Why dont we all just keep buying link, meaning the price will contiune to move up and we all profit from it...

Why dont we all just keep buying link, meaning the price will contiune to move up and we all profit from it. Why have no1 thought about this?

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Because then I'd have to hold Link

Someone post the no brain wojak

At some point we run out of cash...and we just see the volume dry up and normies panic selling when a sell wall appears. The price is low now because some whale wanted it to be low...a huge 1million sell wall was up for days and days until we reach actual current price.

This is all tricks...when the singularity will hit...not whale can stop it

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Because investing in LINK (and many other cryptocurrencies without institutional money) is so far zero sum game, where people dump bags on each other after they profit or after they buy high and sell low.

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These sorts of threads will be catalogued and recalled upon the singularity

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Where the MANIACS at?

Because I'm gonna dump my bags on you

>The price is low now because some whale wanted it to be low
The price is low because we are in a bear market, that mainnet is not there yet and that Sergey didn't start a marketing campaign.

We have been doing that.

Thats why LINK isnt $0.02 right now.

Tai lopez's garage

87.9% of all LINK is owned by Veeky Forums. We will get the remaining 22.1% OP don't worry

yes we will get 110%!

juts bought 100k

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ive been accumulating since it 2k sats. I believe in the 1000 dollar prophecy

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