Guys? It'll all get better once the mainnet release at the end of Q1...right?????

Guys? It'll all get better once the mainnet release at the end of Q1...right?????

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it'll get better after fiat implementation
so sometime in Q2
and also the only month left in Q1 is March
just say March



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lol no its going to dump for sure

>tfw bought below ICO
>tfw could have sold at $1 for x20
>tfw didn't because of greed
>tfw left holding bags


me too

but im believing in req

dude its already priced in by this retarded market

man I do too and they keep coming with good news while the price keeps on bleeding. I'm afraid mainnet release will be the final blow

fuck this market breh

What makes you think it's gonna dump?

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ICX, KNC etc. all dumped after mainnet

its just the retardedness of the market. everyone thinks it will so they will dump so then in turn it dumps. i however dont really care. I have eth waiting to swoop up the dump

Yeah market is filled with children who think they are ebin le day traders sadly.

However it may be different for REQ. I remember when people thought shit was gonna dump after colossus release but it kept mooning for days

I never get those arguments
what does ICX even do? Kyber is just another exchange

ICX is Korean ETH
KNC is essential for REQ's success so it dumping is not good news.

I don't know if those are comparable. It's interesting to see similar trends but it's hard to know just basing it off what other coins did

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KNC dumping doesn't even matter, Kyber's price wont dictate if whatever it's going to do for REQ works or not
so ICX is redundant? If it's just another Ethereum it should be worthless cause we already have Ethereum

Why not after mainnet release?

main net is still too shackled in crypto, when fiat can be used hopefully they start marketing it to people since fiat is actually useful and crypto hasn't really made it there yet

I know, KNC is a fantastic project btw so it dumping in the first place is stupid because it's a retarded market. Same could happen to REQ but I personally know a lot of people, including myself, who's ready to scoop up all the cheap REQ if it dumps so I don't expect us to go to ICO levels or anything

Even fucking Bitbean mooned back then. You can't compare it. The best case the price won't move after the mainnet, the worst case it dumps. Unless they announce something unexpected.

really if they announce the biggest partnerships ever seen in crypto with main net release it wont matter if Bitcoin decides to dump again

That's not true. Some coins did moon in the past weeks, even if 50-100% only.


anything outside of coinbase wont matter the way the market is right now. it has to be connected to something normie related to get anything substantial

1$ EOY

My honest perspective is that the mainnet release will not pump it on its own. This is taking into account how other mainnet releases affected the price of their coins (not by much if any), and the fact that in REQ's case, partnerships and adoption matter far more than a simple release of their product.

So many people are expecting mainnet to save the price, which tells me that it really is something that's already priced in. You might actually get another good buy opportunity shortly after the release, as people will see the price isn't going up like they hoped, and you're going to have a lot of anons lose hope and dump their coins.

However, REQ is a platform token similar to ETH. REQ said that they have announcements for a partnership this month, and that they already have 40+ different teams working on dapps for it. Focus on how well received these dapps appear to be, and how many more people seem to be excited about developing for it.

I'm bullish on REQ because of its similarities with ETH, in that it's cornering a market before anything else right now. A platform for payment dapps, with the REQ token needing to be burnt for transactions to take place. The fact that the team is consistent, transparent, and adheres to their roadmap (so far), means that this is already leagues ahead of many other projects in crypto right now where they spend a shit ton of time just using buzzwords and hyping things.

I have 123,666 REQ, and I'm extremely confident in it. I'm not selling shit until it gets to the $5-$10 range.

This is a sign to keep accumulating. It's just like reading volume--when volume starts to die when something continues to pump, it's a strong sign that a reversal is about to happen.

Use discrepancies to determine what a good buy is or not. REQ's a professional team that sticks to their update schedule, is transparent with their github, and have a product that can seriously change payments coming very soon.

Holding a shitcoin that's nothing more than a whitepaper still far from completion while the price keeps bleeding, is different from a coin where absolutely nothing has changed but more good news with a product soon to release, with the price still bleeding.

Let me ask you this. If the price goes back to ICO, does that mean the project is dead? It wouldn't make sense to not buy more at that point as long as the team is still working strong and adoption continues to happen.

Price != Worth, especially in this young market where ADHD retards are more focused on chasing shitcoin pumps. Price is not an indicator of the quality of a product, especially in this market.

>123,666 REQ

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When the fuck is main net?
>hurr they will release it Friday
things don't get released on Friday in the real world, their testnet product came out on a Monday
so really main net could come out tomorrow

In the same thread people hate on daytraders but are surprised why there are no major swings after news announcement. Boggles the mind.

pump if true

the friday before that monday they said that testnet would be released sometime before the next update


Deluded REQtards muh shitcoin won't dumo, i-its not the like the others. Lmao. REQ is dumping after mainnet guaranteed. REQ looks like a scam coin compared to ICX and ICX dumped hard.

Unless I see working Dapps, I won't be buying.

yeah and the last update they said the code was done and the audtis were happening
I'd assume after the audits are done it'll release

I expect it to dump after mainnet but a massive moon in may

I don't swing trade at all, too lazy for it
I just like seeing green

So you can dump it lol

>I won't buy something until the company is already established and the price already 100x'd, now I'm confident in my investment :), to the moon!

fucker you're green if you bought below ICO

man if I wanted to dump I would've done so when it was a dollar

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They're still doing audits, but you can see from the github that some parts of it has been completed.

how long do audits take?

No, it won't. Since when has a mainnet release ever led to a pump? The answer is it hasn't. This will go up 10% or so right before launch and then dump to 5c.

So how can one utilize mainnet?

>dump to 5c.
found the brainlet

>dump to 5 cents
it'll probably go down a bit but I don't see sub ICO

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Calling it now, REQ will dump to 13 cents a week after mainnet

Screen cap this

use/develop an app like or or use

REQ is going to $0.05 about 7 minutes after mainnet release. Sell now or stay poor.

am i banned

>pulled this out of my ass

Let me make it clear to you why the price is so low. Look at the volume first, reason why it is so low is everyone who wanted to accumulate has done so. Look at all the top wallets and you see they are all hodling.

Next reason the price is so low is the only people who are trading are day trading idiots who are selling at the bottom for whatever fucking reason. What's happening is the bottom 10% or REQ holders are just selling driving the price down and the price RIGHT NOW does not reflect anything but the price all the loser day traders would pay for it.

Relax, drink some 18 year Macallan, and enjoy an easy life this time next year.

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REQ eoy prediction?


They don't have a schedule for when Mainnet releases. It will release as soon as the audit is done and the bounty hunt will start immediately as well and will last for a month after which the final version of mainnet gets released 30 march.

Shhhh please biz doesn’t deserve to know this. Top 20 req holder

>Unless I see working Dapps, I won't be buying.

Guess it's time to buy then.


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Also the difference between Req’s mainnet and Kyber/ICX’s mainnets is that Req’s mainnet can be used by everyone including you for a very common purpose of transferring funds as soon as they release the product. If people like the product, we’ll see what req’s price does.

Literally who?

There's a scam on Veeky Forums filled with shills pushing it. There's always fake optimism and ridiculous price predictions threads meant to fool newbies. Obvious shills and bagholders trying to dump a useless token on you.

Any criticism and pointing it the holes in the project gets met with "poor fud" and ad hominem attacks calling you an indian.

Stay Safe, AVOID $REQ known as Request Network.

This is exactly what's happening. At 123k REQ I was bumped out of the top 500 these past few days.

The only people driving the price down are those that hardly have shit in it to begin with.

elunic is a pretty big software development company here in Germany. They make the websites and services for Adidas,Siemens,Puma,Sennheiser and some other smaller German brands. It's not like it's some random app developed by some autist from his basement or something.

You said you wanted a working dapp, well it already has one and 42 other ones are in development right now.

What more do you want right now?

Also my dubs speak for me.


Bullshit. I've seen many great threads with great responses to your poo in street fud


The mainnet will do nothing. (maybe a 20% temporary raise followed immediately by a dump)

All altcoins pump at the same time. If main-net releases and we're still in this bear market nothing will happen.

I personally also think a dump will happen after mainnet release. However if they come with a surprise announcement or tell us that some companies already implemented Request Network and token burning will start immediately from mainnet onwards then it'll skyrocket pretty hard.

damn 85% pullback from ATH... you'd be a fool to not buy REQ at this price

Stop investing in whitepaper project like these and you won't lose your money
Myetherwallet does exactly what this request does and it's free

That's true. Just like paypal is useless because bank transfers work the same way.

I don't follow but this is just middle man for eth payments
If someone wanted to use that for their business they can easily write the code to integrate it into their system

I can build applications on MEW?
Why did nobody tell me?

paypal is just a middle man for bank transfers. Why use paypal and pay the fee when you can use bank transfers for free?

Man you're crusty aren't you

Pic related for you brainlet

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You give them your eth address, how much they owe and link them to mew

One thing is obvious from my brief time looking into request is how confusing this request "network" is and why you even need tokens to begin with. Am I supposed to pay with tokens? So many questions no one will know the answers too

and wow MEW wants to implement fiat conversions? Dang MEW certainly has all the bases covered

Conservative $4

What I hope: $10+

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i got 100k REQ, $10 would make me a millionaire...
even a return to ATH would be life-changing money for me.
(i bought in a couple weeks ago at $0.27 fyi)

Im invested in req since the price was $0.05, 50% of my networth is in REQ, but with these prices im on the verge of fomo'ing again and to buy even more.

what should i do? i am really unsure

Point and laugh at the retard everyone!

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after audits they are having a two week bug bounty so next update will announce the bug bounty

Buy more pussy and then buy me a nice cigar when you make it.

ok you're probably just trolling but the people that will use Request Network in the long run won't even know that they are using anything build upon the Request Network protocol. And they won't even know they were using a crypto product at all.

Daily reminder that Y Combinator is backing REQ and they don't fuck around with their investments.

>A REQTARD realizing the importance of Chainlink and being able to move data on- offchain

this is true y combinator are extremely aggressive

it seems they have been fucking around for a few months

I have 16.5k req. am I gonna make it?

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no. u need at least 100k tokens to make it