Let's pray to our Lord and Savior

$1000 EOY

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sorry to spoil your circle jerk

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Can I get a quick rundown

Sergey be praised by KEK

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Waste of dubs

price predictions?

An oracle network that isn’t even launching its testnet till 2019. People who bought tokens during ico won’t get their tokens released untill mainnet releases. Ouch.

My linkies stay super stinky 1000€ EOY

Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


Sergey actually looks like Jesus.

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I want to suck his jummy milky tits!

Don't wanna fud, but I don't think LINK will have a working testnet until 2019 either.

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Decentralized oracles with nodes not bound to a specific api. a group of competent devs working on it.

Be not afraid, only believe.

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Link's testnet has been out for awhile now brainlet.

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You're the brainlet, it's not doing what it's supposed to. It doesn't even touch the freeloading problem.

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Dubs of wealth, we all finna make it

>It doesn't even touch the freeloading problem.

what is trusted hardware and staking link tokens in order to get node priority?



Link will NEVER be above $2
screencap this

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Current implementation doesn't use commit-reveal scheme. Any node can vote for whatever other nodes vote, without making the request itself and get the reward.

* current implementation doesn't have multiple nodes processing one request