don't try to daytrade xrp, hodl hodl hodl. Even 3-12 months seems way too short to me. I'm thinking 2-4 years in the future if not more.

You would do that anyway

So great to see :)

After the devs finish dumping? Fuck, they have Lawsky on their board. He's the fucker that created the Bitlicense laws and then quit his regulatory job to make a consulting firm to help companies navigate the laws he created for a small fee of $100k. Ripple saw this shady shit and was like, "Fuck, we need him!" Plus every time the shill army starts posting everywhere to get in, it dumps like fuck. It's almost like the devs have literal billions in XRP and need some more dumbasses to buy in before they dump every month for maximum profits

nice try fudster.

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Not so fast. They're not gonna dump, and if they did it wouldn't be for a longcat time, XRP is going to be worth hundreds of dollars one day. The Ripple team is already rich, so they don't need to first of all. Secondly they're not going to destroy their companies reputation so early in the game.

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7.
-Payment channels can process 10s of 1000s of transactions per second.

-A standard transaction costs just 0.00001 XRP.
-The cost is not paid to any party: it's irrevocably destroyed.

[Real-world use]
-5 institutions are currently using XRP (MoneyGram, Cuallix, FlashFX, IDT and MercuryFX).
-Many banks are currently using xCurrent. Since xRapid is cheaper (saves up to 60%) and provides final settlement, they are likely to transition to it.
-Bichip will use XRP in its RFID chips.
-A w3c standard that Ripple helped develop (and was demo'd by Microsoft) will be available in all major browsers, it'll facilitate paying with XRP.

-The supply is fixed.
-Unlike Bitcoin, there's no inflation. Bitcoin uses PoW which relies on inflation and/or high fees. Bitcoin requires $18M of net new $ flowing in just to maintain the price!!

-Unlike Bitcoin, double-spending isn't possible. Bitmain (a Chinese company) can rollback Bitcoin's chain and bankrupt the whole ecosystem.
-An attack could only stop new transactions temporarily. Participants would simply remove bad participants from their list

-Each participant can run a validator and use his own list of validators.
-validators role is to agree on an order for new transactions
-10s of reputable public & private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., Microsoft, MIT, CGI, WorldLink, Bahnhof,..)
-Consensus for the order of new transactions requires a supermajority of 80%

-XRP is a revenue source for Ripple Labs. This aligns its incentives with XRP hodlers. It uses the revenue to improve the tech and expand XRP's market share.
-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches on the network. Only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. XRP is sold only to long term investors (i.e., they can't dump).

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this thread seems like a conversation between shills

one thing I will say about XRP being backed by a company they probably have access to mass-marketing on a larger scale than most others in crypto.

Although I wouldn't say Ripple is even 'in crypto,' seeing as they are a glorified gift card company.

you shills post the same thing every week

>Although I wouldn't say Ripple is even 'in crypto

Proof of work consensus is not what makes a crypto a crypto. DLT + crytography to secure balances is what makes a crypto a crypto.

is this post the Veeky Forums equivalent to the copy pasta

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pow is dead. it's meaningless when like 3 pools control their entire market. so much for decentralization.

says who?

I'm sure home depot uses cryptography to secue the balances of their gift cards are home depot gift cards a cryptocurrency now?

Ripple have not implemented anything other than pgp for money. The only people I see who like XRP are paid shills (always posting the same infographics and copypastas) and literal retards.

Oh boy.

Dude, so lame. Try better next time.

>says who?
everyone who's not technically illiterate.

>to secue the balances
a transaction from my address can't be considered valid without my signature, retard.

Ok, sure (They're rich, they would never dump on us. 1 billion every month is less than we can put in. Trustee has way less BTC and everyone is shitting about that, but w/e). Let's pretend this totally settles that. How do you shills weasel out of them hiring one of the shittiest people in government to be a board member? What about him and his bullshit would have made you hire him?

tell me rajeesh, do they pay you in XRP or rupees?

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So the great innovation is that ripple found a way for you to push money instead of it being pulled? XRP is an immature solution to a problem the devs invented and sold to the public. All those FIs that 'partner' with Ripple Labs are sold XRP at a steep steep discount in exchange for news articles. All the while the public buys up their bags from the exchanges when the marketing team wants to pump. All they need to do is maintain an aire of validity while they sell off enough over a long enough period to maintain the price around .80-1.20.

go ahead, hodl

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Aaaand another one.

>push money instead of it being pulled

this is how Bitcoin works too, retard. As I said, you are technically illterate, you shouldn't comment on technology.

Bitmain owns more than 50% of the hashpower, it can abuse the network if it wants to and destroy faith in proof-of-work forever and you wouldn't be able to do shit about it. You would have to wait for the developers to hardfork.

In Ripple:
1) double spending is not possible.
2) validators can remove bad actors
3) you have cryptographic proof of the misbehavior
>All those FIs that 'partner' with Ripple Labs are sold XRP at a steep steep discount in exchange for news articles. All the while the public buys up their bags from the exchanges when the marketing team wants to pump.

you are changing the subject. Ripple Labs sells to long-term investors who can't dump by legal and technical constrains. Ripple Labs share is locked in an escrow, it would take more than 5 years to unlock all the batches. It's in best interest to keep the price high. It's not just about revenue, but the business model it self.
higher price = more liquidity = higher volume = less volatility

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tell me which bags are making you so salty? LINK? bcash? you still have time to dump them, you know.

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There are other legitimate cryptos other than Bitcoin. This is a common logical fallacy you shills use, reducing the opposition to Bitcoin core and bitcoin core only. This is not the case.

Your second paragraph makes my argument; Ripple Labs product XRP is a trust-based system ie glorified gpg2 trustdb streamlined to do transactions.

Who is to say there are legal contraints placed on the FIs who purchase XRP? Ripple Labs is a private company and these contracts are not public. (other than Ripple admitting they sell XRP at a discount to FIS)
I don't have any bags I am not a speculator in crypto just interested in the tech.

Please visit, and educate yourselves.




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"we are waiting for tuesday, the release for tuesday"
-Google translate

Can anyone provide more context about those messages?

At least rename your files so it doesn't look like it's from the XRP shill starter kit folder

I want people to know it's me. I'm a proud XRP shill.

I'm sitting on 12.5k XRP. Life feels good knowing I only need to keep working for another 3 years max before I can retire to anywhere I want.

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>Bitcoin core

hahaha salty bcash bagholder detected

XRP makes bcash obsolete, you desperation is understandable

>Ripple Labs product XRP is a trust-based system

there's no trust. the only role of validators is to agree on a new order for the transactions. they can't double spend. they can't decide what's valid and what's not valid. they can't spend your money. you don't understand cryptography.

Who is to say there are legal contraints placed on the FIs who purchase XRP? Ripple Labs is a private company and these contracts are not public

1) they said it before

2) if investors were able to dump, xrp would be 0

3) it's not in their best interest to have these legal and technical constrains

There's something to be released or announced on Tuesday, I don't know more.