Y'all are FUCKED!

Y'all are FUCKED!

u know what happens when u try to pay your taxes and you don't have ALL your records on EVERY coin to coin trade?


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common misconception! if you pay capital gains taxes the IRS has 3 years to dispute the amount. if they do, you just pay the difference.

you fucking retard.

Oh my mad I thought they just assume you're a criminal and you have to prove otherwise

thanks dude seriously. Didn't know this. Been sweating bullets

spend few years chilling out on taxpayers money. getting ripped in jail gym still hodling. fulfill fantasies of regular homosex.

every exchange saves your transactions and you can litterly just look at etherscan. How do people have such hard time with taxes. Do you guy just not use delta/blockfolio?

oh, almost forgot. it's 0.5% interest per month of the unpaid amount once you're late.

Are you really this retarded or is this b8? Cant tell in this shithole anymore

It'd be hard as fuck getting cypro and E though maybe

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The IRS owes me money, so they wont be coming around here

But I didn't give Binance my identity and I mainly trade on DEX's..

not just that ut imagine the roasties you'll get when you get out and you're rich and have the edge you only get while in jail.

Watch what happens with our dear Martin. He's going to get ripped and probably a edgy haircut.

>E in jail?
try again user

oh cool then you're good. as long as you never cash out.

Big if true

ur literally in bbc paradise.
unironically why? user

>t. salty nocoiner

Martin’s gonna trim down the sides of his hair a lil and keep the goth bangs like Hman. He’s writing a book btw

Basically I have 3 routes to avoid paying crypto-crypto taxes, take into account that I live extremely frugally.

1. sell shit IRL ala local bitcoins, I'll mimic the amount I want to extract on some 3rd world exchange or claim it's BTC from turtlecoin mining and make up discord trades if anyone asks. Considering it's a privacy coin this is basically a get out of IRS magnifying glass free card, since I got all the proofs to add up.
2. make some shitty ICO for something stupid like blockchain RRPS, start a small business and pay whatever businesses pay for selling garbage.
3. try get residency in some no crypto tax haven, I heard Belarus is one of those? I heard it's white and racist. Cool place.

>take into account that I live extremely frugally.
Forgot the point of that, well the point is that I can just wait until crypto is accepted anywhere and just start flipping shit or just paying for everything in crypto.

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why so complicated
just don't pay it

there is other ways too
everyone who willingly gets compromised by being forced to sell his crypto just to pay taxes on unrealized gains for previous years is a fucking cuck and will never make it.

i dont live in burger land
enjoy getting spied on by your own government LOL

Yeah that's plan A, but if I need to cash out a little, I've got plans B-D. Also forgot an extension to plan 2, instead of a shitty ICO you can provide some web service to be paid with ether(simplest), it can be basic shit like aggregating some crypto websocket API to make it seem legit. And subscribe to your service yourself multiple times.

IRS-chan I'm not under US jurisdiction

k. fair enough
>be """yourself""" be a jew
ever considered running a non profit & receiving donations from """"private""" donors
get a ceo paycheck

Are you people retarded or what ? Literally look into your history and see how much you had between X and Y and do Y-X=gain

dude relax. you replaying emotionally on schlomo's b8

I know. All these fucking schemes people are devising to get out of tax hell. Planning to travel to another country just to withdraw. Man just pay your share if you made a lot of gains. If you barely put much into it, you don't really have to report anything. Say $300 worth that is now at $100. They don't go after those people. They go after people cashing out 50k at a time.

They won't tax each crypto to crypto trade until 2019.

yea because it's so simple
you conviniently forgot the part where you also have to calculate the BNB fluctuations if you use it for fees
between-wallet transfer fees
between exchanges transfer fees
also what's your btc price basis? is it daily? hourly? from what source?
you can try to be as good of a goy as possible, if those fucks decide to bust you in the future they will be able to, that's why only cucks shit their pants now, searching for kneepads because hurr durr I need to be perfect now with ma reports

>ever considered running a non profit & receiving donations from """"private""" donors
Doesn't feel safe enough, and probably requires more background doings to make it seem legit. But then again I'm less familiar with NPOs, while a nerd in his mom's basement starting a small SAAS business is right up my alley, and seems believable. I will think about this further though, but seems a bit more scummy.

literally soros/rockefeller level