Should all women charge for sex? they don't derive any pleasure from it the vast majority of times

should all women charge for sex? they don't derive any pleasure from it the vast majority of times.

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t. Virgin dicklet

all of the female species will go obsolete within the next 5 years and waifubots enter the market

>they don't derive any pleasure from it
Not with biztards at least

>implying they don't charge for sex

I actually make a hooker cum once. No she wasn't just fake moaning like they all do, she actually ejaculated. I honestly though female ejaculation was a myth before that. She was quite confused and said that doesn't usually happen.


good bait

this would prevent situations where a goblin would use up a female for a couple of years in a non-formalized relationship and then dropp her out of bullshit reasons. basically draining her out of her youth.

probably pissed herself when she saw the thing that was inside her

>having sex in anno domini 2018

Lol, you sound like a roastie who's mad she got the ol Chad Pump N' Dump. Wanna talk about it?

>guaranteed 30% tip

God damn these hoes are smart.

My fwb tells me 90% of the time she has sex she doesn't finish. You need clitoral stimulation or a giant dick (which provides clitoral stimulation) for a girl to cum from sex.

Honestly it's pretty fucked up, why do girls even have sex if they don't finish? I think it's pretty weird.

Tell her to play with her clit then, wtf?
I fuck my gf doggy and she finishes almost everytime because while I'm plowing her from the back, she's using 1 hand to play with her clit

>Tell her to play with her clit then, wtf?
she can do that without the assistance of another person.

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>Y-you're a neckbeard!!

Roasties sure are getting toasty

But she can't get dicked down without me.

Idk what kind of beta starfish sex you be having that your girl expects you to handle everything for her, but that's not the way

as you said, she doesn't orgasm from you fucking her. what you demand of her is masturbation during the time you penetrate her. she can do that alone.

nope. it's grotesque whenever one hears when a male is in a relationship for 7 years and then drops the female for bullshit reasons. it's surprisingly common now.

Women are like instruments you have to hit the right notes at the right time or the music sounds like shit and falls apart. Like playing with her clit switching to fast fingering then deep then when she’s about to come super fast fingering again

wow, really hurts the feelings

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That being said, each woman is different like some women don’t get off to clit stim as much and you have to nibble their ear or give half hickies while carresssing the right place. Like I said instruments, you wouldn’t play a flute like a guitar, and women may be more like guitar vs sitar but still different methods with cross over lol.

I sometimes fuck my gf when I'm not in the mood but she is. Do I get to charge too? If not then no because sexist.

Women aren't a commodity you sexist freak.

>I actually make a hooker cum once
on a scale of 1 to 3 how stupid do you feel right now

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>women dont derive any pleasure from sex

oh sweetie...

>women don't derive pleasure from sex
wow man, I'm very very very sorry for you.

if you haven't given a girl 24 orgasms in a 24 hour period, you haven't lived.

I like having sex where I don't finish, as long as she does. I also like finishing, but sometimes it's nice to not go through the refractory period and still feel high from all the fucking.