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I miss him bros :(

I. :(

we usually joke around here on Veeky Forums but you can't have nothing but respect for this man

is he kill?

how do you not know user? It was all over the news
poor guy didn't deserve this

He would be disgusted by that picture. ETH is not a currency.

What a way to go, so meaningless. This is gonna affect crypto in a major way. RIP for real. Really numb right now.... shit.

RIP, I thought he was a commie, but he didn't deserve this.


fuck off retard, just checket plebbit, no one's saying anything about this, hes not dead.
when i read this i was feeling so sorry for poor vitalik that i felt like a better person for a moment, than when i realized hes not dead i felt sory for not needing to feel sory for his death...too bad.....

fuck you, I just sold 9.5 ETH at a loss, I checked and he's not dead. Why are you spreading fake news ?

you are repulsive. stop trying to make fun of his death, you disgusting subhumans.


jesus christ user are you this gullible??

obvious larp, why are you so gullible ?

jesus christ user are you this gullible??

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with this guy. Is it mental illness or something else?

Don’t make fun of people’s deaths that’s fucked up

obvious larp, why are you so gullible ????11!!

obvious user, why are you so guidable

This isn't a larp, he's really dead. Eth hodlers on suicide watch.

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why am i so gullible, obvious user?

Shit, now parity devs are going to force all their bailout proposal.
Eth officially dead :( sell sell sell