Breath anons, tfw btc will never be below 9300 usd again

>breath anons, tfw btc will never be below 9300 usd again

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You would probably eat out a loud, arrogant nigger's asshole if it meant you could get some more bitcorns, wouldn't you?

>rock solid support @9000

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Dont be disgusting pol fag

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Kek i 4got u have to be a pedo and scared if niggers to use Veeky Forums

Shut the fuck up you idiot.
You guys know you can be held liable for offering wrong investment advice right???

Salty bear

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> Scared of niggers
Lmao, of course were not scared of niggers, where else would i get rid of all my mirrors and marbles?

Why would someone be afraid of niggers? They are annoying, that's why most people avoid them brainlet.

You pollaks were all bullied by niggers at school and are latent pedos, no point reasoning with u

It sounds like you're just projecting at this point now.

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Keep up with your majic meme money. Pretend u aint the exact same as the niggers u polls hate for expecting to extract as much from a system as posible while doing nothing of value the irony is amazing


enjoy your bull trap faggot

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you're all stuck in purgatory before facing the true dark pits of hell and from there lie stairs to heaven itself, never lose faith

>makes a thread about the price of BTC
>calls it majic meme money
>sticks up for niggers
>can't speak proper english

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i hate them bcuz they are smelly, violent, lacking empathy, stupid and have nothing to do around real humans, nothing else. Let them milk the system it will crash up faster, and the sooner the better.

t. asian man

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Nah, only new world debt slaves, 56%ers