Why just not store all your private keys on USB flash drive?

Why just not store all your private keys on USB flash drive?

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because your hacked PC will be able to read the private keys and send them to the hacker

can i avoid this with a device running linux (mint, tails) and is only used for crypto?

Sure. Don't forget to use strong passwords on your router/modem.

Checked and yes

Yes if you make sure that it has no internet connection, and only install it from a trusted installation DVD image.

Still, this is much more tedious and expensive than a hardware wallet, so I'm not sure I see the benefit.

I think I understand that an USB-Drive which is solely used to store keys can be kept safe.

But an USB-Drive which is used to handle keys on different devices poses a great risk, since any software used to safely handle the keys has to run on a potentially compromised device.
Therefore a Hardwarewallet is better suited to handle keys.


Because you can't price lock with a USB drive
> being this new

If you only plan on holding for long term then flash drive is okay as long as you encrypt all private keys in a zip file.

paper wallet is best

and fireproof box

>But an USB-Drive
>an USB

fucking pajeets

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maybe if you created it on an air-gapped machine. otherwise a nano is kino

Paperwallet is readable for everyone.
With an encrypted file you get a second layer of security. Anyone laying hands on that file has to torture the key out of you first which gives you a little control over it.


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I personally just use paper wallets but put them in a very strong safe. Though not a perfect solution, this still means that someone trying to open the safe would have to "torture the key out of me," but there's always the risk of someone destroying the safe I suppose.

>nano is kino
until you realize that nano and ledger use proprietary software that gives you a key/recovery words that can only recover through their software

if nano or ledger ever went out of business, say bye bye to all of your coins. you cannot just recover it to MEW.

I don't think Air-gapped PC is necessary if your PC are secured.

Google Drive + 2FA also are not bad choice.

the hardware, you brainlet

Even if it's an old computer he'd never use otherwise, he could've just sold it and bought a hardware wallet for the money.


I always thought you could distribute a very securely encrypted file with your keys over the internet, like clouds, email accounts or forum accounts that allow you to store files.
And in case you need the keys just get one of the many copies of that file.

you use the recovery phrase on the device itself. and i can guarantee those hardware wallets would be supported long after they went out of business

thanks just stored 100k

Doesnt their software run independent of their services?
Of yourse, if theres new os or devices that just dont support nano/ledger you could always retrieve your keys via an old os/device and existing copies of theri software.
am i missing something?

>hardware wallets have proven track records that they will FAIL

You don't need to use the an article when the word starts with a consonant sound. Whether or not the letter is a vowel is irrelevant.

>I don't think Air-gapped PC is necessary if your PC are secured
That's the mother of all "if"s. PCs are never secure, all you can do is raise the amount of resources required to compromise them.

>Doesnt their software run independent of their services?
>i can guarantee those hardware wallets would be supported long after they went out of business
so you'll blindly trust a company that was birthed on reddit instead of spending five minutes to build your own using open source code and a usb?

I day trade crypto because I'm too much of a fuck to learn anything actually useful.

What makes you think i know how to write any kind of code?

you can google "create your own hardware wallet" and people have written code for you. there's zero reason to use walled garden proprietary software that costs $100 when you can just create a wallet, store the backup on paper, and then create your own encrypted hardware wallet.

You can do this but put the actual text or wallet files into a veracrypt container as an added layer of protection.

This is in case someone steals your safe or when the feds come seize your stuff.

Sure they might have quantum computers to brute force your encryption but they're probably saving that for people like Snowden and Assange. Easier to waterboard you for the password.

An alternate method is uploading your container into the cloud in hidden pieces instead of keeping it on a physical usb

yes store your private keys on a live usb distro

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fucking retards not "storing" their private keys on a paper written with a fucking pencil or pen

god damn, you're imbeciles

To remember the encryption key is same but worse vs remembering seed words.

Chances of your encryption scheme, software still works 10 years from now
Vs chance you remember your seed words.

Why do you people even need usbdrives files nano hardware, cant you remember 24 words?!?!?

I store my keys in hotmail masterrace
But muh hackers, hahahha no.

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Have you ever tried to use a flash drive after 5-10 years? If so, that's your answer.


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Wrong. The ledger uses the BIP specifications (32, 44, 49 etc) to derive your private keys from the master seed, and you will always be able to recover them by yourself.


because they fucking suck for this

pfft this guy trusts other people to tell him what to write. the true safe way to store crypto is to invent your own motherboard

can i just store usb in airtight ziplock bag and call it a day?

I think you mean, underground fireproof safe rigged with claymore

wrap it in aluminium foil too for good measure

at least it'll keep out the cookie crumbs

>mfw I just use keepass that generates me 100 char long passwords made of random ASCII chars that lock my encrypted private keys
Yeah, have fun trying to brute force that, NSA.

I have no problem storing this on cloud, email, whatever, noone in the seven hells could ever break it up.

my dad has a usb sd card reader that he got in like 2003 and it still works. if youre not a retarded nigger with your shit itll outlast you especially solid state shit like flash drives. just get good flash drives like sandisk ultra instead of pajeet tier chink trash

How useful are smart cotracts really? Or its just a meme? You can just program it with common programming language, it will exeucutet as well, you dont really need cryptos (like ETH, LINK) for it.
Can you give some useful examples?
Prove that crypto is not just a dotcomBubble2.0

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That maybe true. I bought a USB drive and it died for absolutely no reason in 5 months. All luck of the draw. In any case don't put all your stuff in something that may fail.

wat. no, wrong, it is not good for long term storage.

yeah you need redundancy, i have my private keys on a cruzer ultra as well as a mx300 ssd and 3 different hard drives. ill probaby end up buying 5 more cruzer ultras and putting the keys on them as well

The point of a hardware wallet isn't longterm storage. For that you put your seed phrase in a bank safe or whatever.

The hardware wallet is for the day-to-day transactions where you need your private keys without exposing them. If it breaks, you can easily replace it with your seed phrase. As long as it's BIP compatible any manufacturer or even software wallets will be fine.

On the other hand putting your private keys in the bank safe means a trip to the bank every time you want to make a transaction. Not very useful.

Is Exodus wallet safe enough? Or at least safer than holding on Binance? I’ve got 1100 Link on there and don’t know what to do next.

Encrypted on M-disk's

Use 2 safes cut the paper wallet in half

One of the Mazingers

But where do you store the passwords?

if keepass generates them that's probably where he's storing them

well they're safe until he catches his first keylogger

store carefully wrapped usb on highest shelf.

i have two safe deposit boxes at 2 different banks with everything on paper cut in half. then i have 6 usb that are encrypted and then everything in on them in an encrypted file then everything in that file encrypted. you think thats good enough?

Í've put my seed words in different emails with no indication that it's an seed word at all.

The only way to find these words in the e-mails is to decode the tattoo on my upper leg
That indicates the day the mail was send and which word it is in that mail.

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>not using veracrypt to format and encrypt duplicate USBs
>not using poetry you grew up with as your 157 character passphrase

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would be better using a raspberry pi, same cheap idea but it is cheap and small.

Because I've engraved my keys with an added layer of encryption onto 304 steel and they're sitting in my fireproof safe.

So when you want to make a transaction you have to go to your safe and manually type in the keys?


no anything with intel ME is compromised
do offline transactions for your main wallet

>he doesn't know about ring -3

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>ring -3
whats that

when you buy any AMD/Intel chip (anything anglo-American empire built) you are buying 2 computers. the second u don't know about runs under ring 0. it's what logs anything of note and sends to NSA.
Go buy a raspberry pi and some steel plate and stop being an amateur.

I just use passworded keystore files in veracrypt containers on USBs also with massive passwords that are a mix of gibberish and Lithuanian regional slang (gf speaks it, only 3 mill in the world can, even less for regional dialect).

If anyone can be bothered to brute force my stinky link stack then they earned it.

eh im ok thanks though

for now
you were warned

Is mew anygood?