Final chance to escape

Remember me from three weeks ago?
I said that Bitcoin would plummet and we'd enter the despair phase from news and FUD that I could not mention at the time.
Obviously, that turned out to be true.
Although we did manage to break resistance at 10K and climb almost up to 11.5K, you would have been better off selling everything when I told you.
Now I am giving you one final warning: escape.
Escape while you are still in the green, and if you're not, cut your losses and buy back in later.
The reason us whales are where we are today is because we bought at a time when nobody wanted to buy.
We seized an opportunity to scoop up cheap cryptocurrencies and push the market to it's limit, which in this case was $830 billion USD.
You are deluded if you think as an individual, you have any power over the price of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency of significance whatsoever.
The least you can do is sell and buy back in when Bitcoin inevitably drops below 6K.
It will seem like the end; most will admit that it's a bubble and the monotony of their wagecuck lives will resume.
Then, when you least expect it, the market will soar. Higher than you could possibly imagine.
And you will regret the day you didn't heed my warning and double your stack.
The choice is obvious, but purely yours to make.
Sell. Sell every single coin you own for USDT or cash out. Yes, it's not going to zero anytime soon.
And then you spectate.
Watch as posts about technical analysis incorrectly predict the market's direction.
Watch as legislation from every country imaginable arises and results in billion dollars of losses.
Watch as a sea of pathetic coins are offered which bring absolutely nothing of value to the table.
Watch as the whales slowly ward off all the new buyers and acquire a dominant market share.
And then, you enter.
Do as I say: leave everything now.
And enter when I say enter.

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How low we going?

sure buddy

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He ultimate faggot champion, I remember you. Your prediction was wrong. We went from 6k to 11.5k. You predicted a total crash 2 weeks ago. Gtfo you larping little shrimp.

LARPer with a god complex. Go fys.

shut the up cunt

I entered your mother, hope you don't mind.

Can I go to sleep now (It's 5am on the west coast)? Because I've been staying up later and later to try and be vigilant for a crash so I can improve my position, but no matter how late I stay up the crash always hits a half hour after my head hits the pillow, or I wake up kinda late to see the shitshow finally bottoming out. Twice this last week I managed to wake up, check Binance, and sell the absolute bottom! My brain hurts, I can't see so well right now, and I'm angry.

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sees a huge green candle and runs to his moms computer to type that shit because he missed the bottom

Yeah, I believe you man. You are very convincing!
I posted on the 23rd of February. Bitcoin was at 10.2K, now it's at 8.9K. To say that I was (and still am) wrong is denial. If you were solely in Bitcoin and you followed my advice, I could have saved you 13% of your holdings.
If you need further proof, take a look at my prediction of U.CASH. I clearly said that whales pump coins nobody has heard. That's why you see all these random coins in the top 100, which disappear weeks later.

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Hey dude I just want you to know that 1. We all know that you are larping and 2. There are mofos out there like myself that would literally put a bullet in your head just for being such a huge faggot.
Unironically sleep with one eye open you stupid 12 year old kike

Yeah. He probably will kill himself once it goes up without him. Remember kids, always do the opposite of what the FUD says. No one is ever going to warn you to sell for your own sake, ever. They are either trying to buy low, short, or get money into another coin (if you see alt FUD without a coin mentioned, they are hoping it goes to btc.

With that in mind, we can now realize why he is fudding so hard. He is nervous as fuck that it will never come back down and he'll be stuck with tether or FOMO.

You are a nobody faggot cuck and know nothing

faggot stating the obvious doesn't make you a whale that controls or are with all the miners, exchanges, whales etc pumping coins

Selling your definition of the 'absolute bottom' is very different to selling the absolute bottom. As long as you don't re-enter at least until June, you can rest easy. Don't follow the market all day, every day or else you'll go fucking insane.
Just admit that you are gambling and speculating based on the actions of people who actually control the markets - us whales.
Go about your merry life. You'll know when the time is right - it will take courage to buy when everyone else is selling, but that's when you go on a shopping spree. Everything will be on sale, and you will rise to the peaks of power.

>Posts shitty fud thread right as BTC jumps.

I am going insane, I admit I'm gambling, but I need to have my Link on the exchange because it is going to either pump hard and then dump, or just dump for SXSW this week. Then it's going on a Ledger and I'm getting on with my life. I managed to trade my way from 7600, to 7900 tokens, and then this week back down to 6600 with all the crazy bullshit that went down. I'm a fucking poorfag, I scrimped and saved for months to get what I had, but I needed 10000 tokens for peace of mind and to be able to estimate the value of my stack super easily while it's in safe keeping. I feel sick over how well I fucked myself in just a week, I guess that's just what the desperation of poverty does to you though.

What news and FUD? Fuck off you know shit, suck a dolphin dick.

just hold your 6600 nigger and do something else with your time

I mentioned in my last post that you had to be insane if you think Chainlink is going to hit $1000. My end of year prediction is that it will follow the overall state of the market and it may reach $3 at most.
So you wouldn't say that the Mt Gox sales and the Binance rumors had anything to do with the price dipping?

motherfucker theres the biggest fucking green candles since months NOW PISS OFF

No, and you know why I'm saying no to you.
If you don't, you're not a whale, just a pretending soyboy.

You listen to me piece of shit: I keep all I have, and when the price is low enough I buy even more.

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See you in two weeks. Maybe then you can tell me about the biggest red candles you've seen in months.
Why? You literally have no influence on the market whatsoever. You're only making yourself worse off by holding on during an unstable market.

ok play with your pajjeet dnp group to pump shitcoins like Ucash LMAO mr. important whale

I'll hold for now thanks. I am unwilling to pay taxes when cashing out.

Your advise is to build a warchest and buy before June? Got it. Thanks Lonely Whale.

I bought at 8.8K, and it seems like a nice price. Even if you're a whale, how will you deal with masses of people who would accept a price above 6K?

I'm also only in for BTC. Should I sell now and buy in below 6K? Will you actually be able to go below that? Surely BTC will rise again regardless?

>Sell now! Or suffer
But its going up now
>Give it 2 weeks
Sure buddy

Whale using the word wagecuck

Uh huh.....

hahaha level 100 autism. Way to get worked up over a 12 year old larping on a japanese cartoon site.

I don't think it will hit $1000 for several years if at all. But if I can stack 10k, then $100 In a couple years will make me a millionaire, but I would still be happy if it hit $10.
I've been justed many times at important periods of my life, so now I'm 33 with a Bachelors of Science doing grunt work fighting wildfires. I haven't even gone on a vacation for 14 years because I'm either too broke, or have to work, or both.
Chainlink has given me hope, which is a scarce commodity in my life. I have researched it, read the white paper, and see a lot of potential, far beyond what other projects are doing with blockchain. Most everything else seems like it's trying to solve problems that aren't really there.

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Cashing out or selling for USDT are your best bets.
The masses don't have any power. Say the average Bitcoin holder has 0.1 BTC, which is being extremely generous. Whales can easily pump or dump 100 BTC into any long or short position they feel. It would take the combined efforts of 10,000 normies to do the same, which is virtually impossible since everybody is trying to benefit themselves first and foremostly.
Sell now and wait. BTC will rise in the long-term, there is no doubt about that. But for the time being, wait. Patience is key.

I have below 0.1, lol. Alright, I'll take the advice and sell out now. Then be prepared to use my money below the 6K line.

Thanks whale.

Why doesn't the whale provide any proof ?

Stop asking questions.
Just sell you coins already so he can buy lower


>there are people on this board that didn't cash out late december/early 2018

See you guys at $500 BTC EOY!

>there are people on this board that held through the crash in early 2018

See you guys at $50,000 EOY!

It's pumping now, any ideas how high it will go before dropping again?

we will go lower than 6k??

Sounded pretty convincing.

>"If I keep spreading unfounded positivity rather than looking at past data and extrapolating predictions from that, maybe it'll come true!"

It's honestly cringey seeing how autistic this board is. It's super obvious crypto is a lot of peoples first and only investment. Nearly 10 years over hype later and we still don't have adoption for bitcoin outside of about 100 "ATMs" in hipstery parts of the USA (and dropping, since they're so impractical to use now with the transaction costs that the company is discontinuing and revoking them...) and some people on etsy accepting it for floral drawings of whatever the fuck they make.

BTC is a investment token and literally nothing else. It's dropping because big money is realize, wait.... This shit does nothing, and is so slow and expensive that it litterally never will do anything.

I was merely mocking you for making an unfounded prediction. Neither of us can say where its going with any reliable amount of certainty.

Mostly basing my thoughts on what my WS friends are saying. They all think it's .com 2.0

He sold