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>has not mooned yet

OMG, LINK are solid choices - NANO is in a similar vein OP, check it out

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Sorry, but anyone dumb enough to make the acronym for their service 'OMG' is going to fail. Can't take it seriously.

It's a combination of Omise, the payment company, and Go, the world's oldest strategy strategy game originating in China you stupid autist.

Go back to your antshares

Why not just go with OGO, then? That's less retarded than OMG.

They could have come up with an acronym that isn't widely used by Instagram sluts to express disbelief

OMG is a solid choice, i used to hold over 5,000 of them. Recently though exchanged all for LINK, as I expect it to outperform OMG this by a big margin (and desu OMG is currently a little overhyped/overvalued). Will probably get back to it EOY.

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Bankex plasma


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Because if anything, it's free marketing and draws your attention to it.

t. cuck t. fucking cuck

comfy since august. retiring in 2019.

fairx + sdex + ibm - skateboard = /thread


it's a fucking erc20 token
plasma my ass, why not use a blockchain with better transaction speeds

>better tx than plasma

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Along with ENG and XLM, NANO LINK and OMG are some of my comfiest holds right now.

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