Pink Wojak Costume

I am going to create a 1:1 Pink Wojak Costume with Mask.

Should i go with a more naturally looking pink, or the bloody-despair pink.

1 2 or 3

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bought 100k

nice dubs

really important gonna spam this board with memes when im done

1, it will have a better contrast with the dripping blood than 3. 2 is too pale imo

yes, these are the kind of things i wanted to hear, 3. wouldnt have worked with blood, you are right

1 for sure
I might buy one, better accept crypto

oh i wasnt planning on mass producing, more like making one for myself + a selfmade mask (im pretty good at that) and then spam memes like the pepe plush

but good idea actually

i vote 1

get a professional to do it TOPKEK

oh shit thats GOOD...

hm, i AM pretty good with making masks, but nothing like that.

Would it be worth turning this into an ico and make like a kickstarter

no. a shitty amateur (but still with work put into it) pink wojak is better. if you get it professionally done you'll end up with a reddit-style nujack

glad to hear that

1 is the

1 absolutely. Closest to actual wojak.

You could use to print the actual wojak face on a bandanna/shirt and make a mask from it


1 hands down

i was actually gonna go trough the whole process of creating a high quality mask :3

ah but yes, i get what you mean, simply connecting it with the morphsuit

You need to be ripped to pull these off well, otherwise you'll just be the top gaylord nerd

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im Veeky Forums but a 5'8 manlet

i disagree. wojak has a mediocre build, at best


2 and 3 straight up Pink guy


Also voting for no. 1

As everybody else already said, 1. But I wanna know op, will you post pics when it's done?