Wedge is closing

Wedge is closing.

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everybody sees another pattern
but i agree with you that 5k is more possible than 12k

>Doing TA on blockfolio

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>>Doing TA on blockfolio
god tier


It works.

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Can you perma bears kys

>Doing TA on cryptos

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If you hate bears so much then why is your id brown?

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>Can you perma bears kys
you don't like buying low? that's why you bought at 19k?

Btc 100k eoy confirmed by digs.

"it just works"

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I bought at $2400, newfag.

And you hodl? user, I...

>thinks he was early

Wrong. Confirms we'll be at 7777 or lower this week

Kek you fucking dorks

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Makes sense, the volume is still declining and this whole rise has been a mindfuck.

coming back down now

You do realise that you waste your luck on digits?

literally peak volume, double that of the 6k bottom

Bait, right?

Brainlet, right?

no, are you fucking blind? literally all trading is done on bitmex. noobs trying to margin trade back their losses


That green volume dildo is nowhere near double that of the 6k bottom. Not to mention that the volume on every other exchange is abysmal.

bitmex literally has 10x the volume of other exchanges. again, are you fucking blind, look at the chart(), the volume is almost double from 6k

>started getting into crypto when ETH was $30, BTC was $1000, and LTC was $2.
>Probably bought about 2 bitcoin and 20 ETH
>traded it for shit that didn't appreciate like GNT, SC, BAT, ECT.
>piss away gains with margin trades and day trading.
>lost about $1000.
I'd like to think I've learned something, but I haven't.

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nice, might make some money with my short

Pretty sure its going to 9300-9400 before coming down

wtf are you talking about? volume on 6k was 9billion, we're on 5 billion. haven't seen 9billion since we first dipped to 8k



is it bad that I immediately recognized who that is despite watching it like two decades ago

Blind? dude go to CMC right now, and go to that low at 6k, tell me the volume isn't above where we are at now. Wtf is your problem?

You were right

It's not on bitmex at least

there is more volume now than then. please look at the bitmex chart. literally 600k+ btc volume just on bitmex

go combine literally every exchange volume on the 6k day and it will be less. coinmarketcap volume is wrong, it says btc volume also includes alt pairs and is 100% wrong

Bitmex only has more volume now because they gained so much users in the last months that want to trade the bear market. Go look at the volume on real exchanges like bitfinex or bitstamp, it's much lower than in febuary.

>Increasing volume on a downtrend

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that's nice, regardless, bitmex is the highest volume exchange, and has been for almost two months now. it was the highest volume at 6k as well. you are literally contradicting yourself, why would i look at any other exchange if this one has all the volume and all the users? it is setting the price

that means people are buying, brainlet

Omg I want to kill myslef I started in may with 6k and only up 500% when I damn well know I should already be a millionaire
I sold my las 1.5 btc for 8538 last night just sitting on the usdt like a deer in the headlights.
Should I just get 9 oz of gold and be done with crypto ~biz?

>That means people are buying

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hurr why do you think there is volume and very little movement? that means there are people buying, otherwise the price would start crashing hard to sub 8k

>that mean people are buying
This man is literally brain dead. Can you see the colour of those volume bars. They're red. What do you think that means? Holy fuck.

do you actually think the color of the bar matters?

the color of the volume bar is whatever the color of the price bar is

volume is volume, it is not calculated as net volume, it is total volume. you literal fucking brainlet jesus christ

Noone is buying BTC on bitmex because you can't exchange BTC for Fiat on there. The only thing happening on Bitmex is margin traders are losing or gaining BTC.

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honestly fucking retarded, biz is dead

Without a doubt. It means more people are selling than buying which means the price goes down. This will be my last response to you. You're a lost cause.

the price did not move on the volume spike, that means people are selling, and others are buying. equilibrium is reached. now we go up

What's happening right now is holders selling their bags and bitmex margin traders are buying them up (via arbitrage). That also makes sense when you consider the bitmex premium.
This means BTC will crash very hard because we'll see a lot of margin liquidations in the process.
Just my opinion.

everyone long already got liquidated, hence the volume

.99 cents eoy cap this /biztards

let us know your next move, you may be an avatar of failure whos purpose is to show us the way through contrast

buying 9oz of gold sounds like the worst possible idea so i think you're on the right track

if you live on a potentially self sufficient piece of land and already have the means to defend it then gold may actually be the right investment

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What is that?

Look up RSI divergence and OBV divergence.

i think you're a troll but I'll feed you anyway,

bitmex trades perpetual inverse swap contracts
they never settle, and you are not trading bitcoin, just derivative contracts of bitcoin
or if you are trading futures contracts, you are not trading the actual bitcoin, you are trading the futures contracts.
funding and accounting is done in terms of bitcoin.

bitmex doesn't trade bitcoin, it trades bitcoin derivatives

also, there's a reason why bitmex isn't listed as one of the cryptocurrency markets on CMC

Yep. Fucking Gox'd again....

its bearish

I shorted @9250 and will be liquidated around 9600. Still confident in a crash, but please pray for my soul, Veeky Forumsbros. I'm sweating cold.

from whaat I've read, that stochRSI divergence is bearish do understand that there's a buyer for every seller right? It's the price they agree to that changes?


>doing TA at all
>not using random entries

fucking plebs

Retarded gambler

Shooting star into a bullish engulfing candle. I think we are changing the trend here. Why would you short instead of just waiting for a confirmation?

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OBV is price * volume. If price goes up but OBV doesn't, it means there is no volume confirming the uptrend => dead cat.

Same price but higher RSI means there will be more resistance going up than the last time, which means that the price is more likely to go down.

I shorted this morning, not 5 minutes ago. Could've closed the short @9050, but got greedy. Fuck me.

shorted at 9650 instead of 9700 due to server crashing like always

anyway, guessing a rally to 97-98 or so before a large dip


But it's already above 9600.


13k this time. u shorting fags loose 100%. i did long 25x for 14k. bullish as fuck. got insider info

Yeah, it spiked to 9650 10 seconds after my post.

cor blimey, looks like you got bogged

Its gonna go to between $-1800 and $7200, averaged out that's $2700.

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>got insider info
sorry, but twitter faggots are not insider info

get those meme lines put it in u r ass..fuck off

Why are Veeky Forums bears so fucking stupid.

yeah, so it's bearish,
OBV is low and rsi is climbing

I'm also shorting this an eth,
these have been my worst few days of trading ever,
and to think my trade were up quite a bit yesterday.
whats really pissing me off is I can see the whales on kraken fucking with the order books, I've seen walls of up to 125 btc bounce around and force the price higher and now they're breaking it up into several 33btc chunks to really fill in the buy side of the order books, and the volume is so thin that they just keep moving these walls up and the price jumps right along in response, same thing on ETH
it's so blatant and it's killing me.
I swear that if I was a whale I would fucking rekt this guy just for the fun of it, even if it cost me

It could only go 7k..

You do your own TA sir

shorting fags fuccked, we heading 14k. njoy liquidation

>we heading 14k

my dad works for satoshi, can confirm

thanks longed 100x. this time we heading 14k , volume increased and all indications pointing me to 14k. u r shortfags got ass pajeeted this time

you realize whoever has these 100btc walls probably has 10k+ bitcoin, right?

We gonna bottom at the last crash.
If you cant see this you are an idiot.

>inside info
>"My dad is CEO of bitcoin xD"

maybe not 10k, but he's really pissing me off
same thing has been happening with ETH, anytime the market starts to slow or show signs of weakness, all of the sudden the buy side of the orderbook gets stacked with 1k of eth buys in a tiny price range

now that there's some momentum the walls are smaller but there is still a sizable order or two at the leading edge,
fuck this motherfucker


Prepare for liquidation

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Dont get fucked by the whales.
They keep manipulating the price up and people FOMO in.
Then slowly the price keeps dropping.

the sell pressure has really slowed,
we closed below 200 day MA, whales saw the massive decrease in sell pressure, and kicked into gear to force a rejection of the 200 day MA to trigger bullish signs and increase buy pressure

that desperate short-squeezing out of nowhere
looks like chink miners don't want to loose their jobs
or it is just another bulltrap before 18th march

Guys I think this will be under 1k by the end of the month. Its just gone down constantly since mid December... whats gonna happen that will turn it around? The run up to 20k was because of mass media attention, its all died off now.

shorting fag. go and check u r position, may got liquidated. we heading 20k this time.

haha someone is really desperate

watch. we will break 12k, and then people will rebuy their shit, then we go to 15k, then the media is going to start covering this. then people are going to fomo (maybe it isn't a scam afterall)

screenshot this