Wanna see something funny...

Wanna see something funny? Go tot he DeepBrainChain sub and look at all the pajeets that bought in with their life savings losing their minds that the shitcoin they bought in to at 0.60USD is now worth 0.05USD. It's fun watching them try to pin their shitcoin losing 620% value on the glob alcrypto market crashing 30% LOL.

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Machine learning researcher here, literally anyone from ml who took a look at the white paper tried to warn them it was a blatant scam. Nobody wanted to listen. Have 0 compassion.

For a moment I thought your pic was a screenshot of the brand new cutting edge DeepBrainChain product UI

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Scam or not this has another pump left in it. Buy the dip.

any AI-related ICO automatically raises red flags for me, especially when they aim for multiple hundreds of millions in valuation

But you gotta give it to the pajeets. They did some top notch coordinated shilling. Didn't know street shitters could get this organized.

>losing 620%

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Even with normie-tier knowledge of AI I knew it was BS... Yeah tech that's known for being slow and decentralized with scaling problems is gonna power something that needs quick, snappy responses LOL.

Proof? Or just a pajeet trying to offload bags?

>losing 620% in value

>"If I point out a typo OP made people will forget that my shitcoin is worthless and has no future and they'll buy my bags!"

Every shitcoin pumps at least twice. They have done no marketing yet and are about to start. I doubt the people who bought above 30c are ever making their money back but I think it will 5x back to 25c before going to zero.

dbc was shilled pretty hard here during the pump here

never trust chink coins

Or maybe you just look like a pajeet with the 620% comment but either way the coin is a scam and your post will bring hilarious wojaks

its not a fucking typo lol, you are clearly a pajeet
And I sold this garbage at 40 cents after buying at 12

>can't quote the post he's replying to
>"Y-you're a pajeet!"

It doesn't need "quick snappy responses". All DBC is doing is processing the machine learning into algorithms. The AI itself isn't running on the network, just learning from it.

This thread has me convinced the op bought high and sold low an is now just making fun of the people who didn't sell at the slightly higher price he sold at.

I never bought in to it (because >using unproven chink exchanges) but I became highly curious in it after it was shilled to hell and back here on Veeky Forums because;

1: The intense shilling instantly commenced on one day, clearly coordinated, I read Veeky Forums daily and one day there was suddenly 5 threads with 100s of replies. Largely led by a tripfag that claimed to have like 50kusd of it. Around the time it dipped to 30~ cents thread stopped.

2: It was never shilled on reddit, at least not on /r/cryptocurrency. if it was, it must have been downboated hard or promptly removed. I did see a twitter presence though.

3: it's a chink token, most chinese ICOs go litterally nowhere due largely to chinas laws/restrictions on crypto... yet this one mooned pretty hard

4 There was turmoil within the company from day ONE, yet no one was talking about it. if it was brought up it was labeled a lit. The second it was clear this shit wasn't recovering, everyone began to ree.

DBC, while clearly a shitcoin, is extremely interesting IMHO since it shows how most coins are valued more on social media hype than actual usage. It was a fun ride to watch.

Im like -80% on this one.
Im looking to sell this at least for x3 end of year. Will be probably higher when this bearing spree is over sooner

Lmao @ all these machine learning freshmen acting like the coin is dumping because of the underlying tech. Confirmation bias hard at work here. We're in a speculative market so all this technical talk means jack shit. Especially for projects that aren't even in alpha yet. It's all about hype and the hype for DBC died down.

However, DBC will pump again (like all shitcoins do) and you will be back in these threads trying to "warn" people while you could be riding the waves and making money. Suit yourself.

this vaporware coin is completely done.

try to pitch this product to any of your AI lecturers / geek friends, they would laugh immediately when they saw the "70% AI cost reduction"

this is a scam project, you can deny it whatever you want, perhaps try to do what I said above

>DBC, while clearly a shitcoin, is extremely interesting IMHO since it shows how most coins are valued more on social media hype than actual usage. It was a fun ride to watch.

That's the entire market and if you have balls of steel you just buy whatever chink scamcoin is being shilled the hardest and sell a week later.
By the way. I think this token has good tech and don't hold any because I'm all in on an ICO at the moment. Its a steal at sub 50 million market cap.

This. Sold my stack back in January (when it was not too late), feels good

Anything intensely shilled on Veeky Forums goes to shit on price.

>mfw DEEPBRAINGANGGOODGUY was a pajeet who inspired me to hold

This thread reminds me of the LINK FUD threads back in november when it was under 20 cents.

Reminds me more of the REQ threads when it dipped below ICO price before 24x.

Wow google translate really helps when talking to street shitters

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I'm not saying this is a good buy. I'm saying every coin goes backup eventually and telling people not to sell the bottom.
If you want proof i'm a native English speaker ask me a question about James Joyce or Shakespeare.

>If you want proof i'm a native English speaker ask me a question about James Joyce or Shakespeare.

You can google that.

Timestamped photo of skin tone please, pajeet.

> bought at 8 cents sometimes in december
> still hold after the big drop
> sold at 60cents

man it's funny to think that a few months ago when everything was pumping you were pretty convinced that the project has legs and is gonna grow big.

now after a few months you look back at it and ask yourself why these shitty projects deserve marketcaps of over 20M. i still think DBC will drop more to a marketcap of

I hope a limited edition Salt Ledger nano that has been sold out since the start of December is proof that at the very least I owned crypto before the crash. DBC will 4 or 5x during BTCs next run and selling the bottom would be idiotic.

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