Best cities?

What are some of the best cities to find love for 22 year old college grads?

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By the sound of you i would say sf


nice digits, did your mom give you those?

oklahoma city


Im heading there when i make it straight after taking on my boss desktop

your mom's ass


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Not a city but agree it would be a great choice as well as somewhere in Poland.

there should be some nice resource for good white/non-se asian countries with a bunch of charts and stats on demographics, economy, religion, visa info, etc. i know i'd pay a few satoshi for something that help keep me on the right side of this planet.

Denver, Austin, phoenix, Dallas, and LA

Poland seems nice but estonia has more to offer technologically speaking they seem to be a sort of cyberpunk society

Holy shit. Just no! People there are very xenophobic, similar to Japans levels. If you are not caucasian, you will be stared at all the time and wont even make friends, let alone girlfriends.

Visit Estonia for 1-2 weeks before actually deciding to stay there. The tech thing is overhyped in media. Estonia is still a post soviet shithole trying out different things to get attention.

Well is the only decent option left i am not goin to live long term in fucking pattaya or bangkok

refugee smart cities sponsored by the IOTA foundation

Eastern Europe is hell if you don't speak the local language. No one speaks English there.

I assume you've never been in italy

Wrong Board
Go and ask POL

estonian here. can confirm. the tech thong is made up by politicians trying to get PR for the country/attract investors.

Just take a visit before deciding a long term stay. I was there for a year and got really depressed/dissapointed. It is still a bleak Eastern European country with slightly better conditions than some others. Winter is really hard if you dont have some friends made. Cold, dark and lonely; sitting in your dorm with actually not as good of an internet that you'd think from a 'tech leader'.

ho chi minh is a good bet

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The best is to find a wholesome Christian qt 3.14159 in middle America. Most young women (18-35) in cities are vile thots.

Been to Italy, people don't speak English that's true. Then again, no one has ever debated retiring to Italy due to it's expensiveness and negroloving libtard cuckture.

nah he must fly to ho chi minh

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just wondering bro, are you a nigger or a pajeet? If former, you would have had no issues getting white pussy here. I know from first hard experience.

You'll get some really nice pictures of the old town, when you google Tallinn. But the place you'll be living at will not be nice. Try and google Mustamägi or Lasnamägi to see the average living spaces in Tallinn and try to picture commuting in these places in the dark of winter.

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it might be unfortunate for you, but tight demographics are a hallmark of a nice country

I lived in Endla for a year and it was great. Public transport didn't seem to suck too much, either.

Funny how i was about to go there and buy a house at my ath Finland was my first choice but i need at least 2 bull runs to afford a house over there

I dont know about the south of italy but the nord is pretty xenophobic

Mumbai, Delhi, Kalkutta and Chennai

If you like to party go to Berlin it’s the best place to get fucked up

Italy is not eastern Europe you dumb american faggot piece of shit.


That user said eastern europe is hell because people cant speak english and i sarcastically implied western europe isnt much better

Its right next door though


you're doing it wrong mate

you aint gonna find "love" there

move to a small town

It really depends on how you look at it. For me it's in Southeastern Europe mostly, with some parts of Northern Italy overlapping with Central Europe.

This, eastern europe is just a huge shithole, almost every decent person emigrates from here

Still better than burgerland

I agree