I can't believe how hard I got Jewed

I can't believe how hard I got Jewed.

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Get chainlink you retard sxsw is 4 days away

If you got jewed bt fun fair...then at least listen to your fellow link marine chads...go all in chainlink b4 its too late

>pump from 144 sats to 1386 sats
what did you expect?

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You dumb fuck. People only hype coins that they wanna dump here (i.e people telling you to buy link in this thread). You have no friends here, youre just a useful idiot.

did you sell sissy faggot?

Normies will never go to Coinbase to buy bitcoin and transfer them to Binance to buy FUN so they can transfer it to the site and gamble. It's stupid.

That’s not how it works you moron.

lmao shit fud bro
wait 'till q3 impatient cucks

Need more FUN. Gotta get more FUN...

Only people stupid enough to land in jail would buy something like FUN

I tried to warn you guys, but you just wanted to have FUN. Well are you having FUN now?

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Good goy!

The entire market is tanking you moron

>wait 'till q3

Everything is tied to BTC you dumb nigger. You're probably a fucking aries or some stupid shit.

This. A lot of FUD came before the conference. Bad luck for many platforms. You Funfags are not special.

The gambling industry is taking advantage of evolutionary artifacts in our brain. Just like the alcohol, porn, and drug businesses 90% of their volume come from preying on a diseased 10%. Freedom is great and all (no bans on any of these) but you shouldn't be dedicating your effort or capital to dragging down your fellow man.

>dump link on normies
Im not selling before 1000$ Nolinky

>entire market
-61.03% in sats

hahahaha refuntard

>hurr durr muh pajeet coin trololol

every single coin on CMC is bleeding you retards

You deluded idiot deserve to lose your money.

terrible trolling pham

Daily reminder FUN asswipes actually believed all of the World's casinos were lining up before ICE to buy a shit load of ETH from coinbase, transfer it to binance, buy FUN, then transfer to their internal wallets to use for "blockchain gambling"

FUN motherfuckers were actually THIS fucking stupid

Whenever I am feeling down I just think about this, and let out a hearty guffaw at all the retarded baggies STILL going strong, lmao

What's the new HOPE these days - lemme guess, another shitty conference going to moon the price?

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i'm pretty sure wojak threads for a particular alt is a buy signal. i think i'm going to start charting this

baitu desu

I'm not trolling, honestly i don't care, why should i even trol? 95% of coins die a slow death. Looking at the fun chart it doesn't look good. But do whatever you want. I don't give a fuck.

>honestly i don't care
>nonstop fudding

its too late for that fool buy the rumor sell the news. its gonna dump right after.

shut up you cuck. people are going to gamble either way. funfair just makes its faster, cheaper, and easier for casinos to operate online.

I run a casino, i'm interested. He is right. Casino's are a well established bussines, where everybody tries to rip off the house. They're not easely going to change a winning tactic.

>TFW bought in at .11

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