Price prediction for 20th march

VEN just found the bottom in around 40k. The x node is about to close in 9days. 7$ sounds good for 20th march?

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It's gonna fucking drop back sub $2. And I'll be left holding those bags till the EOY.

It was supposed to be a quick flip but I got greedy. I fucking hate chinks now

are you really that stupid OP? The price isn't going to move that much. The Xnode program was a sad attempt to raise the VEN price. Which clearly isn't working.

Honestly, bear or not, if there was a real need for nodes people would be buying and the price would skyrocket until the 20th. Instead it's tanking/going sideways.

I actually see staying at 45000 sats for quite a while.

Basically the masternodes are poisoned gift. If you can't afford it, the token becomes worthless.

Still lot of companies will buy VEN from open market. The price will rise

>got greedy
>blames chinks

No they won’t.

I have got this dream yesterday. That US gaverment is Satoshi, they creat all this market to pomp the moeny the have and stay in the bubble they creat. To avoid another financial crash

Only when they run out of VEN for businesses.
They still have like 100M for them.

They are selling VEN with a discount.
I'm really not calling VEN a shitcoin, it's one of the strongest out there.

But, it clearly falling in the same pattern as IOTA, pre-moon syndrome.
I do hope i'm wrong tho.

Where your info is coming from?

Yes but they will run out very soon of that.

Maybe in a year.

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Supply and demand, guys. A lot of Ven is soon going to be stashed away and the whales looking to accumulate more are forced to hold on or lose their X-node status (the true value of which is unknown because who knows what ICOs besides bitocean will be launched or the value of the extra Thor will be).

I suspect a slow rise leading up to 3/20, then a small drop following the snapshot, followed by slow organic rises through this year. I don't want to sound like a moon boy, but I expect the value of the Ven to be much, much higher in future, even if based on pure speculation (it's still at least a year before anything will be tracked on it)

I blame myself and take full responsibility for being a brainlet

That doesn't change the fact that if I see a chink imma punch him

All I know is that I have a Strength Node X (have about 20k VET) and I’m not considering selling any time this year regardless of price. I don’t want to lose the node and I want to wait and see what growth for this looks like in 2019, 2020 - I don’t want to be one of those dummies who sold ETH early.

dam son give some ven. 83 ven here

I'm with you on this. Based on the timeline, the project is at least a year from gettig off the ground and can have a binary outcome. I'd rather hold onto my 16K VEN and crash with it, than sell it in the early speculative phase and watch it takeoff from the sidelines.

Jim Breyer probably is also looking at long term potential of this project rather unlike the "sell the news!" Moon boys most crypto traders are


Eoy 0$ for chink scam

This is a most likely scenario.
There are good old fake sell walls on binance, haven't seen them in a while.

>fake partnerships
>no product
>anonymous team
>sleazy CEO

Sounds like a great investment.

How's your walton bag doing?

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