Are we not creating a fund for our based Sminem...

Are we not creating a fund for our based Sminem? We have printed his photo and framed it and hung it on the walls in our homes. We have ironically used his image as a deity for the good greennie times.

I will not donate to some rando address, but I would prefer to know if anyone has been able to get in touch with our Sminem. If so, let's set something up for him to be rich beyond his tiny sovietik dreams.

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You selfish faggots. Help this kid

I'm all in for it. His real name is Roman zuev. Make an account on and message him. Tell him he will make alot of money


what a fucking website.

Let's make this kid rich. Someone needs to talk him through - the entire process of how we found his image and have used it as some fucked up deity and in complete honesty explain the set up of a BTC or ETH wallet, and have it be universally known as the SMINEM fund.

We owe a lot to our based Sminem, but he has never received it.

nigger we already made a token SMIN, you are behind the competition

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I'll do this some time next week. Hopefully it goes well and he'll not think of me as a scammer of some sort. Pain in the ass to create an acc on this website

Fuck off faggot quit spamming

dont over explain it just tell him to learn about bitcoin and ethereum and post his wallets with timestamp on biz

Let's do this. His name might be in Cyrillic so that may be harder to find.
We need somebody who speaks russian to communicate with him I guess.

Google Poмa зyeв

Homeboy just needs to understand if he makes 1 ETH wallet, and can prove it's him on Veeky Forums (even Reddit now), he can make a decent amount of money. Be wary of a lot of pajeets trying to scam, but when he posts sth legit, people will donate. We owe it to him.

yes exactly, its lucrative and will be plenty of imposters. we need to tread carefully, when its rlly sminem we will know

I want this kid to get rich. I yell his name out loud and my fiacée thinks I'm crazy. This dude probably has an idea of what's going on, but let's make this a good experience for him.

you forgot an н there
>Poмaн зyeв

>We owe it to him.
are you high wtf
he's just a funny looking guy we just made funny images with him

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BUT make him aware that it may be harmful if his slavic neighborhood friends will smell the money. Im from poland and 99,99% of ppl would kill u for btc. Keep it low ! Will donate if proofed

Still made more for the world more than u damn usless neet.

Kakvim glupostima se ti bavis

We're using this kids photo, as well as making fun of him. His image has taken a cult following by this message board, along with other websites. Does the kid deserve compensation? Yeah, if you're some Jew lawyer. Is it legally obligated to pay him? Fuck no. But deep down in the heart of Veeky Forums, I know that there are people that would do what is right. This kid didn't ask to be famous, and here he is, probably still poor as shit in shitty fucking Russia, as a bunch of people making fuck tons of money off of imaginary internet currency and using his image. Cut his kid in.

in your imagination maybe

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what kind of pills are you using i'm interested

Is not me mr. ja samo lurkam poslao sam par puta i od onda zivi

Pouilly fumé

let's make a smarity contract for Sminem

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I genuinely want this kid to make money. I want him to be set up as well in way that he knows how to manage it, but I don't know him at all.

so do it, as you can see it's only me who cares

I already messaged him using google translate.

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i thought this too, if link does to 1000 dollars im giving sminem 100 link

make a new thread with his reply

We all do user. Take it for a fact. He is now /ourguy/.
if link or any project is heavily invested ever moons this guy will never have to worry about money anymore.

>tfw you will never be memed on Veeky Forums so hard that eventually everyone ends up making a plan on now to make you rich

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figure this shit out nig nogs, this kid deserves money from all of us retards using his photo. It's the Veeky Forums thing to do.

Kys the kids a fucking slav Mongol we make fun off he deserves nothing

No, I'd rather tip the Bogdanoffs

Don't be a faggot

back to /pol/ with you

I messaged him with this on his Russian social media sites:

Пpивeт! Paд вcтpeчe! Я хoчy cooбщить, чтo вы знaмeниты. Извинитe зa мoй плoхoй pyccкий, этo из Google translate. He бecпoкoйтecь, ecть мнoгo людeй, кoтopыe хoтят дaть вaм дeньги. Bы являeтecь cимвoлoм пpoцвeтaния в кpиптoвaлютнoм cooбщecтвe. Я cepьeзнo. Узнaйтe o биткoйнe и эфиpyмe, oни пoжepтвyют вaм мнoгo дeнeг. Пoиcк в Интepнeтe для кoшeлькa «ethereum». Toгдa, кoгдa вы пoймeтe, пocмoтpитe нa boards.Veeky
Здecь oни пyбликyют инфopмaцию o кpиптoвaлютaх и гдe oни вce любят вac. Ecли вы paзмecтитe oтмeткy вpeмeни (изoбpaжeниe c дaтoй и вpeмeнeм, нaпиcaнным нa бyмaгe) и включитe aдpeca биткoйнoв и эльфийcких кoшeлькoв, вы пoлyчитe мнoгo пoжepтвoвaний. Пoлaгaю, oни дaдyт вaм миллиoны pyблeй. Этo нe шyткa, и никтo нe мoжeт вocпoльзoвaтьcя, кpoмe вac. Бoльшe никтo нe зapaбaтывaeт, кpoмe вac. Bы cкopo пoлyчитe cooбщeниe, пoдoбнoe этoмy, тaк кaк мнoгиe люди хoтят дaть вaм дeньги. Cпacибo, чтo пpoчитaли этo и вce caмoe лyчшee. Пycть Бoг блaгocлoвит вac и вaшy ceмью, пycть к вaм пpидeт хopoшee здopoвьe и пpoцвeтaниe.

Comment was too long to post here. There's more

I'm telling him its a scam

lol someone wishes they were sminem. you mad no one will give you cryptos?

I'd unironically donate bigly to a Sminem fund if I was sure it was going to him and not some scamming scumbag.

Someone already tried, he blocks everyone

we need someone who is actually russian or speaks it. Fucking google translate isn't going to work, its shit.

sminem is love

We need someone to guide Sminem. Set him up with an Ether wallet, then have Sminem verify himself on Veeky Forums personally with his wallet address. Like something that just can't be faked. I hope there is someone out there that can communicate with him, because he deserves this.

Ok, guys getting in contact

>explained I am from /biz - community of crypto currency investors
>explained how to create bitcoin / ethereum wallets
>explained that he's popular here and some people want to donate you

let's see how it goes.

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Be gentle, be kind. Teach him to create his own MEW, and how to use it (including privacy). I hope Sminem realizes how much we appreciate him.

i tried my best with the translated version back to english reads:

Hi! Nice to meet you. I want to inform you that you are famous. Sorry for my bad Russian, it's from Google translate. He worry, there are many people who want to give you money. You are a symbol of prosperity in the cryptocurrency community. I mean what I'm saying. Learn about bitcoin and Ethereum, they will donate you a lot of money. Search the web for the purse "ethereum". Then when you understand, look at boards.Veeky
Here they publish information about cryptocurrencies and where they all love you. If you post a timestamp (picture with date and time written on paper) and include bitcoin and elf wallet addresses, you'll get a lot of donations. I believe they will give you millions of rubles. This is not a joke, and no one can take advantage of except you. No one else makes money but you. You will soon get a message similar to this, as many people want to give you money. Thank you for reading this and all the best. May God bless you and your family, may good health and prosperity come to you.

It just sucks because it sounds so much like an obvious scam. Too good to be true kind of thing.

forgot to mention, also explained to him how to do timestamp

you had one job

do you guys want a google translate of my message?

if you read into how eth and btc wallets work im sure he can quickly realise theres nothing to lose. im ure he will do some digging when he finds out hes the only one getting these messages. if all his buddies got em too maybe it would be a red flag but its only him

I would never respond to that shit unless I already understood crypto wallets. Only wayt his works is if hes an idiot who falls for scams or has a friend IRL who can explain to him in Russian who he actually trusts

Will seriously give 1 ETH to Sminem if he posts a timestamp and a short video of himself, just to prove it's him.

me being Russian, I have to agree with that, I wrote a long message, but I don't think he will read it beyond the first line. Russians are very wary of strangers.

have you got your sminem cards get?

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Our grandiose image of sminem is so fanciful and spectacular that the mere possibility of him not living up to the expectations and turning out to be an asshole, makes me not want to his reply.
We already discovered sminems friend (right) turned out to be a seriously creepy homosexual and legitimately clinically retarded. I don't want the risk of sminem being anything but sminem so please stop any communication and respect the honor of sminem

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they say to never meet your heroes.

poor kid has fetal alcohol syndrome, negligent mother killed his chance at having a normal life. russians really are white niggers.

It's okay to be a white nigger in Russia. Just don't be a white nigger in America, because that shits just sad.

but he has tons of friends and a 30yr old gf

maybe it was chernobyl

if I knew 100% that I have Sminem's crypto address and not some random scammer's I would send him money.
I would love to see how the media would try to figure out what the fuck just happened,
we don't need to send him millions, where he lives he probably can buy a flat for $20k.
I don't care if he's an ass or not, he's just a kid and we use his photos so much it can be considered bullying.

Exactly. I just want a legit personal address to send some shit to and help him out. I've laughed objectively, but I don't want to be a bully. Sminem deserves this, I hope he will listen.

make sense user. make fucking sense.
we should give some money to trump too

smart contract or kys

bumping for sminem

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yeah if he published his deets on his page he's had for ages or his aunt even posts a paypal id send him a grand

sminem pls respawn

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This guy is one ugly motherfucker


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You mean one CHAD motherfucker.
Real CHADS don't need be pretty. Only faggots like pretty men. Women like CHADS and Sminen is the CHADDEST.

>You mean one CHAD motherfucker.
>Real CHADS don't need be pretty. Only faggots like pretty men. Women like CHADS and Sminen is the CHADDEST.
Unironically this. Just watch him become a Chad hockey star and slay 10/10 Russian qts.

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if my shitcoins ever moon I'll donate to the sminem fund.

Smin XEM (Nem)


>claims he is sminem highpriest
>isnt even in t me/SminemGang
>group already tried (have legit russians in group)
>they want nothing to do with it

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We need some Russian user to message him. He's not going to believe some google translate bullshit.

If he appears here I'll donate for sure even that I'm a total poorfag. He's the only one who protects us from bloodthirsty Bogs

show your whole text

this guy is russian -

>Implying this kid and his iron hands aren't what is keeping this market afloat as it is