>A courtroom sketch shows Martin Shkreli making a statement and continuously weeping during his sentencing, while his defense lawyer Ben Brafman holds his head in his hands

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>this dude got his life rekt so funny anons hahaha

Who gives a fuck about these rich assholes kys

I guess this is a good lesson.

Money can't save you if you obnoxiously flaunt your wealth.

I feel bad for Shkreli, the people responsible for his conviction should be out to death.

That said, if you're gonna pose as a badass, you better keep the facade when shit doesn't go your away otherwise you just come off as pathetic. He should've just kept his mouth fucking shut while the case was ongoing

Vice is literally scum

I bet you think PoC should have kept their mouths shut during slavery. Go fuck yourself, white asshole.

The guy was a con artist and market manipulatot. He should be killed. Worse than a drug dealer.

They should have been disposed of once they were no longer needed

>make your clients money
>they still sue you

wtf bros

Just wow.

Some farm equipment just wasn't built to last

found the butt hurt JUSTelli supporter

I can't imagine how much would be worth the original sketch.
I don't know but that has been in my mind for a while, any user knows something about courtroom sketches?

Someone make a pink wojack edit please

someone explain this to me brainlet pls

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>acts smug and tough online because he knows no one can touch him
>tells people they shouldn't complain and shut up when the bank screws them over for $3500
>weeps like a little pussy and drops the tough guy facade when he knows he's fucked

He's like some notorious hacker, troll, swatter, bully or whatever kid that has been causing havoc/talking shit and then finally gets caught, crying to his Mom because he knows he's fucked up. He quickly dropped the attitude when he finally realised he's going to be Tyrone's bitch for 7 years.


>Spend years talking shit on the internet and going out of your way to be a dick to everyone
>Cry like a bitch in court

he committed fraud but people still made money

>what is any user on 4chin
dont you get it user? shkreli is the foretelling of what is to come for us in the crypto boom

go back to , demonic cave beast. you're just not made to last in a civilized society, just like your barbaric "european" ancestors. have fun being replaced, cuck. HAHAHAHA

trump WILL pardon shrek. check em.

He exposed the pharmacy industry too many times and blatantly told you how he could do what he was doing because that's their.m actual business model

When I saw that I knew they'd get him eventually, took a few years longer than I expected

back to plebbit faggot

Good boy who didn't do anything wrong

The judge only heard shkreli saying boy sandwich porn

>Lie to investors about fund performance to convince them to invest
>Immediately lose most of their money and divert the rest to your own company
>Send out fake financial statements to investors showing good returns when all the money is actually gone
>Investors want to take their money out - lie to them and kick the can down the road while trying to find new sources of capital
>Get enough cash and stock out of a totally different company to pay off investors
>Try to act like nothing weird happened

bye nigger

The guy who tackled Rand Paul and broke his ribs is getting 21 months.
Shkreli got railroaded because he fucked with Clinton, plain and simple.

looks like a cool place, Ill be going there, thanks

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racist cuck

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>Shkreli got railroaded because he fucked with Clinton, plain and simple.
it's like Waco all over again.

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>Muh Clinton
He fucked with the SEC, which loves to scare investors by taking people like Shkreli, nailing them to the wall, and making an example out of them. He fucked with the judge in charge of his sentencing. He spent the whole trial (against the advice of his attorney) talking shit online and generally being unapologetic. He railroaded himself m8.

he got BTFO and NEETs cried in their hovels

He also attacked Hillary Clinton, which is the real reason he's getting raped now.

So? we make fun of unfortunate, but good people all the time, are you in any way emotionally attahced to Martin? you soyim's are the worse.

nigger have an average iq of 86

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I'm black myself and I agree. Nigger culture is a cancer.

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Talk shit get hit.

> implying he cried and not fake news

yeah i would have to agree...

He's a villain and that's what villains do, let him be, he's living his dream.

Dude, I'm black ans I was bullied because I liked study, rock instead of hip hop and Magic the Gathering. They told me that "those are white people shit". Black-american culture is made to breed retarded niggers. There is not even one positive thing about it.

what prison gang will shkreli join up with?
what will his first prison tat be of?

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I don't see the problem with what he said?

nigger cuck

Fuck this bitch.


Duh, you do fucking cry when you’re facing some roast who wants to put you away for 15 years and has consantly bitched you didn’t show remorse. It fucking worked by the way, quote from sentencing “I believe he is genuinely remorseful”. All these edgy wiggers who act like they’d be billy badass in court are so full of shit.
I wish /pol/ would stop shitting up this board. You ruin everything you touch

>autistic white poltard pretending to be not white online

you may as well gas yourself youre a honorary jew now