>only 8 sats
>shilled on the London crypto conference yesterday
>not listed on any real exchange yet
>this is like buying dent in November
>easy 100x

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I agree with you OP.. such an obvious moonshot.. so much gains to be had.. only a fool would miss this one

This meme is dumb


Question for you - Why did you buy into this ICO, it was obvious nobody wanted to buy it as it took almost a month to sell out.

Never buy an ICO that struggles to sell such a low cap.

It took longer because eth tanked and the price was pegged to usd value not eth

nice shill mate

No it took longer because nobody wanted to buy, it was obvious when the sold amount sat on the same amount after day 1 for ages.

I was going to invest but saw that I just followed the ICO - only idiots invested after that.

Yeah no shit, nobody wanted to buy because eth tanked 50% so the guys on the presale got 50% more tokens because eth was @ 1300 during the presale
How retarded are you?

Holy fuck this is boldpure level scam. article only 1 buck on steemit, guy deserves more

Why do you bagholders always need to blame some other factor why your coins is doing shit, not on the fact that you bought into a scam/shitcoin.

When this ICO started ETH was just over $700, in the next few days it rose to over $900 - at this point this ICO had stopped selling and was still roughly sitting on the same sold amount from when ETH was just over $700.

So a $200 increase in ETH (almost reaching $1000) did nothing to people wanting to buy this ICO - it took another 3 weeks before the ICO closed.

Accept you bought a shitcoin and possible scam (look at their company house history).

>So a $200 increase in ETH (almost reaching $1000) did nothing to people wanting to buy this ICO
Not true at all pajeet, as soon as eth hit 1k it sold out before deadline
If you saw trx going from 14 sats to 1800 and dent from 7 sats to 700 you're fucking retarded if you don't think this shit that got shilled yesterday on a pretty fucking big cryptoconference in london and has half the supply of both of those can't hit at least 200 sats as soon as the market recovers

You do realize you didn't make any IP change when you made your second post agreeing with yourself. You are terrible at shilling. Sell the shitcoin at a loss and move on man

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Are you stupid - it was over $900 for most of this ICO so talking about this ICO taking so long to sell out being due to ETH is BS.

You bought into a fucking scam.

Wrong again. Presale was in Jan 15th when eth price was 1364$.
Ico started in feb 6th, initial eth price was 680$, then the team updated the eth price daily, with each updated there were more and more contributions because eth started climbing to 1k. Once it finally hit 1k it sold out. Dead line was 6th march and it sold out in feb 21st.
The huge difference between the eth price in January and February was the reason the ico took longer to sellout.

You're the same dumb motherfucker from before who posted this shit and replied to his own threads.

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lol hes staring in the mirror repeating "babb will be a success, babb will be a success"

Wish someone told me about a real dent/xvg level moon

This is it. Half the supply of both trx and dent ;)
Idk. Who knows? It probably won't just like 99% of the erc20 scams but it will hit 200 sats as soon as the market recovers and if that happens I want you to post this: im sorry im not good i apologize for my ego please forgive me, im just europeean

First time I see something getting shilled on biz while its ridiculously low. Never seen xvg shilled at 1 sat, never seen trx shilled at 15 sats never seen dent shilled at 7 sats. Keep it op hope you make it.

The sad truth. No one ever shills at the bottom

It's all good

Babb is definitely not a "scam" - I work in high finance and I've looked at their application for a banking licence, which is pending (will take forever either way so don't hold your breath).

Whether or not they will succeed, I don't know, but they're a legit UK company and seem quite money hungry, which is a good thing for token holders, of course. They're hosting a fucking party for BAX holders soon, lolol. I won't be going, obv, but it's a funny idea.

Conclusion, this is cheap as fuck and WILL double, you understand. It *will* double from here.

“High finance” is a jewish scam.

>Why did you buy into this ICO, it was obvious nobody wanted to buy it as it took almost a month to sell out.

It was one of the more hyped ICOs of its time, desu. Could not have been worse timing, unfortunately.

Stay poor.

All in babby

I had to do it OP, don't blame me

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Everyone is a gas

good idea, fixed

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You don't get it. This is like reverse hyper shilling. This is like a copy pasta where the person intentionally gets caught shilling. its been happening for multiple days.

there it is, theres the fucking pajeet