Sold most of my crypto. I now hold exactly 50 Monero...

Sold most of my crypto. I now hold exactly 50 Monero. Everything else will die because they are unironically scam coins with the exception of ofcourse, BTC/ETH and a *big-maybe, XRP.

Monero is a geninue currency that caters to those who value and need their privacy. This coin has shown us it does exactly what it was designed to do. Despite all the recent controversy , which has had little impact, you will see this project excel while others wither away.

Good luck

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I like monero, cloak and sumo coins very much.
However, once the fucking government decides to crack down on the exchanges that have listed monero et al, the value is gonna plummet.

Good. More for me

I don't think they'll crack down on privacy coins. ETH will have zk-snarks eventually and I can't imagine governments ever outlawing that. It's too big to fail

Fucking hope so. We will only have to wait and see.

When regulations come in, privacy coins will become worthless

>once the government cracks down on marijuana/crack/cocaine/etc, the price will plummet
user, I...

Holders of XMR are not exactly the kind of people that care what the government says.

>too big to fail
>used for approximately 2 (two) things - one of them is cryptokitties

Well... Seeing as the cryptocurrency movement is an attempt to entirely remove government control of our personal finances... I think that stands for anyone holding cryptocurrency ever.

I would get out. Notice cyclical movements of XMR it pumps in September and January. Then it dumps.

zoom out, relative to btc price is growing

You might wanna invest some in Aeon too, its Monero lite.

XRP and XMR will be #1 and #2.

Aeon will destroy xrp.

ETN is basically unironically literally a better version of XMR

also TRTL

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Aeon and what army?

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ETN got no working product, its a crappy monero offshoot that stole aeons idea,s.

The Monero army.
Monero and Aeon go hand in hand, soon Aeon will 100% upstream will all of moneros implementations.

OP, Im a monero maximalist, but you should really only hold 19 + cash

Monero will be the only coin that doesnt go to 0, but that doesnt mean it wont hit lows sub 100 when that happens

XRP is a scam you idiot. Otherwise OK post, Monero is the king and everyone knows it

I read this stupid fucking comment or some variation of it almost every single day. The level of retardation you'd have to be suffering from to think this makes any sense is almost hard to imagine

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Please gib user coin so I can trade at Binance


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t. Unwell user

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