BTC IS HEADED TO 10.5 tonight and 12k by FRIDAY next week

screen cap this shorting bitches

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Sure thing boy. I'll buy from you @ 4K, don't worry.

if only i was paid every time bull fags been wrong this year
oh wait, i am

Sure thing boy. I'll buy from you @ 4K, don't worry.

also 15k in April and 50k eoy

>believes in BTC anymore


You get overly optimistic every time your little shitcoin isn't in the red.
Don't worry, it will hit 7k next week. And don't you fucking call this rise to 10k a "rocketing".

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it will go up a little just to get justed again dumblet, keep wishing it had its moon

Okie dokie. Under $8k by Thursday

Yeah, nope. This post makes me feel even comfier with my short.


>15k in April and 50k eoy

And when it doesn't happen, like it won't, you'll be acting all defensive saying I shouldn't believe posts on Veeky Forums.

well, you shouldn't
but there is still high chance of this happening and i'm pretty optimistic

>he bought in

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Wash trading, spoofing, bots, and weak fomo'ers can only pump it so much.

dont worry user, "it will never drop below $9k again"

Why are faggots so salty about btc doing well?

I bought at 14. This doesn’t help me.

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Yeah, okay.

>there is still high chance of this happening and i'm pretty optimistic

Just because you desperately want something to happen doesn't mean it's likely.


too bad I sold, It's going to the moon. FUCK ME!

I swear if some fucking joker says "it will never go under 10k again" and is serious about it...

I've heard it hundreds of times during the last 6 months.

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it will never go under 10k again
and i'm serious about it

K I'll just screencap this and call you out in 2 days for your bullshit when its sub 9k again.

me too

We are running out of time.
If we don't make this year, we never will.

Join discord (do) gg / nrM4Jk


meme lines look like it's gonna push over 10k in 5 hours

because people need to get rid of the btc=crypto meme.
btc is a dysfunctional mess right now, it has become playground for greedy retard investors who don't want to pick a good coin but make money.
It's the same as the stock market investors looking at the FED for cheap liquidity to compensate for their laziness in doing research.
What kind of muh decentralized coin fighting ebbil banks is it anyway if half of the supply is under control of some ominous satoshi and the rest gets dumped by a single Mt.Gox chinkozoid.

Do you ramble much?

you do realise the same will happen what ever the change is made to. oh, i am sure your 1 ETH is gong to make the whales go away

All of it will be the same because regulations on centralized banks were made for a reason. Crypto is hype from people who barely get economics themselves.

pow is dead. xrp already won.

>kek, only retards are still buying butts.

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It went from 19k to 6k
even if it goes to 12k it's still very possible that we'll see 6k again soon

This is the real use case for the whole sniff meme.

Smell that boys? Fear, makes me feel pretty damn comfy.