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Haha, all the cucks who were saying "the sheik will only tokenize 3 million max!!" Just got BTFO.250 million being tokenized!!!

what coin is that?


link? Is this why the price is going up?


Source plz!


All right I’m fomoing in just bought 1000

fuck me I didn't buy the bottom

Its a guaranteed 6x+.good move

i tried buying a few thousand dollars worth when the announcement came out but i realized i would spike the order book by 20% on kucoin if i tried, oh well

Well they are using the word “may” tokenize so it’s still a risk.

Sorry I mean they said “aims to”

As you can see from the photo they are shaking hands so its a done deal cant take back a handshake.

s-should i sell my WTc and ven for this shit?

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They still have Central Banks to announce. That's only the private fund of SEED group. $1b of total tokenized assets is not improbable

why tf you are holding chink shit when you could be MINTING FUCKING MONEY is beyond me user

i-i dont want to be another buy high sell low guy
i fel so bad

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Yup.people are forgetting this is the 1ST DEAL, and they got 250mill already, what do you think this will he at after a few more.Legit moon mission that will be the first to not give a fuck what bitcoin does.

especially once people realize it has decoupled from BTC, imagine the FOMO into it then

Bought >10K at $.31. Feels good man.

you lucky dog

>tfw I bought at .6 and 5. and 4.

for once I was early and it fucked me
I'm not out of fiat but I didn't intend to put so much into this

just sold my all universa to buy more jnt
inb4 universa moons

I hold almost exclusively WTC/JNT. WTC has a lot coming up this month and this year, I would still keep a stake there if you decide to move most over to JNT.

I bought at .45 , .8 , .65 , .45 , .38 , .32 and .33
not even mad

I guess lucky as in I bought the "bottom," but anything under $1 is basically getting this for free.

Nice digits. I wish I had more fiat. I want to stack more of JNT and LINK.

good vibrations in here

Glad i bought the bottom

I wouldn't get near that sand nigger coin. Arabs have only been successful by dumb luck of having oil on their shitland. Otherwise, they have failed at everything except terrorism (although even Bin Laden admitted he wasn't expecting the outcome of 9/11)

is ok, stay poor and go back to /pol/

People unironically trade coins based off of racism? Do you want all your investments devs to hire a phrenologisr to measure their heads with calipers too you fucking idiot

Agreed. Saudi's don't know shit about anything besides terrorism, rape and slavery.

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>Bin Laden

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>bin laden

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>absolute state of biz

>15 year old brainlets not realizing Bin Laden was very much an outcast Saudi who absolutely funded/led al-qaeda.

you guys should start considering things dont have to be mutually exclusive.

Bin Laden never even existed, he was fabricated by the CIA

>bin laden funded/led by al-qaeda
and who funded/led al-qaeda?

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Found the smelly sand niggers. You guys really smell like absolute shit. Pathetic race of people.

the correct answer is mossad (in pakistan)

>he believes that bin laden orchestrated the attacks on 9/11 because he hated our freedom
that kike brainwashing got you like

I never said any of that. I just believe that all sand niggers are awfully shitty people.

Please Jntlemen, I can only get so hard

LMAO, not buying your pump n dump pajeets

>Race doesn't matter

Fuck off libtard. There is a reason why Africa didn't have any two story buildings, written language or made a boat before they were discovered by us.

speaking of
were the planes real or just holograms?
I heard witnesses saying none of them saw any planes

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Man, you are on biz. We are here to make money.

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>being this new

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>anyone I don't like come from reddit
Grow up kid. I browsed Veeky Forums /b/ when you wore diapers.

>i've been here since
the siren call of the newfag

>im le oldfag i was on b since whenever
>gets triggered by raysiss

Staying away from kike coins has served me well. I trust Arab/Muslim businessmen though. They have a very strict honor code there and some of them have a lot of aryan blood. Doesn't mean I want those sand niggers living in my country.

I am not triggered by racist comments, it's just that business is business. If there is money to make with Arabs, I will do it.
Do you think Trump love Arabs when he makes deals with them? Probably not.

Grow up lads.