3 days

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Usually before a conf there is a massive pump of about 30millions $ last conference it was 3 days prior...wondering when thisll happen for this conf?

Wre going back to 80 - 85k gwei

we're going higher than that kiddo

irrelevant faggot isn't important enough to even have a picture lmao

>Perianne Boring


literally 5/10

It's called modesty faggot. He doesn't have time for photoshoots like Justin "The Faggot" Sun

if he wears the shirt again i'm liquidating everything and going all in link.

Honestly kind of this though wtf. Is he speaking in the bathroom again? Pls Sergey I believe in you.....

I have my shirt ready.

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wtf haha, where did you buys this? I want one

were you the guy selling it? i sent you the link but no shirt in return

impeccable taste in style

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I guess you missed the epic thread where I offered 100 LINK REWARD to the autist who was able to find Sergeys shirt? Someone finally did. There was only 3 available. Immediately sold out.

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Lol. No. Sounds like you got scammed. Im the guy that originally offered 100 LINK to whoever found the shirt. And I followed thru.

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Are you going to SXSW?

Lol no. But... If there is a stream of it anywhere online I'll sniff it out and be watching it. I'm all in on LINK. Nothing but faith.

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I put 50% of life savings in link... my wife is in this with me . I mean at some point you have to ask yourself whether you are an investor or not... just tipping the toe and regretting not investing more later is really not what im into. Id rather lose and at least have tried than fkin cry when kink reaches 1000$ and only tipped my toe... im pretty sure alot of oldfags only tipped their toe in bbitcoin when it was worth few bucks go sergeyyyyyy

Link 1000$ EOY NO DOUBT

I literally reached rock bottom in my life and decided to throw nearly all of my $4000 savings into link at 45 cents. Whats the worst that can happen when you already consider yourself at rock bottom?

That title is pretty lame. Attorneys could use smart contracts.

Anyway, I hope all anons have heeded the warning

>I offered 100 LINK REWARD
it couldn't have been you. the id's are different

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you r not gonna make it. Buy a rope and exit this world

Get Rekt Faggit

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We just have to wait now bro, i have no doubt'in the autism of sergey, he will pull it off

1000 buckaroos eoy

Top fucking kek

lmao no