This is really my last chance to escape my miserable american potato nigger existence. I'm gonna be 35 in April. Link has to happen.

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Still a child mentally I see

Same here - will become 40 this year. Sergey will be our saviour out of this mud

It's going to happen.

It will...just wait like we all do ... i went all in with 8k€ got 20000 no doubt link will 10000$

I've never had a taste of any real money and I'm a drunk/coke head. If this thing moons my world would be turned upside down.

Same here, I’m 75 next week, perhaps Link will at last rescue me from wage slavery

you're really a loser aren't you??

LARP thread?

Young man I will be 116 next month and Im still wage cucking I need Sergey to rescue me too

I hope you're not selling EOY

same here with 21 i just want to retire

Your life would be upside down for a month, and then you would be broke again because you are probably dogshit with money.

i need LINK to moon so i can get a girl like her in black. im going to be 51 next week and dick is not getting so hard now

I guess dude. I don't know anything else. Who are you?

u sad, sad piece of american trash

Im 31 btw spent the last 8 years working as an IT engineer...sick of this shit... plz sergey make me retire get a lambo and fkin enjoy life till i die

bruh shut up im 38 and just geting into crytpo while it dies. I have a very small window of chance to even make any money and I cant put shit in for cash cuz im battle hobo tier.

suck it up buttercup and put some in a few other promising coins and join some telemate crytpo pump and dumps and you can turn it around.

You're already further along than I am

I wont quit at this til I get ahead and I dont just mean crypto. When this dies or gets low enough it's not good for "lambo dreams" than cool onto other things. I already plan on putting money aside every month towards a retirement fund while also putting money into crypto and various other investments.

You sound like one of those all your eggs in one basket on a icey road types

23 here, I'll keep working afterwards but it'll be nice to have a slightly more comfortable lifestyle.

>crypto while it dies

This shits just getting started. And they're going to start regulating it now you have the chance to invest in tech startups in the blockchain space, internet 3.0, part of the next industrial revolution, the "internet of things."

Crypto is just finding it's legs. Don't pull out because you can't stomach the volatility and think it's dying out because it'll probably still be like this as the market forms.

You seem like the type in the telegram absolute fucking retards in there what the fuck. Hopefully sergey doesn't check in or he'd probably just quit disgusted at these cult headed mongol followers.

>getting started
Been hearing this since 2010 kek

Tf are you spending money on coke and booze for? One to ease the hangover of the other? You’re a fucking handicap blowing your money away.

Man the fuck up, stop being irresponsible and accept your shitty life choices have shitty life consequences. Why tf do you even need blow, it just makes people never shut up?

You’re the worst of the worst of normies.

coke is fun as hell but very expensive and most people get hooked on it. i'm lucky to not have an addictive personality I do it once in a while on the weekends cuz you can keep partying for like 20 hours straight. good times

Well he is Irish...

23, but have made nothing but mistakes since leaving high school.

Dumping every penny from my Mcjob into Link. Will hit 15k linkaroos next week. I've been spending everything on LINK for so long, part of me just wants it to go to $2-3 so I get priced out of buying more and I can focus on another crypto. I just can't fucking stop buying Link.

Why don't we all just shut the fuck up about fightclub & all meet back up here in a year or so to have a laugh...

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>drugs are bad mkay
>don't be a normie

Pick one.

Sauce on these braphogs?

you should convert your links into xrp. link will die but xrp will flourish. jp morgan has financial goals that xrp is the perfect use case for

>but muh banks
follow the big money faggot.

look at the vol people, this is dying slowly

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>follow big monies, hurr glug.

Swift and it's 11,000 Afiliate Banks
Derivatives and Bonds Markets
Hyperledger and IBM
Docusign and Legal Servies

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I'll take the girl on the left user, you can have the right.

he said crypto not buttcorn.