Ask me Anything From the future

Hello Biz.

I'm from not too far in the future. The world will be changed in ways you cannot imagine.

Ask me anything, can't be here for long.

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Also from future here. Why are you using fingers to type?

When do I kill myself?

>several monitors
>VR goggles
Who made this? I hate it so much.

Encrypted manual generators are the only way to escape the "hive mind" that will be created by 2021. Everything will be connected.

All those things, BurningMan to Facebook
are being used to do experiments on you humans.

You don't. There will be a huge war. One that is worth living for the fireworks but willl destroy the world as you know it. A sort of forced cataclysym.

Beep, boop - retard.

Hype as fuck thanks.

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Retardation will no longer exist bt 2030.
Acceleration and Synchronicity exist.

AGI when?

There will be more than one singularity at the same time. The return of the Avatars is something you will see.

Which company/group creates the first synthetic humanoids?

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America is close as well.

nice dubdubs

How easy are they to hack? Which programming lang will be used? Are they based on some sort of neural nets?

on a second thought, nice dubdubscript

Price of bitcoin and other cryptos.

are normal jobs like construction worker and stuff like this going to be replaced from AI?

Is Marius ever going to be right?
Is Beezee ever going to pick a winner?
Are we gonna make it user?

Its good to know Miami of all the shitholes survives the technopocalypse

how would you suggest I protect my laptop/ HDD from "the future"

if you have to ask, I've got some bad news for you..

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Price of LTC by 2019

Similar to your brain and your DNA. In fact the farms of human organs are mainly used to connect them to robots and see "what works" and what doesn't. The robot will code itself as it evolves. 2021, remember the year.

The world will be descentralized.
Bitcoin wont fail until early 2020's.

>farms of human organs

No. AI as you know it know is a failure. This will change around 2019.

Miami wont survive because the pyramid of poor people rich people is way to big. RIch people cannot fight. Remember that. YOu must be willing to lose everything to survive.

larping niggerfaggots, isn't there a RP board on here?

What should I invest in?

How many seasons of Walking Dead before they shelve it?

What will happen to Europe up until the singularity/apocalyptic event in 2021? Civil war? Religious war? .. Race war? Or peace?

Also, when's the next stock market crash?

Is there any decent contraception for men, like a pill that stalls your semen? fucking sick of using condoms and fucking girls are irresponsible as fuck with the pill FUCK CUNT.

Do they ever make sardine cans that don't flick shit everywhere when you open them?

Tell me something, how do you code reality?

Who has access to controling the world? Pharma, food and health. Military will be obsolete soon with what they are creating.
Imagine you have an infinite army of nanorobots that can infiltrate the human body and destroy it. You think anyone's safe? This technology will be available to the common man. Therefore, armor is something if you survive the "last" war, you'll see.

Perhaps stop fucking and use that energy for other things.

Let's put it this way. America declares a war to russia and will use Europe as a sheild.


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Food will be something that is also going to be controlled.

That's a yes!

Exact price of btc in 15 min from this post. (+/- $1) to see if you are not larping

>America declares a war to russia and will use Europe as a sheild.
As usual.

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Any European countries safe to stay in? Will Sweden and Switzerland be neutral pussies as per ush?

Will UK be ok how many cans of beanz do i need to hodl

Wrong, its Japan, also from future.

Best place to move to for future opportunities. Please dont say China or peejeetndia

>Mass immigration
Top Kek

What becomes of Shkreli?

Which European countries will have the most power?

Will Vitalik fuck?

Dear John,
Longtime fan,
Fuck that future, gimme the juice to shift the world line
Steins Gate shines upon me, the chosen one

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Can confirm
Nuclear war does happen and wipes out 80% of the human race
Unironically the illuminati plan all along
>the nuclear clouds will last for months
>birds will fall like rain

Unironically greater than 15k but bare in mind dollar has depreciated

tWD is still running user

Next stock crash 2019, which won't recover for a period of time

UK is in the middle of USA & Russia
Therefore will be the first to get berried by the Russians due to alliance with USA. Not a bright future for you Brit fags buddy

What about Canada

Small scale nuclear war will break put between India and pakistan. The resulting effect on ash in the atmosphere will reduce crop yields worldwide by about 30% resulting in mass famines which bring upon a collapse in society. That's your future people.

Meh. Small scale nuclear war will do fuck all. I'll start worrying after 1 thousand nukes drop.

All of North America will be nothing but a lost city of Atlantis when those Russo/Chinese nukes hit user

We'd be better off if you told us who survived desu

Are you serious? You understand that just 30 small nuclear weapons is enough to cause catastrophic environmental change. You don't need hundreds or thousands of nukes to destroy the environment. There have been dozens of models showing this. The thing likely to end us is a small nuclear war between two crazy nuclear powers in the east.

What are the mechanics by which you time travel?

Kinsoku jikou desu

the trigger will be the exposure of 9/11 and the masses burgeoning awareness of their role as witnesses and sacrifices for the Theatre

Russia, they conqouer Istanbul straight after , gaining their nuclear submarines access to the Mediterranean Sea. And thus the North Sea, this is why they recently took over Crimea in your time line. Also Isreal participate in many wars in Middle East to expand Zion.